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            Traditional ”physics eyes” break up the brain as subjective question living out side of the mechanical science paradigm. So that , without deep changes in epistemological fundament of modern physics, driven by a natural incorporation of the brain in Quantum-Physics, there is no possible to understand  “consciousness”.

                The essential core of the  emerging epistemology of science is focused in the processes of unifying in contemporary Quantum physics and modern Art this because the entanglement generate a new approach that is not only rational but also emotional e.g. embodying the two principal function of the brain.

                In this context  of  conscious understanding of science and art some new fundamentals need to be included :

- space and time can not be considered as independent each to other without any possibility of transformation between them; this because  there is the need to understand the  relationship between “local  and no-local” dimensions of space-time

- boundary between Energy and Matter and Information are not distinct because those forms of Energy belongs to different codifications of the Total Energy in relation to different quantum changes in  the space-time matrix.

As an example of CONSCIOUS ENDEAVOUR it is well known that the Michelson-Morley experiment exemplifies the constancy of the speed of light “c” in the vacuum.  This experiment is conceived thinking to an EUCLIDEAN SPACE TIME and demonstrate that “c”, is independent of the movement of the source. Certainly the Michelson–Morley experiment in vacuum is deeply connected with the notion of the linearity of the flux of time.

Now the  question is :  have any measurements actually been done on the "instanteous" speed of light as opposed to simply dividing the distance by time to arrive at the speed?

If for instance I admit that the field of light lives in not Euclidean dimension of the space-time , as a consequence of such assumption,  I cannot be more sure that the measure of Michelson and Morley corresponds to the velocity of light in the three dimensional vacuum. In fact in a flat space and two dimensional time vectors (tic-tacs)  the Michelson and Morley measurement correspond only to the instantaneous knowledge of  the amplitude of the two dimensional energy field . Hence “c” is not more a measurement of the velocity also because in the two dimension the time flows it is not more linear as in the Euclidean structure .

Similar  questions would be included in a meeting based on enhancing a CONSCIOUS ENDEAVOUR IN ENTANGLING SCIENCE AND ART  see

Paolo Manzelli NOV/15/2007 Florence (IT)  : ;;

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