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Entangled Theory: focus on Q.Tunnelling.

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Entanglement is a key resource in Bio-physics of quantum non local information processing and also to explane more in general non-local quantum operations as the tunneling effect. On the quantum scale, quantum wave / particles , moving against a quite infinite hill of energy get a not null probability to pass over the other side of the hill . In effect they through entagnlement can send at distance the status of confined Q.particles in a way that seem that they has moved through , rather than over it and has thus “tunnelled” .

Q.Tunnelling was applied to a lot of physical experimental and a very important application is the electron-tunneling microscopes which can resolve objects that are too small to see using conventional microscopes. Q.tunneling is characteristic in all photo-transitions as the photosynthesis of green plants ; also in life sciences, Q.tunneling effect may be the metod used by enzymes to speed up biological reactions reactions through non local remote interactions. Finally Q.tunnelling effect gives a reasonable prediction in cosmology of the evaporation of black holes .Therefore the Tunnelling and Entanglement effect can have an similar origin based on the entanglement transformation in Q.Bits by means off a parallel superposition of Q.states , that can be transferred over open long distances “simultaneously”.

The implications of entanglement transformation in Q.Bits are far reaching . In fact entanglement state generated by confinement of Q.particles cannot be stable, and so that entangled particles decay to the lower ground level of energy living under the quantum scale as zero point energy . I defined this Energy form as Information Energy this because Entangled partiches need to be considered in a transformed dimension of the Space-Time quadrivector composed by one bit of space and one bit of time dimensions. The instantaneous teleportation of Q.Bits , as derived by the Entagling of Q.Partiches, it is a conseguence of the quantization of the space time dimensions (S/T) , in a “discrete permutation” giving a matrix of three different fundamental composition of spatial and temporal coordinates .

The first structure (w. (I) zone), that it is preferred by the traditional Physics,. has 3 Dimensions (D) Spatial (S) (bidirectional) and one Temporal (Unidirectional) . The second S/T zone (w. E zone ) is the geometry representative of the events based on “Q.Entanglement” , and their transformation in Q.Bits of Information Energy. As a matter of facts physical events produces an proper Q.articulation of flat S/T –coordinates, in order to change the geometry where the physical phenomena can find a coherent expression in order to maintain the “Total Energy Conservation Principle”. Therefore the “simultaneity” of Q.Bits, in this (w. (E) zone), do not follow a dynamic of transmission of information from a place to another; this because in this S/T second order dimensions, “ time is delocalised “. Therefore into the limits of each particular field of interactions among <Energy , Matter and Information> it becomes embodied the property that two events happen in a reference S/T frame where, do not exist more a linear sequence of before and past time duraction. The third zone of S/T represent the singularity od a typical black hole created from the collapse of a star where it is recversed the matrix of the vector’s coortinates in a way that time is not more in a linear succession of tining duration because past, present and future are splittes in three different lines oscillating around a single irreversible vector coodinate of space. ( w.( M) – Zone)

See the following diagram of the fundamental critical points geometric Q. changes giving rise to S/T fundamental Zones.

Finally the influence of quantum entanglement on tunnelling effect can induce process that, under conditions of probabilistic self- trapping confinement, can be assumed as a phenomena belonging to the same second order zone.

R. Penrose's firstly proposes the quantization of S/T , and also justify this Q. S/T variable dimension pointing that Q.Physics do not split the object and subject of observation ; therefore human mind model of functioning need to be taken in physical consideration in a way to be sure to treat the complete physical reality.

This is also the point of view of BIO-Q.PHYSIC expressed by the EGOCREANET/ON-NS. (2)

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