e.learning @LIS CALL 2002


PROJECT DESCRIPTION - Final BID Proposal (31-OTT.2002)

­ Summary -
The SKILL-SHORTAGE project, aiming to advance the benefits of the information society applications "to become the world's most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy", will contribute to demonstrate an useful co-operative model for favouring and stimulating an open dialogue between Europe and Latin America improving the quality of both the following objectives:

to encourage a cognitive change for the future Information Society Citizenship giving a shared vision of co-operation opportunities on the fields of skill building and on the job professional Life Long Learning Leveraging, through a wide utilization of ITC in the " methods";
to enhance networking long term infrastructure of "e.brain work" by means an e.learning "inducator" strategy for the SME markets's sustainable international development in a cultural diversity scenario.

Objectives of the SK-SH project
The SK-SH Net-Learning (i.e. "Networking e.Learning") proposal aims to stimulate the development of an "Inducator strategy" to demonstrate the utility of innovative multilingual courseware models and units, written on high quality of contents and with accessible methodology, for improving the evolution of Information Society.

The above goal can be obtained by means of sharing knowledge on the thematic priorities of the development of the future Knowledge Driven Society in a cultural diversity context. Therefore, the SKILL SHORTAGE demonstration project will create and implement "e-strategies of networking e-learning" proposing demonstration by the co-operative organization of an "e.edition of e.learning objects" for Knowledge Management innovation, in a way to support the international co-operation between University and Little & Medium Enterprises among Europe and Latin America Countries

The mission of the SKILL SHORTAGE pilot project will be the development of ITC e-strategies of Net-Learning, in order to innovate and mobilize Knowledge Management resources in a e.democracy way of development that will be the richness of Nations in the III° Millennium

The logical framework basis of the SKILL SHORTAGE pilot project for "e.learning in cultural diversity context", will mainly bridge the gap between intellectual employment and the development of the post industrial society i.e. the Knowledge driven Economy enhancing and facilitating new options for intellectual career choices in vocational and on the job permanent education in synergy with complemented national initiatives that will be developed in the SK-SH membership's countries.

Working for the above goals and objectives, the SK-SH Membership are convinced that the mutual interactivity and pro activity in shared knowledge will be an important factor for strengthening ties among inter institutional public/private co-operation will extend the benefits of Information Society, reinforcing at the same time national and sub-national integrated co-operation.

The above possibility of integration between territorial and world wide international ITC co-organized relationship will be extremely useful especially for SME's development in the new scenario of the "Knowledge Driven Society" favouring investments and competition to extend benefits of Information Society to all the population.

Therefore we look forward to implement an open network in e.learning between partners and stakeholders of Europe and Latin America emphasizing that the WWW linkages for powering the developmental dialogue among different cultures will generate a strong effort to solve common developmental endeavors.

Identification of perceived needs and constrains in the target countries and reasons for the selection of the target group activities and the reasons for the proposed methodology.

The Applicant (TUSCANY REGION- Department of International and Economical Development in cooperation with the Laboratory of research in Education -EGO-CreaNET of the University of Florence initiate the @LIS proposal in e.learning in cultural diversity starting from the consideration the in the last decade of the XX century the development of Information Society was mainly focused on the development of technology for e.learning and other ITC technical interfaces and supports.

Some recent case studies put in evidence that the above approach focused on ITC technology generates a deep gap in the human resources determining the conditions of a wide "SKILL SHORTAGE" for the effective networked utilization of the ITC in the new contest of the future post industrial society where the ECONOMY will be driven by new methodologies for sharing knowledge innovation in a cultural diversity wide context.

Starting from this approach the "SKILL SHORTAGE" (acronym SK-SH) project aims to optimize and demonstrate an useful co-operative model for favouring and stimulating an EUROPE ­LATIN AMERICA dialogue finalized on the one hand for the need to improve a change in the general mentality of future IS Citizenship favoring the wide utilization of ITC in the Life Long "" and to the other hand for improving a networking infrastructure of "e.brain work" oriented to improve the alliance between Europe and Latin America Countries in the field of Knowledge Management (KM) for the SME's markets' internationalization.

On this line the Tuscany Region and LRE/EGO-CreaNET initiate a search and a selection of partners to find the best co-operative and complemented activities between national priorities and international EU-LA alliance, for the Information Society implementation, both in Europe and in American Countries in relation to the priorities of the @LIS demonstration project guidelines, aiming to promote the use and implementation of ITC technologies in both the transnational Regions The debate among partners was developed in an internet discussion list:
and through the Web-Forum in:

Consortium Membership Complementarity
The selection of the effective membership's Consortium follow a COMPLEX TEST where partners, that would like to became members of the SK-SH Consortium, propose a collaborative BID for the @LIS call and confirm their wiliness to utilize a proactive and interactive methodology for the following objectives

The membership's SK-SH Consortium starting on intranet debate in a second discussion list: get a survey and a risk analysis of employment and Skill Shortage need in digital economy trends in Europe and in Latin America for the improvement of the knowledge workers in the human capital IS virtual.

This survey permits the SK-SH project a latter understanding of the conditions leading to an e-educational, in relation to the demand of skill building, to improve the quality and accessibility to thematic priorities of the SK-SH Action Plan generating an orientation to the SUB-Projects.

Sub-projects will be realized by semi-independent flexible EU-LA balanced membership's that will be useful for a coherent complementary implementation of the general SK-SH proposal.

The most important consideration of the above survey and risk analysis made from the Consortium's Membership are the following:

socio-economic assessment in the IS digital age, women were crucially under-represented in electronic communication "e.brain work" job opportunities. Therefore it will necessary to underline the importance to stimulate innovative multilingual courseware for distant learning tacking in careful attention the woman/man equal opportunities of e-education for improving new ways and opportunities of "e.brain work"

development a learning and business virtual network for European and Latin-American SME , need of a knowledge management innovation in a collaborative environment simulating an extended networked enterprise where team working can be able to realize sustainable business plan building an net-learning and business virtual network to improve the competitiveness of European and Latin American entrepreneurs.

"INDUCATOR" Strategy (i.e. "e-Education Incubator")
- Acting in a network promotion of the Information Society as a key priority within the agenda of their "no for profit" institutions

-Demonstrating previous experience in qualified "e.learning" activities in the proper region or at international level

-Encouraging an INDUCATOR (i.e : Education incubator) cooperation and establishment of public, private and civil society networks related to the development of the Knowledge Management of SME' s

-Incrementing the quality of Knowledge Management for overcoming "SKILL SHORTAGE" in some targeting priorities of the SK-SH Action Plan and developing through sub-projects the Information Society Alliance implementation in an anticipate context of the Knowledge Driven Society.

- Creating a sharing knowledge methodology appropriated for opening internet - relationship and growing up in future extended enterprises or joint ventures in e.learning on demand innovative models and units

- Getting their effort for la long term sustainability of the CONSORTIUM's MEMBERSHIP of e.learning "INDUCATOR" Activities after the End of EU-Grant.

FIRST BLUE PRINT of strategic vision for improving a preliminary e.agreement among partners that after would like to debate and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (2002/06/20)

    Specific objectives will be :

  • Encouraging the Europe- Latin America co-operation by means establishing public & private alliances and on-line interconnection framework among University and SME's related to the development of the networking knowledge management net -learning "e.strategies" in cultural diversity scenario based on a comparative international perspective.

  • Bridging the gap between intellectual unemployment and new professional SKILL BUILDING in the field of vocational education and also in the field of SKILL LEVERAGING for on the job education, developing net-learning high quality "e.strategies", as a key priority for improving international Knowledge Driven Society.
  • Developing demonstration projects of innovative applications in the field of Networking e.learning co-operation for the common sustainable development aiming to decreasing the digital divide with an emphasis on net-learning applications based on open source software.


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