BLU.eS - e.Learning Project for European e.LEARNING –CALL/

Search For Partners :BLU.eS VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY is a project building up an interactive interface between SME’s  Districts  and Universities, to develop  e.learning systems improving the  knowledge based “net- economy” (kb-economy) for knowledge creative management improvement of  “e. Europe”.

Preliminary message :

The  interactivity  of  internet & multimedia technologies  has transformed the way we communicate, the way we develop knowledge,  and how we do business. As a consequence interactivity  it has also changed the way  we learn and train in a networked co-operation with other organisations.

Today the rapid obsolescence of the acquired knowledge, the rhythms of renewal of the managerial competencies, and the cycles of regeneration of know-how, represents factors of crisis and failure for entrepreneurs, manager and business persons in the net economy development

     Therefore Internet- Multimedia e.learning solutions, focused on providing knowledge management for net-economy businesses, is becoming an established strategic goal, sharing knowledge among Universities  and SME’s , that will be crucial in the drive for competitive advantage in all the emerging priority areas of development for European Enterprises .

Tacking into account of the above statements, and remembering that one fundamental objective of Lisbon  2000 European commission extraordinary meeting.  was to create a European knowledge-based economy (kb-Economy)  hence , aiming to participate to the call of the European  “e.learning “ Program  (dead line  16 Nov.2001)   see: , the PIN scrl of the University of Florence in co-operation with LRE/EGO-CreaNET of the University of Florence , and also  with some other Italian Partners, initiate to search for some European partners to develop a  pilot project of a new Virtual Networked University to linking “ with e.learning” , named:
“ Business Labour University for Electronic Society “.

The proposed Virtual University “BLU.eS” will be  an  example of  a type of initiative finalised to  facilitate a common action between University and Enterprises and other socio-economic public and private actors, to develop an “e.learning” pilot  project for  life –wide long education , in a way for which it can be possible to  overcome barriers for opening to a permanent interactive higher education,  the European entrepreneurs, managers, and executive administrators of  companies  and industries. Especially attention will be addressed to SME’s growing demand for  careers re- skilling on  the favourite areas of BLUeS University “e-learning” that will be  focused on : Knowledge management for net-economy development.

The BLU.eS Virtual University will be organised as well as a partnership consortium for collaborative “e.learning” development among European Universities and and other socio-economics enterprises;  the key strategic area  will be to  produce  advanced competitiveness help-lines and Web-resources and learning materials, for European Sme’s in the “Net Ecomomy”scenario,  as a result of a system of “education on demand” , that will be the product  an integrated original thinking approach among developmental research  and  the best practices of “e.learning” enterprises for the development of  e. Europe.

For improving the BLU.eS  European project  the PIN scrl of the University of Florence , start searching for partners  willing to co-operate with us to define the following  issues, within a common “modus of operandi” for developing a co-operative platform on new e.learning virtual environments ; therefore we look for partners able to collaborate to us giving  a contribution about  the following topics  :

- 1) the benefits for an  European added value of the “Virtual University BLU.eS , organised as well as a pilot project for enterprises and entrepreneurs in the key subject areas of  the  “Net Economy” development
- 2) the  need to establish a common developmental research creative laboratory for better  understand e. learning innovative solutions for  the priority areas  related to the net-economy European development
- 3) the strategy to support life -wide -long interactive learning for  user group composed by managers and business persons, aiming to identify  and diffuse e-learning demonstrations for key developmental areas.
- 4) the implementation and sustainability model of  the collaborative e.learning practices  of the BLU eS Virtual University aiming to describe an e. brainwork-based e. learning  action plan for  “e. Europe”  competitive advancement
- 5) the technological infrastructure for electronic editions of interactive e.books
- ( Web-portal, Web Conferencing etc.. etc..)  and the human resources team-staff,  required to support a BLU.eS Virtual  University special needs
6)  Who should attend as partner of the BLU.eS  Virtual University ?
             European Universities  and  “e. Learning”  European Enterprises  and all that will be able to develop e-Learning Innovative Actions !

Thanking you for the kind attention, I hope to receive some contacts for a preliminary adhesion to the proposed establishment of the  BLU.eS Virtual University - European joint - project.

Florence, 06/July/ 2001

Paolo Manzelli
(tel: +39/055/332549)