e.learning @LIS CALL 2002

Vision & Finality

The logical framework basis of the SKILL SHORTAGE pilot project for "e.learning in cultural diversity context", will finalized to bridge the gap between intellectual employment and the development of the post industrial society i.e. the Knowledge driven Economy improving new options for intellectual career choices in vocational and on the job permanent education.

Mission of the SKILL SHORTAGE pilot project will be the development of ITC e-strategies of Net-Learning, in order to innovate and mobilize Knowledge Management resources in a e.democracy way of development that will be the richness of Nations in the III° Millennium.

Working for the above mission the LRE/EGO-CreaNET is convinced that the mutual interactivity in shared knowledge society strengthening ties among inter institutional public private co-operation will extend the benefits of Information Society, reinforcing national and sub-national co-operation.

The above will be extremely useful especially for SME's development in Knowledge Driven Society favouring investments and competition to extend benefits of Information Society to all the population.

Therefore we look forward to implement an open network in e.learning between partners of Europe and Latin America emphasizing that the WWW linkages for powering the developmental dialogue among different cultures it will generate a strong effort to solve common developmental endeavours.

Vision & Finality

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