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Entanglement Dynamics:
Codify/Decodify process of space-time conversion , changing  “Fre-Energy (E) in Information Energy (I)” 

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The legend of this pattern is the following:

< More impact on understanding is given by  intuition and speech –dialogue , that not the quantitative communication of science, based on  calculation driven by  matematical algoritms>

The  Entangling catalysis (1) suggest the dynamics of the Quantum Entanglement pathway, that happen when two photons, entering the cone of collision,  generating  a pair of photons entangled in a way to permit a  “No-local” communication in every entangling assisted catalytic practice. In fact following the upper design we can look that in nearest of the collision the two photons jumps to different quantum levels of Energy (E) , lowering the energy packet, till the Entanglement event e.g. the common sharing of the Quantum States. The quantum decay of two photons, to a lower quantum levels of  Energy (E) ,is determined by the de-coherence caused through an out of phase overlapping of the moving wave associated with Q.particles. When the Entanglement-Pair is formed through an in phase  overposition of Q.waves , this event characterizes a situation of the information state that it is no very stable;  therefore at the moment indicated as ENT.C.P ( Entangled Conversion Point ) of the Uncertainty Principle  Horizon (H.H.),  the Space-Time curvature , collapse in a new dimension of the Space Time coordination. We admit that the new dimension of Space-Time is composed by a  flat Semi-space ( with two space-coordinates X,Y) , and in the new coherence interval  between two Time- Coordinates (T1, T2).

Legenda : D. = Dimension ; S = Space ; T = Time

Zones of different codification of Energy :

(I)= Information Energy ; (E) = Vibration Energy .  ; (M) =  Energy codified like Matter

Overcoming the  “Heisemberg Horizon”,  the couple of “Entangled Pairs” do not become more visible , but the Entangled Pairs Energy is not destroyed at all ; in fact  remains unbroken beyond the threshold value defined by the uncertainty principle . This is because space-time curvature loses his Euclidean structure (XYZ, T), and it is transduced in the fundamental structure of  "Pure Information Energy”, in correspondence to the  ZERO POINT GROUND FIELD. In this  ZPF area the energy cannot be measured in mechanical terms through the complementary relationship between the position and speed of Q.Particles. In fact it is important to remember that  Kurt Gödel   underlines the inherent limitations of all matematical logic, based on formal alforitm’s calculations, though the  “Incopleteness  Theorem” (1931) .  (4) So that in the case of the Entanglement Pair Collapse , it is necessary to admit a quantum-change of space-time four- vector in order to  understand how the Information Energy ( I ) becomes relocated in space and time in order to can be possible to communicate  in simultaneity and in synchronicity information ,e.g.  in a “ no-local space time, composed by one bit of  semi-space of vector-coordinates and one bit of two dimensional time- vector coordinates.  During the  fundamental change of   “Fre-Energy (E) in Information Energy (I)”, the Pure Quantum Waves , lose their individuality because belongs to the same Quantum Information State. Therefore the coherence interval where is living the over-position of four pure quantum-waves of Information Energy is dimensioned as  a flat semi-space. This Ground State (ZPF) structure of the Space/time  is the fundamental and original structure, that generates all other possible forms of Energy living in different and coordinated structures of the “space-time matrix”.

The human brain is an efficient transductor in the processes of codify /de-codify the space-time matrix, to represent the complex interactions made among, Free-Energy (E) , Energy codified like Matter (M) and Information Energy (I) . (5) .

O= Observable ; P1= Photon ; SP2 = Second Photon ; R = Retina ; E = Entanlement ;
IA = Antisymmetric Information ; IS = Symmetric Information ; LB & RB = Left and Right Hemispheres ; D = Dimensions ; t = time ; OB = Olographyc Brain ; V = Vision ; MM = Short and Long Memory processes ; SCC = Saccades Research Movements


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