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A Guide for the FOOD TRACEABILITY SOFTWARE need to consider the following : 

A)-  For developing a systemic Software for FOOD TRACEABILITY is a priority to develop an networked organization for any specific FOOD- CHAIN. This is the first step  for realizing a product quality management for special action in “HACCP” methodology on  track & trace the origin of products through all  intermediate steps in the production.  As a matter of facts material tracking and tracing of food production and products concerns the strategic analysis of the Critical Points about food safety and quality for getting monitoring facilities to control any particular food chain of cooking, frozen chilled or dried manufactured and processed foods  ect..…(i.e.  types of Meat and derivatives , Fish, Milk, Eggs, other Dairy and  Beverage products, Fruits, Vegetables and so on ).  

B)-  As a second step need to be considered the “shelf-lives” (life cycles) of the food products, and in the case of fresh food , need to be considered the need to longer the “shelf-lives”  by means refrigeration ( Congele’) or frozen ( Surgele’) food at different levels of low temperatures and pressures in a quick time for be sure of hygiene and pathogenic requirements to exclude micro-organisms infections.

In other cases it is necessary to analyze other processes of food preparation for cooking foods and preparing “ready to eat meals” with high nutritional values.

C) It is also necessary to take in consideration regulation for food’s packaging and labelling for various typical case of food selling and catering.

D) Finally it is necessary to consider that the complex and flexible enterprise that see the traceability system from FARM to FORK can be useful for a competitive and sustainable growth of an chain Network co-organized as well as a chain grouping among Agro-Industry, Centres of Research, Export and Transports Firms and Governmental partners, looking to the better trends to lowering the costs of the best food security and fitting consumer attitudes satisfaction.

Therefore a non specific production of the FOOD TRACEABILITY SOFTWARE is without any logic because before is necessary to acquire better knowledge of the specific problems of any food chain including the trans-national extension of the market involved.

After the setting up of the point of the above guide the development of the Traceability software can provide a strategic advantage that can greatly reduce costs in the event of a product recall and reinforce the confidence of customers and consumers in the strength and integrity of a company's products and brands.

Traceability software needs to be built on powerful database technology, enabling it to capture, organize and track data with minimal time, labour and human error. These robust applications offer the speed and automation to provide effective and precise traceability of either meat or non-meat food products In this guiding approach of producing “Trace and Track Software”, an accurate traceability, effectively reduces risk exposure by enabling food producers to identify, isolate and correct the problem quickly and efficiently, so that the public health is protected and the economic fallout from such incidents can be minimized.


-See at this proposal the DEMETRA Consortium Network Proposal in:

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