e.learning @LIS CALL 2002


The long tradition of solid relationships between the Tuscan society and the Latin America goes back to the first half of XIX century, and the remarkable involvement of the Tuscany Region in United Europe, has pushed the Department of Economic Development and International Relationships (RT) to participate as Applicant to the demonstration project "SKILL SHORTAGE" (SK-SH) of the European program called @lis, in e-learning of cultural diversity section, to contribute in promoting the Europe and Latin America (EU-LA) alliance.

The SK-SH Demonstration project is proposed by the Laboratory of Educational Research of the University of Florence, in co-operation with the Pole of University of Florence -PIN in Prato; the last will directly collaborate at the local level with the RT, as well as SK-SH Consortium Member.

RT sees in program @LIS a performance necessary to promote and to support the innovation of "e-educational" methods and models, enabling changes in the labour supply and demand policy and to enhance and facilitate a Life Long Learning in the scenario of an extension of the need of socio-economic assessment of Information Society in the Digital Age.

The key factors of RT contribute to the @LIS SK-SH proposal will be developing a common EU-LA perspective recognizing that

a) the SKILL SHORTAGE intellectual asset are the key competitive advantage for the IS future development,

b) stressing the importance of adapting the assumptions of the community principle of 1998 in the treaty of European Union (art. 6), with a bi-phasic bottom-top policy which will favour a more complex approach that needs of many dimensions of participation for its wide integration that will become true through an EU-LA alliance for sustainability approach through the realization of the engagements along with Agenda XXI and eventually others, national and European.

As a matter of facts RT is strongly interested to the Regional political promotion of Information Society (IS) within the Agenda XXI in order to activate the realization of the Knowledge Society and favour the comparison of the RT experience of information society in an extended EU-LA alliance between the governmental local administrations, Universities and SME 's working in digital networking economy.

Through the previous experiences of the last three plans of regional development, RT has consolidate frameworks of the fundamental characters of the regional networked participation for the dissemination of premises and the best practices for socio-economics sustainability along with Agenda XXI, in sight of the interregional plans of Communitary program INTERREG III - MEDOC.

For these reasons RT means to consolidate its engagement in order to realize trans-national EU-LA long-term partnerships, for the innovation of ITC based "Net-Learning" goal to model to a trans-national societal discourse on IS technological and economic changes, and in particular to stimulate the development of the Knowledge Management of SME 's for the IS, through exchanges of experiences and best practices between EU-LA regions for anticipating the needs of human capital "Skill Building" of the future Knowledge Economy.

The agreement of RT to develop these strategies is reflected in the fact that a third party of the world has relationships with Tuscany, its local communities, its industrial Districts as well as its schools and Universities "e-educational system" until hospitals and associations that operate on its territory.

The international co-operation of RT is active in 68 countries of the 190 States members of the United Nations (21 States in Africa, 16 in Latin America, 11 in central-oriental Europe, 9 in Asia, 6 in South-eastern Europe, 5 between the Mediterranean basin and Middle East). The total budget the RT 's destined to the co-operation amount to 4.833.515 Euro for the year 2002.

Moreover RT it is considered an advanced Region in Europe, that promotes the innovative field of "ETHICAL BUSINESS", clarifying the essence of "Business Ethics" and conduce an open dialogue on corporate responsibilities among Universities and SME 's Industrial participants in providing a comprehensive overview on the relevance and impact of ethical and social codex of business in relation to the future IS sustainable development. Recently RT has signed an agreement with Bank Ethics for the development of the micro-credit in the area of the Balkans within the period 2001-2005, with possibility to extend the initiative also to the Countries not yet fully developed.

"Business Ethics" involves the "practical values in relation to ethical values" therefore needs to take into a carefully account "Common sense feelings" of citizens in a cultural diversity scenario. Therefore, RT will support the SK-SH initiative to facilitate a shared trans-national premise for stimulating the development of innovative and multilingual courseware, designing in an EU-LA equal balanced partnership, IST based educational programs towards an ethical framework for "e-education" models and units that can play an important role in the progress of "Ethical Economy" in the global market for innovative knowledge intellectual activity (e-brain work)

RT, as applicant of SK-SH proposal, will be the partner in the Membership Consortium that would promote the management of the quality of "e-education models" in relation to the main beneficiary, the future IS citizenship aiming to stimulate the open dialogue of all the IS citizens on the "BUSINES ETHICS", to overcome the dramatic issue of the economic, social and political rights of populations that live in non-humane conditions of poverty, in the context of strengthening the Alliance between Europe and Latin American Countries

ROLE of the RT:

- Favouring new cognitive opportunities of the networking e-learning in a cultural diversity

- Stimulate conscious e-educational models to the needs of promoting Knowledge Economy

- Facilitating a transparent cross-border open dialogue on the prevalent issues of IS advancement.

- Enhancing Life Long e-learning outside of formal education settings, including the IS potentially socially excluded citizen.

- Co-working with the membership of SK-SH project and the Stakeholder network to implement the quality of long distance e-education models, of IS knowledge management in the field of "Business Ethics" holistic approach to IS sustainability.

In particular RT is oriented to develop an approach based on the principles of the total quality management, in order to favour the culture of transparency, to supply answers to specific requirements, to create new roles regarding the e-education in the field of Knowledge Management

- Previews quality of the SK-SH consortium membership's complementary arrangement

- Plans quality of shared knowledge methodology perceived in a context of cultural diversity

- Compares quality between Consortium, member 's organizations and the stakeholder network

In these functional role, for monitoring the SK-SH project, the RT will adopt a model for the continuous improvement of the system of management of the quality in which the SK-SH will be observed through a dynamic system approach for the Total Quality management

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