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for Human Development
in Dialogue among Civilizations.

A proposal for cooperation with the European Union

From the Spanish Instituto de Psicología Transcultural ( Institute of Transcultural Psychology ), with the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de España,, for a Platform of organizations against Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination.

From the framework “Dialogue among Civilizations” in a Sustainable Human Development UNESCO-IPT-UCM.

For a United and Solidarian Europe in a peaceful process aimed at global integration.

2nd  March 2002


From the Spanish presidency of the European Union, building a United and Solidarian Europe in a world of integration, at the down of a new millennium


WE PROPOSE the development of a Platform made by institutions and organizations, both public and private, including all the people and organizations interested in cooperation for the achievement of a Solidarian Europe for a peaceful integration of cultures and civilizations, assembling the best of all of them with the richness of diversity.


To achieve this, in “Dialogue among Civilizations”, we start from the educative and future-oriented project “Islam, heritage for all”, and its pedagogic itinerant exhibition (bearing the same name)  as a relevant and coherent activity. This project is organized by the Fundación de Cultura Islámica (Islamic Culture Foundation), in Madrid .  



From Madrid , capital of Spain , gate of Europe


-         In solidarity,   

-         For the integration of  peoples, as a bridge among cultures and civilizations,  

-         For human values, from both their humanist cultural tradition and the current human sciences,

-         For human development,

-         For peace…



We propose the following heading for the future European Constitution:   


“We, the people of Europe , taking as a base the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Millennium Declaration of the United Nations, have decided to collaborate in solidarity with the global development of human beings, in dignity, freedom, justice and peace”.



With this aim we establish the social Platform “The Gate of Europe for Human Development”, whose main objectives are as follows:


-         Build the future of the European Union from the basis of  the Millennium Declaration, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and every  Declaration of the United Nations system in collaboration with civil society.


-         This first objective is aimed at the global development of human beings and peace, both inside and outside Europe , in a world more and more concerned about integration and solidarity.     


As peace and the development of human values originate  from people’s  hearts and minds, we, at the Instituto de Psicología Transcultural take this as the basis and objective of our main activities.



Given the fact that one of the most important challenges at the beginning of the millennium is the development of intercultural relations, which is also a priority in the European Union, we take on board the proposals made by the Fundación de Cultura Islámica, based in Madrid . This institution collaborates with us in the UNESCO transcultural projects.


It is also necessary to consider that there is a real danger of a clash between civilizations and a great amount of work is needed in order to  prevent it. This work is being done by the United Nations and the Programmes designed by UNESCO and the Instituto de Psicología Transcultural in partnership with the Universidad Complutense of Madrid , among other entities leaded by the Fundación de Cultura Islámica ( The Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos (a Body of Psychologists) in Madrid is also collaborating through the Seminario de Cultura de Paz y  No-Violencia (Seminary for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence), the Project Dialogue among Civilizations and the General Plan for Sustainable Human Development UNESCO –  IPT – UCM  published on the web of the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos in Madrid


The Instituto de Psicología Transcultural, in association with UNESCO and the entities belonging to this Platform, in this historical moment of transformation, where the world is entering not only a new millennium but also a period of transformation with psycho-social changes in a fast process of intercultural connections, would like to express the following facts:


We consider that it is the responsibility of  Cross-Cultural Psychology to study, spread and apply in a constructive way the laws of Human and Natural Sciences which rule the processes of intercultural integration from both a psychological and a social point of  view. The aim is to create a  new and dynamic world order based on sustainable development, with all the richness of cultural diversity in cooperation and solidarity, whose basis is to be found in agreed universal common values specified in the Declarations made by the United Nations.


We, therefore, consider that it is a priority to spread and apply the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the common objectives and values specified in the Millennium Declaration signed by about 150 Heads of State from all over the world on 8th September 2000 .


We are against racism, xenophobia and discrimination.


We believe that  the education must be based in human values and this is to be achieved trough  life-long learning, paying special attention to the education of children and  the youth  in order to lay the foundations for these future men and women.



By signing this document we AGREE to cooperate from the basis of the above-mentioned Declarations of the United Nations, with all the support for the development and implementation of the plans and projects already mentioned and any other future plan or project along the line.


We, therefore, agree to the following points:


1.- Collaborate with the permanent Interdisciplinary Seminary on “The Culture of Peace and Non-Violence” UNESCO-IPT-UCM, organized  by the Instituto de Psicología Transcultural, together with the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and the UNESCO. This is a Flagship Event of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace (UNO – UNESCO), sponsored by UNESCO (Letter from the General Director Mr. Koichiro Mastsuura, dated 8th February 2000 ).


We should like to highlight  its main connected activity within the framework of the Dialogue among Civilizations, particularly the itinerant Exhibition “El Islam, patrimonio de todos” (Islam heritage for all), pedagogically oriented and organized by the Fundación de Cultura Islámica chaired by Prof. Cherif Abderrahman Jah, (Counselor of Islamic Psychology).


1.1  – Spread the knowledge about the above-mentioned Exhibition by using all the means available.

1.2  – Encourage activities carried out by Volunteers following the guidelines established  in this Agreement and in the United Nations System.


2. – Encouraging, as far as possible, any related activities whose characteristics contribute to the development of human beings. This activities may be recognized by IPT as related to the UNESCO Seminario Cultura de Paz (Seminary for Culture of Peace) and also under the sponsorship of UNESCO and Emblematic Event of the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence UNO-UNESCO 2001-2010.


To encourage also the inclusion and development of these characteristics to contribute as far as possible towards peace and human development in activities of any kind.


These characteristics are specified in the United Nations Declarations mentioned above.





      The following organizations and companies have sponsored and / or collaborated in

      making this exhibition or its itinerary:

The Gate of Europe for Human Development

Dear all,

First of all we are grateful to you all for your collaboration and interest in our Thematic Action’s project “The Gate of Europe for Human Development” in connection with the European Union’s program Leonardo da Vinci.

The European Commission’s General Directorate for Education and Culture in Brussels has recently rejected our project as it did not comply with formal procedures; we are making the corrections needed so that we can submit it again next October, 2003.

So far, over 40 institutions in Europe have requested to work with us in partnership. We rely on your participation, unless we hear on the contrary, and after we had made the amendments needed we will report back to you.

We consider that we need to collaborate closely, now more than ever, to achieve intercultural understanding and human and professional development.

Also we would be obliged if, as collaborators on the platform of social action “The Gate of Europe for Human Development” UNESCO-IPT-UCM, you included the following links in a prominent place of your web page:

Many thanks

Yours sincerely,

Fernando Pardos
Presidente del Instituto de Psicología Transcultural y del Seminario Cultura de Paz de la UNESCO
Ctra. de Húmera, 63 chalet 1. 28224 POZUELO DE ALARCON (MADRID). ESPAÑA
Tl.: (34) 91-709.12.12 / Fx.: (34) 91-709.12.11 /

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