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Speak of Paolo Manzelli <>
at the Congress Research & Education in Telematics
University of Florence 14_March 2002.

Knowledge based economy requires more brain power creativity for improving a radical cognitive shift, aiming to reply, with an innovative knowledge management entrepreneurship, to the global changes in “Society&Economy Cultures” all over the world. .

Everyone believe that human brain could change structurally and functionally as a result  of learning and experience, so that we need to understand the way to develop networking-learning strategies in telematics education that will be able to give as result a better mental equipment for students to enrich brain power creativity  Certainly the growing of understanding of how the brain works, comes the opportunity to increase brain power and flexibility as well as is a need of  the complex  & global society in which we live.

The Laboratory of Education Research <LRE-EGO-CreaNET> of the University of  Florence starting from the scientific observation of brain patterns functions of cerebral cortex, is convinced that creativity power is strongly connected with the increasing of integration processes of the specialized functions of the brain.

From the visual NMR of flux of bloom, we can see that, the integration of brain function happen when some  different specialized areas works simultaneously , this is the case in which the thinker attention is concentrated on the imagination in respect when the observer is seeing the real environment. More in general the integration area on the cerebral cortex is more expanded when the thinker works for a “problem setting”, that not when  is  more concentrated for an analytical strategy of “problem solving”. In fact in the phase of "problem setting" the thinker need to select and  remove the memorized knowledge, searching for new approach to a problem understanding that need  not only of the association with what he/she has previously learned.

From those consideration “Creativity”  is directly connected with the capability of extending the integrated functions of the brain  in a thinking process, that is oriented to remove memorized ideas to establish a new "imaginary" context in which the memory can be rebuild.

Now considering the telematics education, we must begin to shift our thinking from the underlying assumptions upon which most schools are currently based, this  because we need to create new assumptions for learning in a scenario of W.W.W. built on new principles of brain based networked e.learning .

As a matter of facts in the schooling and University academic system the human brain is traditionally exercised  in regard to  the transfer the understanding of previous resolved  problems , but now, if we would like a different approach for improving a different plasticity of intelligence for growing a more advanced creative power for unresolved complex problematic , we need to consider new strategies implementing “imaginary” to get an enrichment of  the integrated brain functionality.

Following the above consideration a  new approach of networking –leaning in internet  is developed by the LRE-EGO-CreaNET, that is not organized as well as a mere transmission of advanced knowledge in a e.learning long distance approach, in fact we develop an innovative “INDUCATOR ONLINE”  strategy into  a project named: Business Labour University for Electronic Society (see in : . In conclusion we would like and we hope to find  collaboration to implement this B.L.U.e.S. project at international level.

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