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SPACE-TIME - “Pathfinder – Dynamics”.

By:  Paolo Manzelli  LRE@UNIFI.IT


                Energy , Matter and Information  are the fundamental categories working in the Knowledge Society , whereas in the Industrial Society , only Matter and Energy relation are studied with a deep level of knowledge by mechanical science while  the interaction involving information are less considered by science investigation. This fact is a consequence of the basic assumption of  Mechanical science obtained by accepting an arbitrary dichotomy between observer and observation This assumption generates today a theoretical and methodological impasse of science  especially in the case  that it is requested a large trans-disciplinary well posed problem aiming to predict cultural dynamics in science and humanities.

                Hence a new theoretical and methodological framework that would be useful to develop an  European “Community of Science of Understanding” it can be driven starting from the potentiality of  conceptual change and the subsequent transmission  to innovation generated by the PRINCIPLE of FERTILE EVOLUTION (PFE).

In the “PFE” Dynamics the fundamental variables are non only Energy and Matter , because the Energy,Matter, Information (E/M/I) Paradigm o includes a third dimension the Information Therefore, aiming to redefine the natural reality for integrating sciences, we can admit that the working and learning function of the human brain are based on the interactions among Energy Matter and Information.

                Besides it is important to underline that today it is necessary to overcome the  mechanistic approach in biology because in the living system we need to better understand the role of communication of Information driven by  the functional co-operation between cells, organs and organisms. As a matter of fact biological sciences discovers that the DNA genetic information is not driven through an one –way information flow , i.e.  living systems need to be interrelated by  signals , and messages of catalytic co-operation ,  so that it will be necessary to understand how the basic categories Energy, Matter are related to the cells Information flows.

                A solution of this problems has proposed by a constructivist methodology that gives as a possible pathfinder the PRINCIPLE of FERTILE EVOLUTION ( PFE). (see FIG. 1 )

                This (PFE) solution has implications for a number of  unresolved dilemmas concerning a better understanding science and in particular about the science of Life, and  this solution it will be important also for  sociological and pedagogical science innovation. As a  matter of fact some consideration of the PFE role in Science Understanding can play an important anticipation of the growing up of the European KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY  DYNAMICS  between actors and social structures, this because the Scientific and Technological Society, in which we are living, varies the proper strategies of development according to  one’s or another definition of science advancements.

                For instance one of the most unresolved dilemmas in physical science is generated by the difficulty of physic to get a coherent  predictive character, this  because the anticipative performance it is limited by a very deep conceptual discontinuity coming from the different abstract  approaches of the modern physics e. c.  between Einstein’s  Relativity  and Quantum Mechanics.

                At this proposal it is important to remember the following reports:


1905 –Special Relativity defines the limit of the speed of light

As a consequence the rationale need no action at distance (locality) and a dynamic based on deterministic causality .

1927/30 – Quantum Mechanics  (Q.M.)

Action at Distance ( Non locality) , Not Deterministic Probability .


                This Discontinuity impoverish the  predictability of modern physical science in relation to the classical physics based on a continuity of the cause effects.  .

                As a matter of facts the discontinuity in the two branches of Physics determines the emergence of some paradoxes; one of them (1935)  is named  Einstein , Podolsky , Rosen (EPR) paradox or Gemini’s  paradox and so on. After this limit of Physical Science Understanding the Q.M. was considered incomplete and Einstein look to the possibility to generalize the Physics admitting the existence of some Hidden Variables do not taken in consideration in the rationale of Physics. Most physicists continue to hold a scepticism toward the Einstein’s proposition of Hidden Variables working  a not clear  sub-space. In fact modern Physics maintain the arbitrary separation between subjective observer and objective observation , and as a consequence physicists see the brain as well as an hidden reality.

                In spite of this assumption today the brain is no more an hidden reality but is visible through the neuro - imagin techniques ; for this  reason we can develop a new constructive way of thinking about the space-time  perception of the brain based on the E/M/I paradigm.

                It is important to remember that in Newtonian physics, physical time is an independent quantity (absolute time), running uniformly throughout the entire cosmic space (absolute space). In the Theory of Relativity, time is no more an independent physical quantity - it is linked and can be transformed with space in a  four-dimensional space-time. In classical mechanics the only one time dimension is understood as a flow of irreversible change that runs through physical absolute space. Descriptions of space-temporal relations and motions are often expressed in terms  coordinate systems, which assign a unique set of four real numbers (x,y,z,t) based on  the familiar Cartesian geometry where each point of an assumed four-dimensional manifold. A dynamical account of motion leads to the idea of an “stable- frame,” or a reference relative to which motions have distinguished their dynamical properties. In this way of thinking mechanical space and time are both linear, homogeneous, separate and local. In other words, both are infinitely divisible, and every bit of space or of time is the same as every other bit. The passage of time is an accident, having no connection with the change in the configuration of  inert matter located in space.

                Thus, in the classical mechanics that is the traditional reference paradigm of the old industrial society , space and time are merely abstract coordinates for locating invariant objects living in a objective dimension splitting from observer. This way of thinking yet, it is in overcoming because over imposed an illusion of the separateness of observed things and events from the perceptual observation of the real subjects .Also the Matter is considered solid and inert so that always stable e.c. without transformation and evolutionary functions . Therefore maintaining this classical way of thinking to space time, certainly a trans-disciplinary agreement on the Dynamical function of changes in the context of the relationships between Energy Matter and Information it is clearly impossible. As a matter of fact maintaining the classical vision of macroscopic- science ,  sociologists, artists, scientists cannot consciously enters into the realm of dynamic change of “science & society”, that need creativity based on a better understanding about what  is the innovative realm of the effective dynamic  of space-time.


Classical Mechanical Universe

  Dynamic Brain’s Information

Static, deterministic based on the separation between subject and object of  perception

Dynamic, evolving information driven by the dynamic interaction between observable and observer 

Separate, absolute time frames , time is an universal invariant  for each observer (e. c.  independent by any evolutionary processes)

Space-time inseparable from the observer

Any observer creates and shares its own space-times

Matter as well as Inert objects with simple locations in space and time

Matter is a different codification of Energy  and it knowledge is related to the subject and object  mutually  information

Linear, homogeneous space and time

Non-linear,  heterogeneous , multi- dimensional space-time

Given by  non- participatory and hence, e.c. passive or impotent observer

Creative, participatory; entanglement of observer and observed energy/matter interactions

Main logical consequence : Local causation

Main cognitive open outcome:  Delocalized causation .

                Henceforth  on the basis of  the new paradigm <E/M/I> , the time need to be a bit of information so that time is a “BIFDIMENTIONAL - DURATION” between past and future as well as the space it is measurable as a length between an initial and a final point.  See FIG. 2.  Therefore a bi- dimensional time-domain adopting a bits structure of the space and time it is necessary for understanding that without differences there are not possible any information and this conclusion it is important to  maintaining the scientific postulate that total energy cannot be destroyed and but only transformed.  For this reason the possible transformation of space to time in the context of invariance of the four space/time vectors  can be  associated with the fact that the total energy  remains  a constant.  

                The above notes about the relationship between object and subject  space-time information , can , be developed some new creative and historically appropriated approaches open to the diffusion and a deep debate through a delocalized system of  WEB-Editors, based on an innovative process  of networking “e. learning” and diffused through  social and organisational working as well as “science & society innovation”  agencies, oriented to promote the fundamental dynamic changes of  the world wide knowledge economy.

                So that from the  theoretical perspective of  the PRINCIPLE OF FERTILE EVOLUTION , it is becoming possible  to draws an innovative thinking in a wide range of trans-disciplinary artistic , social, political, philosophical, organisational and management based on the of the above fundamental changes of scientific thought in a way that can be possible to fit the fundamental needs of changes of dynamical transition our epoch between the old industrial society and the future  Knowledge Society. Therefore the new paradigm of ENERGY MATTER AND INFORMATION <E/M/I> , certainly get be possible to improve a deep change the perspective of cognitive development of the EUROPEAN KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY. Sincerely we hope that , a  new more correct interpretation of the  quadric-vector of  space time, composed by  two bits of space and time information , can be recognized an shared through a PATHFINDER –NEST 2006- Project for improving a cultural dynamics based on the Science of Understanding innovation as well as it is promoted by the OPEN NETWORK FOR NEW SCIENCE. ( see: www.EGOCREANET.IT>.




E/M/I paradigm:

The new age >

FIG -1-
How the differencies (d) in Energy  (E) , Matter (M) and Information are related in the E/M/I paradigm.  


(Without differences there are not possible any information) .
-Matter- (Particles) Coordinates (S1,S2,S3,t)              Energy - (Waves)  Coordinates   (S1,S2,t1,t2)
-Note.-    S3, in classical mechanics coordinates correspond to a contraction of  time into an localised atomic vibration

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