Creativity and Science
towards a Knovledge Interactive Society

by Paolo Manzelli <>

The fundamental aspect of the societal change between industrial to post-industrial society is evidently the occurrence of the globalization of information in congiuntion with the process of goods dematerialization, that strongly influences the market all over the world.

Looking to get a scientific appoach to this phenomenon the Presidence of the telematic Association EGO-CreaNET/LRE, develops a criteria for a theoretical general forecast of the relationhips between Energy (E), Information (I) and Matter (M) (see : Creativity and Science on the web at the address )

In short we can resume here the main concepts emerging from our studies, that we nominate "Principle of Fertile Evolution". Starting from the scientific assumption that "Energy cannot be created or destroyed (1)", and assuming that all in the world can be defined as a transformation (d) of different codex of energy, we desume the following formula: + dI = - dE - dM (2) "Principle of Fertile Evolution"

This simple formula means that if the global trasformation give a result to increase information ( + d I) , because we know that the total Energy need to be assumed as a constant, at the same time we must predict, a diminution for unit of tranformation of free Energy (-dE) and of Matter (-dM).

Formula (2) describe in very general terms, that the globalization of information, need to correspond to: a) less utilization of energy, and at the same time to b) a dematerialization of goods.

Knowing this "Principle of Fertile Evolution", we can forecast the tendency of the process of transormation that implies the globalization of the information.

One of pratical results it will be that for the future the tecno-nature of evolution of internet do not need of capital intensive big infrastructures for the commerce, but of more appropriated low cost well organized agencies in the information’s field; se for example the big business of Amazon (, for selling books in the WWW. But in the next future we can understand even that, following that dematerialization of the market, the books will be substituted from "Ipertests-networking" of library in the WWW. So that also Amazon will tranforms in a quick time the succesfull enterprize that this business-society constructs at present.

We can forecast that the market into the context of the "Principle of fertile evolution", it will be not only a market of objects, but a market of business-business (B-B) interactive interaction, that will controll the information of the traditional market of the Business-Consumer (B-C) local activities. Therefore in the next future we can develop a scenario of "GLOCAL economy", where the market works in an integrated connection between (B-B) global information and (B-C) local market; in this scenario, tele-shops will be more information intensive, and they control the market activities of traditional localized shops. Hence in the self-service internet era of "e-commerce", the control of market is assumed not be more controlled from the national states, but e-commerce will promote a free-taxes economy outside the governamental control; hence "e-democracy", can be promoted all over the world.

In the new post industrial era the power of interactive information will increase and that means that one of fundamentel problems of transformation of Information Society will be, how to market the knovledge.

As we said before, marketing knowledge will be essentially different from writing for selling books. New management professions will be developed at very hight intellectual qualification in the next future, for example:

a) content providers, able to insert cognitive data into the WWW
b) infobrokers , cognitive researkers in internet.

The above professionalities will be extremely necessary for the efficience of the GLOCAL Market transformation of the knowledge interactive society.

Consequently the EGO-CreaNET /LRE in lancing a "project idea", called "Creativity On Line for Telelabour improvement", searching for an international partnership named "CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium", to better this project that now we will summarize, concluding this syntesis about the subject : "Creativity and Science towards a Knovledge Interactive Society".

Objectives on "Creativity and science towards knowledge-on line society" CoL-Tele-Lab Project Idea : : << SEARCH FOR PARTNERS>>


DOCUMENT of the CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium

The globalization of the systems seems to be the challenge which most characterized last years.

Today, two seem to be the problems that are conditioning the full utilization of new telematic technologies: a) the big quantity of informations in the WWW that in some cases makes available an infinite number of disconnected knowledges, and as a consequence, makes difficult the search of what is really useful; b) the use multimedial and interactive languages, that imply the knowledge of those codes and the ability, not only limited to the receipt of the information, for its production and diffusion.

One of the most evident possibilities that put at disposal new informatic technologies for the economic and social development, are the teleworking occupation created on the basis of a appropriate permanent-training of human resources.

A fundamental condition for this target is to establish a constant link among Universities, Research Centres, Associations working for Global Information Society development, and other private and public Enterprises, overcoming old stereotypes oriented to separate the single competences, but locating a common field, where targets, strategies, methodologies and resources keep together new projects and realize a common plan of innovative research, on the base of the use of the telematic nets for the incoming knowledge integrated society.

Following the above comments and targets, the CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium is working very closely in telematic net to develop a first phase of the pilot project the subsequent areas:

a) Tele-cooperation for Cultural Turism Globalization and Cultural Heritage Education;
b) Busines-busines collaboration for the development of small and medium enterprises;
c) Creative pubblicity impact on market globalization;
d) Teletraining for international management of organizational change;
e) Development on the WWW of co-operative electronic ipertests-edition;
f) Higher education for new pofessionalities of "infobroker" and "content provider" in the field of electronic commerce and for public and private management of natural resources.

The first action of the CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium will be to participate to the Call ALFA II 1999, to develop an extension of the obiectives of the Consortium particularly focusing the relationships of co-operation between Europa and Central and Latin America, but also other calls of the 5th Programme of European Union can be selected.

Until now (1/March 1999) the partnership of EGO-CreaNET /CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium, is composed by : N° 6 partners from four european countries ( Italy, UK, Belgium, Spain), and partners and experts from six Latin- America countries ( Perų, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia , Mexico). Also we get adhesion from two international consultant one from Bulgary and one from Poland.

CoL-tele-lab Consortium of EGO-CreaNET telematic Association, is open to a large adhesion of WWW - partners.

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