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"Challenges on science and humanities for cognitive anticipation” .
NEST PATHFINDER –VI° EU- 2006- Program on the issue:


By Paolo Manzelli – EGOCREANET/ON-NS  c/o Florence University



Premise: written for the seminar -14 dicembre 2005 - c/o ENEA-CASACCIA –Rome (°)

on the issue “The strategy for overwhelm vulnerability of Science Communication in trandisciplinary  projects”  .  


                Energy and matter are considered to be basic universal quantities. However, the concept of information has become today just as fundamental entity , and a great work is made to justifying its categorisation as the third fundamental quantity of real world thus because  “Information” in fact  is one of the intrinsic characteristics of life.

                 Information in the Knowledge Society advancement is related at every turn,  both in technological and in natural systems: in data processing, in communications engineering, in control engineering, in the natural languages, in biological communications systems, and in information processes in living cells. Thus, information has rightly become known as the third basic universal quantity. But till to day the concept of “Information”  requires a fundamental  science & Society dialog open to a very large reflection , particularly with regard to its definition, and understanding of its basic characteristic features and functions aiming to establish a coherent  empirical and theoretical principles for  advancing in life sciences contemporary development.

                Therefore is a very important need to understand what means “Information” because today a scientific approach in a more clear understanding of Information , is a critical milestone in the passage  to overcome the industrial society and to  enhance the European Knowledge Society.


The  “Open Network for New Science” , initially supported by EGOCREANET < >, would be develop a cognitive science  research  to improve evolutionary innovative models of cultural and biological traits based  on an intelligent co-evolution between man and environment . The idea is based on developing creativity on science conceptualization aiming  to avoid the common misconception about the meaning of Information”. This  because the previous related conceptions of Information are based on the tradition of the classical mechanical science understanding, and today is becoming evident that classical understanding of Information is different in Quantum Mechanics. To avoid so different approach in science about the conceptualization of Information,  is becoming clear the necessity to sweep away  the conceptual  limits of the mechanical science  and to reply to the need to a better understanding of  communication of information in the context of Living Sciences on the basis of an integration on the Physics and Chemical Sciences. .


Quantity versus Quality of Information : rich and poor effective Information Contents





                Conceptual confusion are often hidden in the change of scientific knowledge from classical mechenics to quantum mechanics , and without a precise attention it is easy to make confusion between the  normal language of understanding the qualitative meaning of information as in respect to the quantitative approach in the interpretation of information in mechanical science understanding.


So that looking for a better management of science and technology in Knowledge Society, certainly  this confusion can be a source of vulnerability  in science as well as in society and this misunderstanding can be possible to observe from the following synthetic, Cross-disciplinary State of the Art  focused on the concept of Information in Science .


                -Classical Physic  is based on a exact dichotomy  between Observer and Observation generating a conceptual split between : 


a)- SUBJECT(ivity), equivalent with: Continuity, Globality, Future, Possibility, Teleological Order.
b) -OBJECT(ivity), equivalent with : Discreteness, Locality, Past, Contingency, Deterministic Order.

                Up to the present,  we can see in the physics books an image of an “ de-brained-eye” , representing an absolute observer that see  the external world in a way that the “de-brained- eye”  just does not have limits to see , because  is not a real eye of a man , but the symbol of an arbitrary  separation between Subject and Object of Classic Physics. This reductionism therefore  involves the negation of an objective limits  of the observer based on an effective possibility to know of an effective human brain capability, so that the  “de-brained -eye”  cannot be really conscious  and responsible on that he/she thinks to see.

Norbert Wiener, the founder of cybernetics and information theory, in agreement  to this traditional quoted statement of Classical Physic, agree to this splitting between Object and Subject  of scientific observation , because he will look to interpret the mechanical feedback of cybernetics equipments and so that said < Information cannot be of a physical nature : Information is information, neither matter nor energy. No materialism that fails to take account of this can survive the present day >

The successive work of Claude Shannon (1948) , about ‘A Mathematical Theory of Communication’, was influenced by the previous  conceptual approach of  N. Wiener . As a matter of facts also  Shannon works in computer science  to found its better applications,  aiming  to show how many information would be needed to obtain an efficiently correct result,  when a message, expressed by numerical symbols, was transmitted on a noisy channel to a receiver. Certainly a source of symbols is not related to the source of the meaning of information, so that  Shannon prefers to correlate the loss of the quantity of information in the signal transmission,  proposing an equivalence to the grow of Entropy in an closed thermodynamic system, so that accepting a simple qualitative confrontation between the following statements :

·                     Ordered energy in a closed system  dynamics go versus  disorganized energy (heat)

·                     High-quantity of transmitted signals in a closed channel go versus low-grade of information

·                     So that the two process can be interpret by means the same process of understanding focused on the change between order to disorder , hence this change can be quantitatively  measured  as well as  a function of the relationships between  probability // improbability of transmission of Bits.

In this way “ information conceptualization ” according to Shannon, does not be related to the effective nature of the physical informational data, thus because Information it is confined to one particular aspect of symbols to be able to quantify numerically the data. The above is certainly a good approach,  however it is limited to the study of technological transmission and storage of signals where it is useful the analogy between Entropy and Information. Thus Information like Entropy becomes a measure of the probability of an event.

After the Shannon’ theory of Information becomes a measure of the probability of any  event through an extension of the  Shannon's work that has found application not only in computer science, and in communication engineering, but also was applied in biological information systems including nucleic acid and protein coding, and hormonal and metabolic signalling, and also was extended in several applications in linguistics, phonetics, cognitive psychology, and cryptography.

Certainly to avoid fundamental confusion to all those application of Shannon’s  concept of Information  it is necessary to underline that it is confined to a non-semantic aspect, this because in principle also Shannon  accepts  the classical splitting between subject and object of classical mechanics. .Hence to avoid conceptual confusion in cross-disciplinary sciences it is necessary to underline the following important consideration: utilizing  the Shannon’s relationship among information \ uncertainty and  entropy , it is important to remember that the numerical value of information become exactly the same ,  whether these messages are determined by random sequences or by means grammatically ordered  sentences with a meaningful value of concrete understanding of information ..

As a matter of facts a  source of symbols (Bits or Letters) is not a source of physical information .. In fact it will be essential to keep in mind very clearly  that the meaning of the messages goes beyond the scope of “information theory” that is only useful  when the information signals comes from (transmitter) to a receiver (receiver).  

This need to be exactly understood to avoid to get out a vulnerable difficulty of sharing ideas when a trans-disciplinary network  in Sciences and Humanities is working in a team  aiming to keep away from conceptual confusion between the LOST OF SIGNALS in a Computer transmission  and  the LOST of  PHISICAL MEANING OF INFORMATION. in the normal life






        Information is a necessary conditions for Life but if we  think again to follow  the Shannon’s  approach to the theory of information certainly it will be no possible  to reply to the question if INFORMATION is a PHYSICAL or MENTAL QUALITY ?            So that nowadays for advancing in science remains to replay also to the following questions:

What means  Information communication ? what is the origin of Information ?

                The above questions  are  scientific doubts , that it is becoming a need to resolve in  the modern biology 

This because for instance till now the application of  the statistical information approach permits only to know that DNA can be encoded by means  of successive triplets of nucleotides These groups of threes are called “Codons”


                At this proposal it is useful to remember that the statistical logic to define the  “Codons “ was the following:

the DNA it is composed by a sequence of 4 nitrogen bases (nucleotides) , composed by two purines, called adenine (A) and guanine (G)  and two pyrimidines, called thymine (T) and cytosine (C) ,  there were 20 amino acids for which those nucleotides can obtain a different  codification If given four nucleotides looked at in groups of two, there are sixteen possible combinations (AA, AT, AG, AC, TA, TT, TG, TC, GA, GT, GG, GC, CA, CT, CG, CC); that sixteen is still not enough to code for twenty amino acids. But if the nucleotides code for amino acids in groups of “three “, then there are sixty-four possible combinations . So that  is probable that  nucleotides code for amino acids in successive groups of threes called Codons  


                Thinking in this way the DNA code has been deciphered in their quantitative and statistical composition of chemical symbols, but  in this way of biological thinking it is no possible to know what can be the effective  physical meaning of the codified communication  of genetic information , and so the biology is only based on the transfer of the DNA codex  Therefore we know for instance  that a bacterium has a shorter genetic code of the man; in any case in the logic of biology  supposes  that each code it gives the same instruction  as precisely in bacteria as well as that of a human being. Therefore we do not be able to understand what can be the effective physical meaning of genetic information communication that develop so large differences in simple bacteria and algae as in mouse or in man.This limited  result  is generated by the confusion from the reality of  physical  information of chemical nucleotides because the biological approach is simply based on the description of the possible codification sequences of the virtual symbols  and not to the  properties of chemical transformation of the effective chemical substances co-organizing the DNA. .


Biochemical Reality and Virtual Coding of  DNA

Figure 1

Information, science and biology







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                The Nature of Information in Quantum Mechanics (Q.M.) is founded on the entanglement of the quantum non- separation behaviour between the existence of  matter / energy interaction in  dual form of  waves/particles . The  wave equation  represents all the possible “chaotic virtual trajectories” of phantom  particles , therefore cannot be possible to know nothing about the  directly  information of the wave Function. So that, although is anti-intuitive to accept to get an information lees than zero, in Q.M. a  Negative Information”,  can be carried by the wave-function collapse. generating a quantum jump. through the measure of informational data that it is resolves in terms of  probability as a consequence of  the basic uncertainty generated by incompatible variables . As a matter of facts in the quantum world, there are things we just cannot completely know; for example, we cannot know exactly both the position and the velocity  of a small particle . So that according to Q.M.  it is impossible to predict, which set of  measurements will be observed as probable data of information .Therefore  the conception of taking quantitative measurement of informational data is deeply different from classical physics and Quantum Mechanics. .Primarily this fact is  a consequence of the subyect/object interaction during the measurable data of energy/matter information about the micro-world.As a matter of facts the previous considered classical dichotomy between obserer and observation is no  more helpful to undestand the concept of information in Q.M. .

                Seems a paradox that in Q.M ; it is true impossible to obtain positive information. The above is a  consequence of the indetermination principle and hence of the double behaviour of the micro-world as Wawes/Particles, so that  the probability to find mearurement data, can be obtained only from the delocalized  crasch of the Shroedinger wave’s  equation. Therefore  the information data are coming out only at the  exact moment  when the operator decide to utilize  the apparatus  for obtain measurements about the  probable information about the existence of particles generated through the collapse of the wave function Henceforth the experimental localized data that are only a result of a probabilistic section of the  unknown  complete information, virtually contained in the wave function. Hence the time assymetry generated by the suibjective act of the measure produces only a limited (or  negative) of information concerning probable physical data. In this way of thinking Q.M.  seems to get a very strange approach to “negative information”,  and at the same time this approach get a very important knowledge occurring in occur in our minds , because “negative information” is really only what each of us can physically extract from the environmental observation also in the normal living system of sensory perceptions. Thus only exchanging information through communication  can be enriched a more complete knowledge .


If something is information , what does this mean in physical terms of energy and matter ?

The Principle of Fertile Evolution : an Evolutionary novel Model of Co-evolution.

Neanderthal Man, Cro-Magnon Man, Modern Man

            Quantum Mechanics working to sweep away  the arbitrary classical separation  between “Subject and Object” admits that from an  interference patterns between observer and observed matter can be possible extract “negative information” This result it is important to underline that “Negative Information ”is the only effective reality that we can know as “physical information” about objective particles of energy and matter , extracted by the  total and unknown configuration of the wave equation representing the total energy. .Therefore Q.M teach to us that null of  that we perceive like reality becomes from  isolated mental  thinking structure  in our brain,  and on the contrary  no perceived as matter or energy  data can be obtained  like an objective fallen from the sky!!!! As a matter of facts the  mental construction of the real environment need to be perceived through senses , by means of some vibration-energy ,on the basis of an effective subject/object entanglement working in a real brain functioning.  

                Generalising the effective entanglement between subject and object in science understanding , we can consider that  fraction  of dissipated energy considered by classical thermodynamics as well as a not useful energy for producing work can effectively used for developing new interpretation of the information flows. In fact considering the  Law of Energy Conservation ,i.e. Energy  would be only transformed in different forms, we can admit the existence of a new form of “Information Energy” that is the  energy section necessary for processing and elaborating knowledge at different levels of the natural working functions  related to information communication.

Some relevant scientific observations can confirm that “Information Energy”  is a relevant parameter of life cycle evolution: for instance get a specific value to the introduction of Information Energy  the study on  the grade of  reproductive fertility of living species follows an inverse proportionality with the evolution of brain’s system of living organisms. Moreover looking to the contemporary scientific and technological society we perceive a large amount of  observations where  the increase of Information correspond to the decrease of matter  used in the production of goods  in relation to the lower consumes of energy .

Then, remembering the principle of the conservation of energy, (i.e., the total energy  can be transformed into various forms but is never gained, lost or destroyed it ) would be possible to generalize the above observations taking into account  that a part of the energy can be necessary for the widespread work conception , inclusive of the energy necessary for the communication of information.

So that we can allow to write the life cycle of the total energy on the basis of three principal components of the Energy transformation  i.e. Energy (E) and Matter (M) and Information (I) , in a way to take into account an generalized entanglement of subject /object .Therefore starting from the fundamental law that "energy cannot be created nor destroyed" a logical consequence of this law is that the total energy must be a constant, equal to say one, at any time.

Taking into consideration  information as a parameter of the general description of the energy-matter transformation (inclusive of brain interactive function), the global differential, (d), of the different aspects of energy, obtained from the sum of the Vibration-Energy, (E), and the codified-energy like Matter (M), and also the Information energy (I) we can easily known the component of total energy, inclusive of the fraction dissipated into the information process of each interaction between transmitters and receptors ,  must be equal to zero.

Because  the variation (d)  of any constant (K) is equal to zero

We can write :  <E total = (E) + (M) + (I) = K> ;  i.e. at  any time  <  d[ (E) + (M) + (I) ] = 0  >

Hence  <+d(I) = - d(E) - d(M)>  This result is named  "PRINCIPLE of  FERTILE EVOLUTION" (PFE)

                On the basis of the “PFE” total working energy cycle , the cognitive innovation can be seen in terms of an evolutionary model of co-evolution of different forms of codified Energy , because the <PFE> effectively  gives a possible “direction of evolution  of each developmental interaction  in which nature progressively transforms Energy and Matter interactions to grow up  an increase the portion of  energy linked to the processes of processing of information, + d (EI).

Therefore the < PFE > evolutionary model  where , Information energy is no more independent from the material that caries it as well as in the previous cognitive organization of Mechanical Science where Information can be seen on the basis of a subjective character like the ascription of statistical codex to biological signals.

Certainly it is necessary to admit that till now there is no known natural law through which matter can give rise to information interpreted as a form of energy . In fact mechanical science do not consider any physical process or material phenomenon known that can do this an evolutionary character based on a growing Energy of Information  as a transformation developed during the processes Energy/Matter interactivity .A consequence of this lack of Scientific Knowledge, Information was interpreted only as an absolute virtual quantity of  subjective character , based on codex description of informational signals to which can be possible to attribute  the abstract numerical value for any observer and also in different interactive contexts.  

Therefore <PFE> statement  can be seen as well a new complete  vision of Q.M.,  because  represents  an emergent evolutionary model  where “information is  a relative quantity of energy transformation”, and would have different physical values for different species of interaction in relation to an effective communication of energy based on photons and phonons and other quantum-particles. .

In conclusion the <PFE> model can be useful for responding to the needs of mental change of the contemporary  knowledge driven society. Indeed the <PFE> Model develops an important new conceptions thus because information is not more independent of the physical laws used to store and processes it. Henceforth  the <PFE> can open a very large impact in science dialogue because it is strengthening the fact that No biological information can be completely understood by means a purely statistical signal  processing of numerical or virtual codex transmission.  

In other words “Information Energy” introduced as a general component of the Total Energy  it is no limited to the Genetic Information but it is spread to all the components of the interactions between Energy and Matter this because we need to admit that Information Energy can be necessary for “ codify /and/  de-codifying”  any physical process of Energy/Matter dynamics  of interactions. . For instance,  focusing in our attention the  chemical transformation based by the working  potentials of a catalyst activity,  it is possible to clarify the effective action of communication of information energy (seen  in terms of effective photons and phonons and other wave-particles ) working  in oscillating system  out  side of the thermodynamic  equilibrium. Moreover  can be possible to overcome the simple analogy used when  in biology information receptors are explained in terms of mechanical “key-locks” interaction . This analogical descriptive explanation can be replaced by a new way of thinking, based on the efficient information potential of enzymes for interpreting better the way that permits to control a variable biological reactivity through cellular and intercellular communication of information energy.  As a matter of facts till now the  and intra cellular communication of information are considered obtainable via not well specified chemical messengers or chemical signals; really those informational signals they are not well defined in terms of any physical character, so that do not become impossible to identify though a new information of energy recognition , the working functions of  enzymes, ion channels and molecular carriers etc… etc…

                Upon those new possibility to innovate the conceptualization of biochemical systems of information recognition, the <PFE> model  can be forwarded as a conceptual evolutionary tool for better understanding about the transfer of information between the chemical signal and the change in the bond ligands of receptors opening an innovative approach to interpret the long distance communication between the DNA/RNA and the receptor’s proteins in a new way that will be deeply  studied from a new scientific light , throughout  a system of biochemical antennas  transmitting physical signals  into a biochemical flow of chemical changes,  forming  a complex and wide  variety of possible communication interactive pathways directed to different target of biological molecules.

                In conclusion starting from the above  considerations the OPEN NETWORK FOR NEW SCIENCE  (ON-NS) (see :  would like  to develop  a  NEST PATH 4 call 2005  with the program titled : "Challenges on science and humanities for cognitive anticipation” , that is becoming with this paper.

The main goal of such project proposal will be developed  on the basis of new perspectives and approaches of cognitive science,  aiming to improve a better cross-disciplinary understanding and predictive capacity of cultural dynamics related to the fundamental cognitive change of science innovation that can be co-ordinating the life science  with a very broad range of other emerging themes as well as , intellectual capital improvement in science & society, by means overcoming of cultural fragmentation , and favouring the valorisation of not tangible productivity in the road map of future strengthening  the European Integrated Research.

I think that the ON-NS - project trans-disciplinary project on the issue: OPEN NETWORK FOR NEW SCIENCE :"Challenges on science and humanities for cognitive anticipation of the future Knowledge Society". can be subdivided in four Sections starting from some the asking  questiond about the flowing doubt:

<We are sure to posses appropriated knowledge for the change between the Industrial and Knowledge society ???>

If not it is becoming a need can search for a new creative pathfinder  for developing the OPEN NETWORK FOR NEW SCIENCE and aiming to enhance an open dialog to overcome the limits of management of knowledge integrated  to avoid the severe collapse of the Industrial Society.

I think also that the “ON-NS “PATFINDER project proposal can be subdivided in  4 principal blocks of conceptual change.

a) “KNOWLEDGE” as Sociological Change  

b) “MIND” - as Psicological/Pedagogical  Change

c) “INFORMATION” as  Scientific  Change

d) “ WEB-EDITOR”  for the dissemination of the Trans-disciplinary knowledge innovation .

My best regards Paolo Manzelli   08/DIC/2005 FIRENZE



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