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-Permanent “” system development for improving Management European performances in terms of Human Resources  growth for implementing competitiveness and intellectual employment in the K-Society.

Paolo Manzelli <LRE@UNIFI.IT>

            In today’s global economy, sustainable competitive advantage results from the effective management of another more elusive resource – Digital Knowledge Management for networking development among Enterprises and Research Centres i.e. -K-Economy Management.


            The entrance of K-economy has created a massive need for Knowledge Workers, which form the focus of the future of European ability of reconfiguring knowledge management by means  combining intellectual capital, intangible assets and knowledge creation therefore the growth of K-Economy need to be complemented by a “Distributed Net-Learning  Permanent System”


            Knowledge Management don’t permits the realization of stable profession profile, because the continuous cognitive dynamics of K-Economy.  . As  a matter of facts the Management of –K-Economy  requires high pattern recognition skills especially  in TQM (Total Quality Management) and BPR (Business Process Reengineering)., competencies flexibility  for working in digital teams oriented for the revitalization of University e-learning , and ability in collective "sense-making" for improving  “” development..


            As a matter of facts K-economy management  is an economic structure which requires a continuous learning co-organization of  multidisciplinary  networks of Knowledge Workers in advanced science & technology : in particular,  in robotic engineering, nano-technology, and bio-technology etc…


            In essence, the Knowledge Workers Resources Management reorganization realised in co-operation with advances European scientific structures is different from the R.M. of traditional professional workers from the era of Industrial Production –Economy.


            In fact the new  Strategic Management Human Resources of Knowledge Workers will increasingly shift the focus from inside organisations of firms or separately within University , to outside for implementing in a permanent manner the management of  networking co-organisations among  industrial Firms and Research Centres ; this is a  consequence  of the process of changing technology, increasing globalisation, continuing cost containment, increasing speed in market transform ,etc.. etc.. All those aspects of the  dynamics of the change from Industrial Society to K-Society ,  need a  growing importance  of a complex ability  of knowledge management in the era of digital K-Economy.


            For those reasons and considerations the LRE/EGO-CreaNET of the University  would like to develop an joint EUROPEAN MASTER on “K-ECONOMY” MANAGEMENT  (acronym : MEKEM)  .

You can find the project idea and  justification ( see in : ; )

            On the basis of such “Preliminary Proposal” the LRE/EGO-CreaNET is searching for European Partners looking to be able to participate together at the next EUROPEAN FP6 CALL –MARIE CURIE- in


a)RTN and/or b) EST programs.

a) RTN ( Research Training Networks) - DEAD LINE 17 NOV - 45.000 Euro Tot.
b) EST ( Early Stage Training)
DEAD LINE 15/ DEC / 2004  - 170.000 Euro Tot.


            Thank you for your kind interest to MEKEM Project IDEA. Paolo Manzelli FIRENZE 07/07/2004




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