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“Beyond entanglement” : splitting of the dual nature of quantum wave particles

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            To focus the problem about what happen “beyond the entanglement” of quantum wave particles I would remember what  we know from the so called Bose-Einstein Condensation. (1). As a matter of facts  as atoms get colder, they start to behave more like waves and less like particles.

So that ultra cold -confinement of identical atoms, causes that  the wave of each atom starts to overlap with the wave of its neighbouring atom. Therefore the atom-pairs loose the previous quantum identity, changing the previous informational status so that some times this action produces a superconducting effect. 

            Besides atom-traps , as for instance, Magnetic Optical Trap (MOT) operations can generate atom -pairs metastability. Utilising this mode of confinement can  be possible to utilize as catalysis the entanglement between atoms-pairs and other Q. particles as well as , phonons ,or photons, in a way to accelerate the joining of atoms in a common synchronization of resonant frequency chain,  in order to find the superconductivity to an higher temperature.

The Bose-Einstein condensate distribution J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol. 101, 419 (1996)]

            In similar way photons-pairs  can be, more easily, trapped in a way to get an “photon's entanglement”, that is a consequence of a meta-stable superposition of associated waves. This effect happen when the associated waves are in phase in a way to realise a mixed state of space-time, where are living together the two entangled photons.  A further impingement of the confinement action over two photons, provokes an destructive interference of the waves, that corresponds to a dimensional compression of one of the three space coordinate. Therefore, after a “critical point” (that keep up a correspondence to the  theoretical limit on the “uncertainty” about the precision of  pairs of simultaneous related measurements), the complementariety of wave particle drops down, collapsing in the transformation of quantum- wave/particles and getting a superposition of four “Pure Waves” ( or “ Virtual Photons” ), that are determining a quantum change of the fundamental units of space-time vector’s geometry. (2) Those packet of pure plane-waves , maintains the same energy of the entangled pairs of photons, but the energy of this packet of pure waves of “information energy”, belongs to a transformation of space time that change the set of coordinates from the traditional Euclidean dimension to another one , that  re-design the four vector, from three coordinates of space and only one for the time (xyz,t) in a different configuration of the “information energy”, within a symmetric structure described by a bit of  flat space (x,y) and a bit of two dimensions of time's lines (t1,t2). (3) During the two lines of time the  energy has extensively the same invariant value,  so that the information status remain simultaneously unchanged e.g. do not need to transfer “information energy” between two points of the flat space .This kind of effect justify the teleportation that  is a key resource in quantum information science and in some aspect it is influencing the nature of life. (4)

            Finally on the basis of an substantial equivalence between all Forms of Energy, (including the fundamental “information energy”), the quantum superposition of  the conformational states of the four plane-waves, can be described as living in an  “not localised” zone of zero point energy, and can be represented in two forms of  quantum computational methods; from one side, as segments of the quantized [X,Y]  matrix (Ent. Coord),  and from the other side,  in terms of a signal’s factorization in Q. Bits ( Ent. Signals). (6)

            The EGOCREANET research team is very conscious to propose a conceptual change in  science communication, this because the above description of the splitting of the dual nature of quantum wave particles do not permits to follow a logic based of an auto-values equation resolution, like those normally utilised in  Q.Mechanics of Schroedinger or Dirac, this  because those equations are getting a solution that remain  conform with the conditions that exists as an axiom of a fixed space-time structure.

            Therefore aiming to proceed to obtain a new “heuristically aesthetic method ”  in science & art ,  no more joint  only to an sophisticated mathematical extension of  the traditional Q. Mechanics concepts , EGOCREANET -Open Network for Science and Art (ONNSA) believes that “aesthetics”can give  a new generalization about reality for evolving our mind in contemporary society. The above goal can became possible overcoming the dichotomy between “science and art”, in order to unlock the difficulty to generate a “mental change”, through improving a modern movement on “ENTANGLING SCIENCE with ART for a better quality of life”.

            This endeavour will be based  on a critical approach of mechanic- culture born in the context of the industrial society, with the purpose of developing a profound contribute of innovation for getting better conceptual opportunities to improve the  future Knowledge Driven Mundial Society. (6)

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Paolo Manzelli  OCT/15/2007 Florence-(IT) .


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