- Valencia (ES) 28th - 30th May 1998 -



Director of Educational Research Laboratory

President of EGO-CreaNET/Telematic Association - University of Fiorence, ltaly



The Water Global Contract of the Group of Lisbone (President Prof. Riccardo Petrella DG XII U.E.) will contribute to the sensibilization for the general public, on the amplitude and importance to develop citizen consciousness about water problem following the aim to help the future of the living systems equilibria all over the world.

I am invited to the conference of Valencia, as an expert and I proposed some cognitive key elements to understand the question of water on the oceans surface.

Oil on the surface of oceans generates a very tin covering layer some times at simple molecular dimension.

Remenbering that oceans cover the 70% of the globe, what occur on a deepness of an sole millimeter of ocean’s water, can incisively change the atmosphere condition of our living system.

Inside of this micro-layer of the oceans lives a large population of bacteria and alghae (microscopic sea-weed ).

The average of the population of those microbic plants and microbes is regulated by the ultraviolet light (U.V. rays), because the U.V. lighting kills the microscopic flora and fauna breaking their DNA or RNA.

Since the oil layer protect microbes and alghae from U.V. rays they increase their polulation.

The effect of this very large development, expecially of miscroscopic sea-weeds, generate an large phenomena of euthrophication of the ocean.

The massive eutrophication produces a great absorption od carbonic anhydride (CO2) on the surface of the ocean and as a conseguence the temperature of the skin of the ocean growths. Winds moving the water cause also ascending clouds that transport the microbic species of alghae an bacteria all over the world, producing their clones on the sea and earth when clouds become rein. (see:

As a result of the development, this phenomena achieves in some years of recurring reproduction some exponential developmental effect.

Therefore we can see that the growth of the surface’s temperature of the oceans can generate new circumstances of wind beating between earth and sea; the storms named Nin0 and NinA and also so frequently hurricanes can be seriously influenced by means what occur inside of only a millimeter of ocean surface.

In conclusion we think that the Water Global Contract (WGC) can be a important iniciative to develop cognitive guiding principles to implement the consciusness of people on the living significance of water. Therefore EGO-CreaNET telematic cultural association will substain the WGC of Lisbona, inviting those that can be interested to
debate new strategy to expand environmental education at the seminar on the issue : "CREATIVITY ON LINE" that will be held in Sicily (OASI di Troina -Italy from 08th to 10th October 1998).

For better information see: http://www.chim1.unifi.it/group/education.