e.learning @LIS CALL 2002

Brief Description of the PILOT PROJECT /IDEA

The main goal of this project that will be developed in Networking e.LEARNING (=NET-LEARNING) in a context of cultural diversity among Europe and Latin American Countries, will be to improve professional development potential in innovative Knowledge Management oriented to develop new international opportunity for intellectual job.

Therefore the Skill Shortage program will be a co-operative activity in Educational Innovation for improving a new.

ITC way for learning co-operation , working as well as a "Developmental Skill International Virtual Advanced Laboratory "dedicated to a cross fertilisation of innovation quality of "e.learning objects editions" for the knowledge management in the context of the Knowledge Driven Society

Therefore the SKILL SHORTAGE @LIS program aims, by means an transnational mutual interaction on education innovation, to assist educational decision makers, implementers and program designers for improving and evaluating "net.learning e. strategies" in relation to implement multidisciplinary approach integration, connecting and co-ordinating fundamental science and economy and psychological research of University, and Colleges with SME's localized districts, and also aiming to get access to all citizen to a rapid flow of integrated knowledge both in a innovative vocational and in a lifelong educational approach.

The above it will be possible using the web editing of educational material production and focusing a large dissemination of the networking e.learning co-operative demonstration and testing available in forms that will be show in clear and easily accessible evidence in the WWW.

The pilot project SKILL SHORTAGE
structural methodology will be:

  • Develop the organization of an International Virtual International Advanced Laboratory ("VIAL") in the perspective of a net-learning agency consortium construction for improving, within a shared knowledge agreement, very appropriated endogenous models appropriated to the dynamics of knowledge in economy, creating educational net-learning innovation adapted to the conditions and realities of each country or local regions.

  • Respond and interchange experiences to overcome to SHILL SHORTAGE local demand in each partnership country , by means proposing the "VIAL" shared strategies of co-operation to national and regional public & private educational agents of vocational training and lifelong learning, especially focusing the needs of Knowledge Management for sustainable business models for SME's in a global economy, aiming to realize a series of concrete objectives, actions and specialized e.learning objects.

Selected Priority Fields "VIAL"
networking virtual centre of innovative "net.learning"

"VIAL" networking virtual centre of innovative "net.learning" will develop some integrated Models and disseminating them involving a "critical mass" of University and SME's in each partnership country with the focus to produce e.learning objects on significant application in terms of "e.Quality" of contents, methodology, and web dissemination for SKILL BUILDING & LEVERAGING, "problem saving" strategies based on the GLOCAL ( Global + Local - general Vision), particularly focused on the relationship between science & society helping a developmental sustainable collaborative scenario among LA-EU Countries.

Work plan in progress

The "" of partners for improving the Work & Business Plan of the Pilot Project SKILL SHORTAGE will be co-ordinated along four work packages :

Perspectives of the EU-LA Consortium Development identifying the complementarity and synergyes of the various roles and subprojects proposed by partners, including the new forms and rules of e.working organization. Sign of the MoU by all effective partners (dead line 2002/July/31 )

Perspective in NET-Learning identifying emerging trends and strategic choices of knowledge management SKILL professional building and on the job leveraging in respect to the thematic choices for the professional contents selected for the production of innovative models and demonstration of Net-Learning for the development of Knowledge Networked Economy. (dead Line: 2002/sept./15 )

Setting up a selection of functional open source platforms for net.learning . Getting a complete revision of strategic management vision of the Pilot Project Idea, focusing particularly developmental e-strategies to support and to mobilize skill management resources in a way to favour investment and networked competition for SME's development both at national and international levels. (Dead Line: 2002/Sept/30)

Setting up the definitive Working and Business Plan Agreement (Dead Line: 2002/Oct/ 15)


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