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This paper is written  order to look in a very simple approach for improving a critical re-interpreatation of the present conceptual structures about the physics of information.


            The ancient concept of information has its origin in the Latin and Greek roots of this word, namely in “informatio/informare” that, for instance  in the human art and science, means the idea (Eidos) that anticipate the action  to give a form (Motphe' ) to a piece of matter and, metaphorically , to teach the mind. For ancient scientists the fundamental ideas that generates all the  types of natural form are a direct consequence of the “intelligence of  nature”. Humans belong to the nature, so that they become able to “in-form” new context  of the mind and of material constructions. Therefore all living and not living forms are  just immersed in a pre-given communicative natural context, in order to permit the development of an open horizon of informational alternatives, all driven through the fundamentel  “natural intelligence”.

            More recently at the beginning of  “Information Technology”, Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver (1949) develop their mathematical theory of information communication. In his work C.E. Shannon used this measure of information to understand the channel's efficiency in the trasmission of data between an information source and the receiver, to slow down the noise or the distorsions of the signals. Hence the reasearch of Shannon was important for the development of digital encoding and modern electronic communications. Shannon's papers also contain the first use of the word "bit" as shorthand for "the binary digit." (0,1) .As a matter of facts  Shannon's work accepts the traditional spitting of mechanical science, between subject an object. So that  the “Information Theory” takes a strong distance from the ancient concept of information, aiming only to establish an probabilistic approch to calculate the quantitative transmission "information contents", in regard to the process of selection and communication of signals, independently of the meaning of the Information.  It is obvious that a message can become an “effective information” if there is a basis of “pre-understanding” of sharing symbols or codex. This is a necessary condition, not only for a “qualitative” considerations, but also in the case of establishing a purely “quantitative” measure of information contents. Therefore the “mathematical theory of information” has a serious conceptual limitation, this  because do no pemits to conceive any  meening of information. The problem is that the meaning of infomation depends from the “pre-understanding” what is the possibility of sharing a common context of rules, in a pure communication physical basis, before to start exchanging messages. This common context of sharing a fundamental codification ,  is ultimately the  necessary situation for all the communication in  nature, henceforth  inclusive of the  mode of common existence into a communicative beings in humans.


            Nowadays it is necessary to revise the antique conceptual intuition about the meaning of information,  through a critical change of the  mechanical reductionism of science understanding.  In fact in the incoming “knowledge society” , science and in particular neuro- and bio-sciences, become more conscious that we need be able to explane how communications systems have a fundamentel physical meaning, this because information it is decisive to understand  the evolution of life.


In particular the idea of “flow of information'” cannot be more oriented,  as in the classical approach, towards to find only the conditions for a better the transmission ,  between different natural or mechanical sources to all types of receivers. In fact it is no more possible avoid the question  of the “physical meaning of information”, on the basis of the traditional acceptation  of some conventional codifications like “natural of artificial models of languages”. So that the scientific endeavour is today to find the way  through which it is possible to give a fundamental meaning to the the “ information “ that is the basis of what we know about reality, both semantically and pragmatically. Hence “information meaning” need to be “deconstructively” analyzed to fill up the formal idea of the fundamental “Information Energy” as a basic codification for giving an equivalence to all the  contingent structures of Energy and Matter codifications .

This goal can be enriched, changing the reductionistic approach  of mechanical  concepts in science.

Working for improving deeply the above conceptual  change, today we can look to the “Quantum-entanglement” as a key resource in “non local quantum information”.(3) Furthermore  the  “Entanglement Theory” can help us to understand the relationship that gives physical meaning to information systems on the basis of an universal Space-Time codification of the fundamental “Information Energy”.(4) Therefore in conceptual context described by the “Entanglement Theory” we can admit the existence of two dimensional  sistems for processing information:

a) - The classic information transmission, from a local -state 1- to a different local -state 2- .

In this case the information can be transmitted no faster than the speed of light and the space-time is based on a cartesian dimensionality (xyz,t)

b) - After the “entanglement of photon's pairs”,  their  energy decade  near to the “zero point” e.g. lower to the “Uncertainty Principle” level; so that Energy, at very low frequencies , assumes an hologrammatic “no  local dimension” , that permits synchonicity and simultaneity in the exchange of  the fundamental “Information Energy(I) . The last (I) in fact is living into two dimensional structure of space and timing coordinates (x,y, t1,t2)  , and this space-time codification, represents the common codex  to translate all forms of energy into the different systems of  Energy/Matter transformation.


Therefore “Information Energy(I) can be seen as an universal codification model, for any related process of energy transformation , which alows to predispose fee-energy (E) and energy codified like matter (M) to be  “in-formed” in their interaction and transformations.


The generalized “Entanglement Theory” suggests that (I) evolved initially as a form of communication needed to enable all the other E/M interactions in order to”self-catalyse” their organizational changes,  according to physical specified informational basic patterns of codification, that can be expressed in “Q.Bits” . On this basis it is possible to think  about the “co-evolution” of different forms of communication between living and not living organisms that finally, can be interpreted by means of social groups languages.


A very important result of  the “Entanglement Theory” , conceives the possibility to understand the “genetic controll of DNA on a living cell till the progammed “apoptosis” by means of working at distance  as a “quantum bio-antenna” (5).




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