e.learning @LIS CALL 2002

Stakeholder Network
of the SK-SH

Create a future sustainable Net Learning Network between University ,Colleges and SME's Industry, as an effective stable International Net-Learning Agency for Knowledge Management promotion, at local, regional and international levels, that will be able to co-operate and contribute in setting up and evaluating guidelines for understanding the strategic choices on the development and the acquisition of emerging trends and needs of knowledge driven economy.

Description of the function of demonstrator.

Create a future sustainable Net Learning Network between University ,Colleges and SME's Industry, as an effective stable Virtual International Advanced Laboratory ("VIAL") working as a diversity promotional Agency for stimulating the creation of multilingual courseware in Long Distance e.learning in a wide cultural diversity; enhancing innovative Knowledge Management promotion to SME's, at local, regional and international levels, that will be able to co-operate and contribute in setting up and evaluating guidelines for understanding the strategic choices on Information Society development and the acquisition of the emerging trends and needs of knowledge driven economy.

The development of the SH-SK project will allow the participants to transform its basic functions and operations in such a way that greater effectiveness focus with to create opportunities of e-education for the advance of Informational Society in a way that:

a) the participants increased their relational intellectual capital with multiple connections in synergy both, with "IS" National policies and with other IST based e. Education, in Europe and in America Latina.

b) to organize the participants in a way that they will be able to design the continuous implementation of e-learning tools for real life/working activities, specially for persons working in SME's to facilitate their integration to the Third Millenium Economic structures, promoting a real understanding between citizens of EU and LA regions.

c) to help EU-LA citizenship to define and articulate a wide vision of Knowledge Economy taking into account the need to promote skill building to move faster addressing the challenges of the future Information Society.

d) to exchange experiences between Latin America and Europe aiming to identify and to capitalize the previous experiences, best practices trough international benchmarking, giving in this way a contribute for creating extended community added value and Latin America Regional Integration.

Estimated impact on target groups

- The stakeholder- SME's organizations and people who receive the services of SK-SH will get instruments practical to elevate their performance, to create greater value, to take advantage of their resources own knowledge and to participate actively in the interchanges between European Union and Latin-America dialogue with a view to stimulate the promotion of wide competition and investment.

- The creation of a virtual permanent forum (VIAL) linked to regional and sub-regional fora in national languages, will permit to the SK-SH program to develop a wide EU-LA convergence both in cognitive and technological levels and also to an open discussion to policies/ regulation for the future "IS" Citizenship Alliance.

-The design and implementation of e-learning tools for real life/working activities, specially for persons working in SME's will be extensively diffused and disseminated to facilitate their integration to the Third Millenium Economic structures, promoting a real understanding between citizens of EU and LA regions not only in the membership's Countries but also in a great extension of listeners on line in the World Wide Web and through six "face to Face" international meetings of the SK-SH Milestones Program that will be organized in the following countries (Italy, Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Chile).

Publications and other outputs.

The SK-SH demonstration project is well programmed for developing shared knowledge and disseminating the intermediate and final results of models and units and multimedia technology information coming out by the SK-SH networking activities

The SK-SH project will develop to a strategy of spreading in e.magazines and newsletters specialised in the subjects of e.learning on demand interest.

SK-SH demonstration project will promote the publication of the memories of the events that it has programmed. and to diffuse publications and other out-puts in a VIRTUAL LIBRARY organization :

- E-publishing , multilingual courseware models and units proposals and multimedia technology will be disseminated on line and out off line activities in a way to incorporate a varied and wide segment from the society aiming to share knowledge that will allow them to develop communication abilities and the application of computer science.

Will be published also articles, educational materials that reflect the acquired experiences starting from the execution of the project, using for that, the infrastructure established in it.

- To elevate professional and general culture of the target groups: women, young, peasants, adults of third age, managers and in particular the university professionals by means of the foreseen lifelong e-educational needs of overcoming SKILL SHORTAGE.

To strengthen the active participation and aware of the citizens in the social life and in their own "e.brain work" starting from the elevation of their scientific and technological culture.

To diffuse the regional and national information of the European Union (EU) politics and its program guided to the society informatization development and the invigoration of the alliance European Union - Latin America, bettering the existent relationships between the @LIS program, and the local governments.

Telematics Services for Result's diffusion

The SKILL SHORTAGE (SK-SH) project will customise and apply several web services for project's results diffusion. Based on the past experience of all partners, several web services could be used for this scope. These services which could be used in the dissemination activities of the project are:

1) A web portal with remarkable collection of prototype content (information, laws, state of the arts etc) covering e-strategies in Europe and Latin America, and information about the Project.

2) A system of "courses" available through Internet accosting to companies and organizations of private and public sector, which wish to educate their employees, as well as to educational organizations.

3) An e-publishing environment providing information in an organized form over Internet. It will act as a mechanism to keep in touch citizen communities with the necessities and problematic of their partners on foreign regions.

4) A knowledge database (Gender Reusable learning objects) will be organized and published, to house e-learning demands, requests, best practices recommended by specialists and any other knowledge object that could be a seed for the promotion of e-democracy .

Sustainability of activity after the end of Cofinancing

The dynamism of IS, the influence of the ITC is factors that allow to prolong the life of the long term project, with the gradual inclusion of new members and the fortification of the networks of stake-holders.

The auto-sustainability of activity after the end of cofinancing could be possible through the commercialization of the e-learning on demand products and know how resulting from the SK-SH activities were become important the wide Stakeholder relationships developed during the project and giving assessment to developers of future e-learning on demand projects that could make use of this new knowledge management methodology and know-how for informal Life Long Learning.

The sustainability will be possible starting from the incorporation of other institutions besides the contribution that will continue making the synergy with the other EC programmes especially RTD programmes, and also the local governments future grant possibilities. Computer software will be obtained whose commercialisation will contribute to the financing of the program. A final session (Dec-2004 - April 2005) of the SK-SH project will be dedicated specifically to the self- sustainability of the project SK-SH where the "VIAL" infrastructure structure for e-education activities , will be programmed for a permanent action that will be given their promotional activity at least for five years after the end of the @LIS Grant.

Socio cultural impact

The social and cultural Impact of SK-SH this determining by the confluence of the factors before indicated and, in addition, a great amount of people is in favor of an alliance but it narrows between Europe and Latin America with the purpose jointly of taking advantage of innovative opportunities in the e.learning in cultural diversity. .Socially it will represent, starting from the improvement of the qualification of the citizens, their more effective acting, what will rebound equally in the national and territorial economy, considering that people linked to the project will be incorporated for the most part, to economic entities of their municipalities, what will provide an multiplier effect toward the interior of those companies.

In the same way, it will represent the enrichment of the cultural wealth of the citizens, starting from the exchange among diverse cultures, as well as the recognition of the contribution of the UE to the invigoration of the co-operation knots with Latin America

The socio cultural impact of SK-SH proposal will be oriented to :

a) To define and articulate a regional vision, taking into account global developments, while addressing national interests aiming to accelerate on developing a vision and addressing the challenges of the Information Society through an "Inducator" of "e- educational strategy" building up the appropriated "e.brain working skills" to capitalize on the use of various languages of the EU-LA regions, and promote the use of indigenous languages as far as possible. The effort of the SK-SH demonstration project will be based on a regional vision and a bottom-up approach, taking into account the contemporary global development and enhancing "BUSINESS ETHICS" predictable strategy with a view to promoting competition and investment

b) To promote co-financing strategies and of sustainability actions in which government organize themselves in addressing an EU-LA co-operation the challenges of the Information Society to give an added value on the experiences of European regional integration and the related policies information society;

c) to stimulate Knowledge management "e-education on demand", addressing the needs of citizens by involving them, as well as communities and the civil society on the new ICT technologies for developing the Knowledge economy aiming to ensure that regulatory networking framework will be harmonised with a view to creating economies of scale and integrating Latin America in the Global Information Society.

Monitoring and evaluation

The predicted mechanisms of monitoring, evaluation and control must allow the consotium members to develop a continuously efficient Knowledge Management System The execution can be checked with a high frequency from the Applicant .and from the headquarters of the participants, equally its evaluation has been foreseen starting from the indicators that appear in the logical mark

Availability and reliability of the project program will be objectively verified step by step in conformance to goal and objectives in a coherent method reflecting the needs and expectations of the @LIS program

At the end of each of the eight working plan, a monitoring activity will be reported by the Monitoring Committee. To the Applicant and will be disseminated after the Applicant control. In fact it will be a conscious declared responsibility and reputation of the Applicant (TUSCANY REGION ITALY) to improve a co-operative shared activity with all Consortium Members of the SK-SH project to systematically evaluate, avoiding a bureaucratisation of quality management processes, the excellence of the SK-SH demonstration program within a criteria of "Total Quality Management", starting from an Ex ante Evaluation and also in itinere monitoring reports that will be diffused during each international meetings described in the SK-SH working plan (2003-2005) . Measurable Indicators and elements in quality chains will be considered:

1) a systematic design and conformance any re-design and re-evaluation of planning in relation to new entry of additional modules and also in relation to any need of a dynamic re-organisation;

2) the convergence of sub-project to the main goal and objectives;

3) the e.mail and other ITC tools communication efficiency and the integration of e.learning operation platforms and portal;

4) the quality the accuracy, completeness and maintainability in relation to the affirmation and the audit expectations of the dissemination and diffusion of the SK-SH demonstration activities and of the documentation outputs.

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