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Transformations in the perceptions of time and space shape an new historical understanding of the world

in order to amplify the level of scientific investigation of Bio-Quantum Physics ” .

by Paolo Manzelli -



For the ancient alchemy The visual perception can be extracted by a fluid permeating all space like an aether.

In modern approach to bio-quantum physics the existence of an exceedingly information matrix can be seen as an interface between subject and object of perception.”

Note: The ancient figure of Alchemy hold of a double representation of Space Time :

1) Euclidean space pyramid of exteriorisation of Perception

2 ) IPER- FLAT base of interiorisation of information domain

Title : Renaissance of Alchemy in Bio-Quantum Physics of Space -Time

Abstract : The ancient Art and Science of Alchemy , throughout the industrial age of science and technology , are looked upon as mere junk of the past, e.g. a dark and bizarre cloud upon the sky-light brilliantness of more recent science history. The reductive vision of contemporary science and technology it is fundamentally due to lack of knowledge derived by the arbitrary splitting between the subject and the object of the perception. This separation was considered an absurd idea by the ancient Arabic conception denominated "Al" (article ) and "khemi" , e.g . the old Egyptian Science of matter transformations and transmutations. In fact Alchemy and Esoteric basic comprehension in Science and Art, both belongs to a global perspective where the observer need to be considered as an integral part of the observation to get a conscious scientific results. In fact Alchemists used “philosophilcal stone” (i.e the matter of mind) as an enlightenment to search the hide knowledge of transformation of matter in gold . Similar mode of integrated perception of reality nowadays is becoming the driver of the frontiers of science in Bio-Quantum-Physics (1). Thus the modern science of is embedding the ancient intuitions of the space-time structure of interpreting the context were the perception of the events are becoming .

Article :

The Ancient Alchemy believe that the visual perception it is integrated within other sensation like touch, smell, and acoustic sensation , all focused in the brain modelling of external information .This conceptual tradition of Alchemy and antique Esoterism , was the basis of the meaning of Hippocrates of the Greek island of KOS (460 BC) about the brain ability to perceive. In fact Hippocrates do not believes to the existence of an objective substance as an external isolable state, living outside of an integrated space-temporality generated by a mental bases, that effectivelyu fabricates perceptions and sensations into the brain in replying to the external stimulations. Of course antique paradigm of Alchemic sciences assumes that “something ”, in effect existing in the external world, can be the cause of a simulation generated by the perception organs in the brain perception. As a result the reality that we know can be conceived as a mind product of an integrated input of various senses (smell, taste, touch, audition ,sight ) coming from a space-time projection of world in the mind images.

Only within reductionistic classical physics, born at the beginning of the Industrial epoch, splits the osbervator from observation in a way tha space and time to be conceived as two absolute entities. Isaac Newton (1642-1727), conceived that time and space both exist as two absolute entities living independently of the mind. In this way can be possible to measure the speed and the acceleration of motion into a mechanical paradigm og science. In fact classical mechanics is the science through wich the true motion happen, only where an object is moving withouth changes in their form, in the context of an indipendent reality of the absolute space , and in condition where time apparently can be numerated by means a succession of single instants; each of them, withouth duration e.g. as pure numerical unidirectional and reversible timing-flows . This concept of istant of a measurable clock-time, can be conceived only if the instant of present it is identical to every previous of subcessive instants . Therefore this conception assumes a nature of identity, perfectly stable during the moving object , over every time conditions . Thus this way of mechanical thought, excludes a priory every event of change during the motion of an object in the absolute external space. To accept this paradigma of classical Physics, it is necessary that the virtual absolute space corresponds to the existence of an absolute numerical time, in a way that the pure mathematical time flows equably, without relation to anything existing in the external space, where lives the subject. Only in this arbitrary concept of the Newtonian Space /Time, the timing dynamics of mechanical motion of an objects is becoming completely independent of the effective subjective perception (2) , (3).

Now I would like to remember that in the alchemy – epoch, the light was a question of perception and nobody think about the speed of light because the effect of the vision of light is considered as immediate effect. This do not means owing to an infinite velocity of light but though a simultaneity of perception, due to the anticipation of the brain construction of images.

However after the measurement of of the speed of light as constant (Michelson-Morley experiment- 1887), and indipendent from the direction of the movement of radiation , Einstein's work, on special relativistic physics, changes the frame of reference and so that time and space are no more viewed as independent dimensions. Einstein's discoveries have shown that , due to relativity of motion, our space and time can be mathematically combined into one “four-vectors frame” of space-time. Therefore the invariance of the speed of light, (forgetting at moment the need to understand better the effective brain - perception of information) , was by Einstein associated with the limit of information travelling .

The way of science thinking in special relativity is based on the declaration : “no objects as well as no information


To day an encouraged additional way of thinking about organizational communication in living system , occur through redefinition of boundaries and roles of Space-Time, this framework it is seen in relation to the role of the brain -information . In this innovative perspective a first consideration is that the information in the brain is not a subjective factor, this because brain is a pure objective body , and only mind can be considered as subjective interpretation . A second evidence is coming from the idea that DNA cannot be the only molecule that store and communicate information, this because DNA need an interactive reply to actuate the living forms of cells and organisms. Therefore in relation to living systems, Information Energy and Fee-Energy and Matter Energy, all of them need to be considered in the Bio-Qu.Phys science development, as mutually interdependent factors differently codified, as comparable functions of the total energy.

And so , referring to those preliminary consideration it will be necessary to extend the “Energy Conservation Law” till now limited to a mechanical approach. In fact the word energy comes from the Greek ’enérgeia, that means "operation”. This term is itself a compound of ’en and ’érgon, "work". Because in modern physical science the notion of energy is associated only with mechanical work, therefore Energy is commonly defined as "the capacity of an agent for doing a quantity of work" in order to understand the production of motion against resistance. As a consequence this reductive mode of scientific thought is based an action /reaction reply; therefore don’t includes in explicit terms the communication of information, that is the basis of evolution of living systems .

Finally if we considered that the life is a product of the whole Universe we need to extend to the Information parameter the Revision of the “Law of Energy Conservation”, as an assets that is becoming necessary to go beyond, the previous restricted approach of mechanical thought in order to build up the Bio-Qu.Phys science in the context of the “Gaia Theory”. Therefore for this challenging goal we decide to revise the traditional Energy Conservation Law codifying as new virtual energy the “Information” (I); this because (I) can be transformed in other forms of quantum energy codified in terms of communication all over the geo-organism of the Universe. Consequently taking into consideration “ information energy” as a part of the total energy-matter Bio-Qu. Phys. transformation, we obtain that the global variation ( www.) of the sum of all the transformation of energy components must be equal zero. So that if we add all the different codification of energy in relation to the all possible combinations of the space time coordinates in syntheses, we sum up :1) the Vibration-Energy, (E), and 2) the codified-energy like Matter (M), plus 3) the Information energy (I). (5)

At this point because  the global variation (www.)  of any constant (K) is equal to zero we obtain:

<E total = (E) + (M) + (I) = K> ;  i.e. at  any time  <  www. [ (E) + (M) + (I) ] = 0  >

This equation gives three different solutions that can be the basis of a differentiated co-evolution of differentiated “Habitats in the Universe” where the Space –Time coordination will be different.

  (1.) : <+w. (I) = - w. (E) – w. (M)>  .

(1.) The growing up of Information Energy correspond to enrich the minimum of the other components of energy. This result is nominated the "PRINCIPLE of  FERTILE EVOLUTION" , that we consider the fundamental reason of the direction of the evolution of life on the Earth . (1)

  • (2.) : <+w. (E) = - w. (M) – w. (I)>

(2.) -This formula can be considered as a model for the stellar evolution of Energy emission in Solar Type Stars

  • (3.) : <+w. (M) = - w. (I) – w. (E)>

  • (3.) This formula can represent the evolution of Matter in axi-symmetric space /time of rotating Black Holes where hyper-rotation can create additional matter .

Certainly those formulas, all embedding Information Energy (I), need to be planned in a massive research program (6) that can be developed through an European IDEAS project (7) of Bio-Quantum Physics in the near future

Now I would like only to emphasize that an unified field concept of space- time cannot more be possible after the introduction of the codified Information Energy that permits to broken the complex cosmos in different space-time habitats of a co-evolutive- interconnected of Universal organism, in with we are taking an integrated creature. In fact tacking in consideration Information Energy creates new solution of interpreting in Bio.Qu.Phys, how the changes of time and spatial coordinates can generated three complemented habitats developing the multi-dynamics of the evolution of the Universe. As a final consideration I would like to put in evidence that artists recognised the problem of the need of a new expression of the art-communication no more connected with a three-dimensional perspective of the Space-Time. As a matter of facts painters like Salvador Daly and Vasily Kandinsky and other modern art protagonists , did not abandon the original ambition to anticipate intuitively the conceptual changes in the mind evolution of humans. They tried to incorporate the paradoxes of science into the new painting and artistic solution in order to describe the world , outside of the traditional spitting between subject and object in order to advance in a communication of mental pure information. This was a result to be aware of that their thought and emotions are an inextricably part of any description and shape of the world made at the moment when they illustrate it .Therefore modern art was born, not from any bizarre vision, but from the artists' increasingly acute awareness of the elusive complexity of what at first seemed so simple but today obsolete in the traditional method of communication of external three-dimensional observation of the world.

Salvador Daly : Cloks

Kandisky: Abstractism


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-La Scienza della Qualita’ nella Economia della Conoscenza – Articolo N°1. (*)

(Tematica aperta alla discussione in previsione del seminario di studi sul tema “Q.SCI & K.ECO “– Firenze il 20 NOV/2007 )

Transformations in the perceptions of time and space shape an new historical understanding of the world in order to amplify the level of scientific investigation of Bio-Quantum Physics ” .

di : Paolo Manzelli -

Per la antica alchimia esoterica , la percezione visiva tridimensionale era estratta da un fluido etereo che permeava lo spazio . Nel quadro delle moderne concezioni della Bio-Quantum Physics tale concettualita a viene rivalutata in quanto la matrice della informazione e vista come una ologramma di informazione sottostante di livello quantistico che agisce come una interfaccia tra il soggetto e l’ oggetto della percezione.”

Nota: La figura interpreta la antica concezione alchemica raffigurando il mistero della costruzione visiva tridimensionale della percezione, estratta da un mare di informazione luminosa da cui emerge come nel sogno

l’ immagine del sole. Tale interpretazione e’ fondata su una doppia rappresentazione dello spazio tempo :

1) La percezione visiva Euclidea della Piramide corrispondente alla esteriorizzazione cerebrale della Percezione

2 )La struttura iper-piatta della luce costituente la base di interiorizzazione del dominio di informazione.

-N.B. * Rilettura e brevi riflessioni e sintetici commenti sul articolo originale scritto in inglese vedi : , pubblicato anche nei web-sites che collaborano con EGOCREANET/ ONNS.

- In questo breve articolo faccio riferimento a quanto ho recentemente scritto per avvalorare come , nel quadro cognitivo della “Bio-Quantum Physics”, sia necessario ricomporre la separazione tra soggetto ed oggetto della osservazione come gia era nella antica tradizione alchemica ed esoterica concepita nella antica cultura egizia.

Il capovolgimento riguardante la interiorizzazione della percezione concepita come una interfaccia di relazione tra soggetto ed oggetto dall’ antica alchimia , fu la base interpretativa proposta agli inizi dell’ era industriale da I. NEWTON ( trattato OPTICKS 1704) , con i suoi esperimenti basati sul passaggio della luce attraverso un piccolo foro che davano luogo ad un rovesciamento dell’ombra dell’ immagine . Prima di Newton Galileo Galilei aveva notato come non fosse possibile attuare un completo cambiamento della percezione visiva al fine di imporre la “oggettivita assoluta “ della realtà su ogni precedente interpretazione inter-soggettiva delle forme e dei colori. Galileo infatti citava come la luna apparisse nello spazio della mente con dimensioni piu grandi quando ad es. sembra fare capolino al tramonto ed all’ alba dietro una collina mentre quando la si osserva in alto nel cielo appare di dimensioni assai minori pur non essendosi allontanata dalla terra.

Comunque l’ esigenza di creare una contrapposizione netta della relazione “soggetto-oggetto” nell’ ambito della fisica classica condusse sempre piu netta separazione delle separazione tra scienze umane e dell’ arte. Pertanto ogni domanda su come la percezione visiva e cioe come la rappresentazione cerebrale entri in relazione con la radiazione luminosa proveniente dal mondo esterno , fu declassata dalla scienza a questione meramente soggettiva , a volte permeata da riflessioni psichiche spesso intrise da vecchie credenze alchemiche ed esoteriche. La dissociazione tra soggetto percipiente ed oggetto percepito fu quindi una conseguenza intrinseca alle esigenze storiche dell’ epoca industriale tese a valorizzare socialmente ed economicamente lo sviluppo tecnologico della produzione di oggetti materiali.

In relazione alla dinamica degli eventi, la suddetta separazione tra “Soggetto ed Oggetto” della conoscenza rendeva necessaria una altrettanto netta separazione tra spazio e tempo . Pertanto data la soggettivita’ della percezione del divenire temporale, lo stesso NEWTON fu costretto a considerare il tempo come una entita’ oggettivamente misurabile da un meccanismo numerico, capace di scandire una successione di istanti privi alcuna durata . L’ istante deprivato di una durata benche’ minima di tempo, divenne cosi un punto matematico privo di alcuna dimensione spaziale la cui successione puramente numerica si proietta nella espressione dell’ andamento geometrico lineare e continuo di una traccia grafica, indicativa della descrizione del moto di un corpo macroscopico in movimento entro uno spazio ed un tempo idealmente assoluti e non interagenti .

Con l’avvento della Fisica Quantistica relativa al cosiddetto “Micro Cosmo”, le concezioni paradigmatiche dulle relazioni tra spazio e tempo fondate sulla oggettivazione conseguente alla netta separazione tra oggetto e soggetto della osservazione decaddero , cosi che Werner Heisenberg (1927) dovette formulare il “ Principio di indeterminazione” proprio per il fatto che ogni particella microscopica composta di Materia (es : elettrone) ovvero un quanto di Energia (es fotone) , presentavano una duplice e contraddittoria natura sia di onda/ che di particella. Pertanto tutto il sistema logico che aveva condotto alla Macro-Oggettivazione della percezione, era da considerarsi un modello limitato alla Fisica Classica , ormai ben lontano da una possibile spiegazione delle possibilta’ di percezione umana relativamente alle misure effettuate nelle condizioni spazio-temporali in cui un fenomeno osservabile si verifica nel Micro-Cosmo”. Pertanto la scienza “Quanto Meccanica” si suddivide nel privilegiare uno dei aspetti della inattesa duplicita sperimentalmente acquisita del dualismo tra la “Particella”, la quale possiede caratteristiche localizzabili e “l’ Onda” che viceversa e’ delocalizzata nello Spazio/Tempo. La maggiorparte delle opinioni dei Fisici del secolo scorso ha ritenuto che la “Onda associata” fosse solo una questione di probabilità della misurazioni registrate in una dimensione univoca dello spazio tempo; altri si sono messi a studiare le condizioni di interrelazione e quindi di inseparabilità degli eventi (entanglement da: entangled = intrecciato) in una direzione convergente tra localizzazione e delocalizzazione degli eventi quantistici nei quali la realtà osservata sembra apparire irragionevole, quasi magica come era acquisito dalle antiche concezioni alchemiche ed esoteriche della costruzione cerebrale della percezione umana.

Albert Einstein dicendo “Dio Non Giuoca a Dadi con la Natura” inizio’ in tarda eta’ a comprendere che la relativita’ generalizzata basata su un campo unico dello spazio tempo non poteva consistere con un sistema Universale che invece risultava diversificarsi nelle condizioni dello spazio tempo in riferimento ai diversi eventi che nell’ universo mostrano di avere una coesistenza complementare . Non e’ un caso pertanto che le onde gravitazionali che sarebbero la dimostrazione di un campo unificato a livello Universale dello Spazio-Tempo relativistico, non siano mai state ancora messe in evidenza dalle molteplici ricerche finalizzate allo scopo di misurarne la consistenza come prova della teoria della Relativita Generale.

Pertanto onde evitare bizzarrie e stranezze sia nella nella scienza e nell’ arte iniziando a ragionare ponendoci il problema della percezione e della conoscenza da l’ottica nuova della “Bio-Quantum Physics” al fine di esplorare il ruolo fisiologico della comunicazione di segnali di informazione nelle scienze della vita. In seguito a cio’ in un sistema di riflessione aperta a vari contributi interdisciplinari, che abbiamo denominato di QUANTUM MIND CREATIVITY, abbiamo ritenuto necessario innanzitutto abbandonare l' idea che l' Universo risponda ad un campo unificato dello spazio tempo.

Infatti introducendo il concetto di “Energia di informazione”, come quel “quid virtuale e/o potenziale” che precede la formazione di materia ed energia e che quindi in esse puo’ trasformarsi modificando le relazioni del quadrivettore spazio-tempo , (l' informazione rappresenta in qualche modo cio’ che Einstein cercava di concepire in termini di “variabili nascoste” ), troviamo di conseguenza che l' Universo viene a rispondere a tre condizioni definite dai seguenti algoritmi di base i quali corrispondono ad “habitat” spazio temporali differenti ma complementari :

a) +dI = -dE-dM  (habitat Verde -Vita) ;
 b) +dE=-dI-dM  (habitat Rosso -Stelle) ;
c) +dM = -dI-dE (habitat Blu - Black Holes )

Tali equazioni determinano una correlazione asimmetrica delle trasformazioni dello spazio tempo che si e determinata nell’ evoluzione di una triade di parametri con cui e codificata diversamente la Energia Totale dell’ Universo : Informazione (I) ,Energia libera (E) e Materia (M).  Pertanto in seguito alle precedenti formulazioni l’ UNIFIED FIELD CONCEPT dello spazio tempo viene ad essere declinato da tre Habitat fondamentali , i quali che come i colori Blu- Verde - e Rosso, possono dare  adito alla combinazione di tutte le possibili composizioni di colore che corrispondono allo spazio tempo relativo a ciascun osservatore , cosi come e' necessario concepire nell' ambito di una nuova riformulazione concettuale della “Fisica Quantistica Relativistica” utile per interpretare le condizioni di evoluzione della vita sulla terra .

Quanto sopra in pratica corrisponde a comprendere che sulla terra si riproduce la vita come evento complementare alla esistenza del sole anche se la vita localizzata sul Sole non sarebbe possibile , e tanto meno sarebbe attuabile in uno dei buchi-neri che rigenerano la materia nell’ Universo, datesi le differenti condizioni spazio-temporali che sussistono in ciascuno di tali habitat. Questo nuovo modo di pensare potra condurre se condiviso ad una concezione creativa del Paradigma di sviluppo della BIO-QUANTUM PHYSICS , che vorrei verificare ampiamente nella realizzazione in un progetto EUROPEO IDEE, per sviluppare il quale  spero di poter reperire una vasta collaborazione internazionale.

Importante in tale programmazione certamente non immediata , sara’ la capacita di comprendere la ricomposizione tra oggetto e soggetto della osservazione che risulta basilare per l’ attuazione della futuro sviluppo della società e della economia della conoscenzaproprio in quanto quest’ultima non potra’ certamente fare riferimento alle concezioni ereditate dalla ormai obsolescente società industriale .

Infine questa ottica innovativa di studio interdisciplinare delle dinamiche del pensiero creativo nell’ arte e nella scienza contemporanee sara’ il fulcro della attenzione e delle attivita di EGOCREANET/ Open Network for new Scienze .Appunto per questo inizieremo una aperto dialogo e confronto su “Scienza ed Arte Contemporanea senza Barriere”, finalizzato ad attuare una condivisione cognitiva di cio che la scienza della vita e l’ arte contemporanea stanno modificato "profondamente la nostra percezione della realtà".

Relativamente queste tematiche della percezione e della comunicazione nelle scienze della vita , proprio a partire dal Seminario di Studi su La Scienza della Qualità per la Economia della conoscenza (Q.SCI-K.ECO) previsto a Firenze il 20 NOV-2007 in occasione della settimana Europea della Scienza .


- Breve Storia dell Alchimia :

-I limiti cognitivi della percezione:

Active Information Synchronism :

- Quantum Bio-Physics: ;

Space-Time :

What Means Life :

Quantum Physics and Enlightenment:

European Project IDEAS:


- Suggerimenti preliminari di Ricerca per il seminario - SCI-ART Senza Barriere .

- Olografia :

- BEAUTY & PHYSICS from not Commutative Geometry –

Geometria non-commutativa :


Le raffigurazioni tridimensionali sono rappresentate da Jose van Roy Daly (figlio di Salvator Dali’), come cristallizzate assieme all' acqua nel gelato, proprio come rimangono cristallizzate le idee obsolete nella mente .


Abstract –call for papers :|sub|

To present science and the humanities of highest quality and relevance.


Transformations in the perceptions of time and space shape an new historical understanding of the world

in order to amplify the level of scientific investigation of Bio-Quantum Physics ” .

by : Paolo Manzelli and collaborators of Egocreanet /ONNS -

EGOCREANET –OPEN NETWORK for NEW SCIENCE , is a pioneer to set up the “ Information Energy Codification” concept in order to develop an evolutionary way to think about scientific and cultural renovation for improving the “SCIENCE of QUALITY” and enhancing a better life understanding in the context of the development of knowledge economy. (1)

The focus of the present paper is : < MIND CHANGING IN MODERN LIFE SCIENCE AND LIVING ART>, based on the relevant question : “ we are sure of what we are seeing ?

As a matter of facts, contemporary neurology understand that the eyes are to consider as external tools of brain . So that eye itself is not seeing an objective perspective of reality. In fact the fundamental cognitive enhancement of brain studies recognize that seeing is a property of the brain managing of light’s signals, in biological transformation.

Furthermore the brain perception can be re-interpreted by a Bio-Quantum Physics (*. Bio-Qu.Phys. ) as a product of neuronal- system, capable to generate , in replying to the quantum particles of light, an external scenario describing the probable forecast of Body -Matter interactivity . So that what we see is not an objective reality , because the brain-perception bring into being a construction of an interactive imagine to anticipate and estimate the possible interrelated actions between our movement and the environment.

As a matter of fact the new concept of Bio-Qu.Phys. of bio-processing of imaging, visualized as an probable prevision of dynamic human performance in the environment, be capable of generate a fundamental cognitive enhancement in science and art. In fact the changes in the meaning of perception get a powerful impact on the evaluation of quality in everyday life.

So that the sharing of those new ideas originates in Bio-Qu.Phys. of perception, will activate a vital strategy of survival deeply involving both , the contemporary science thinking and also the communication of feeling of the modern art. Therefore the Bio-Qu.Phys. research unlock a new understanding about how quantum particles of light can be processed in a biological vision-construction by the brain . As a consequence can be open an opportunity to a fruitful challenge about the reconciliation of micro and macro sciences through a better knowledge of synchronicities in space time transformations.(2)

Hence the Bio-Qu.Phys. allows to go beyond of the traditional splitting between science and humanities. Since during the past century they are considered as separate fields. This innovative cognitive process of entangled interactions, between quantum particles and brain signals, it is also suitable to re-evaluate the brain exercise of dreaming as an active construction of vision in relation to get better intuition and creativity in contemporary science and art.

Given that modern art and living science both are dealing with vision and cognition the changes in human visual system knowledge, it is becoming very relevant in relation to the expected impact on the “science of quality” for a better life. In particular it is becoming important to open a fundamental debate for understanding the intangible knowledge economy, were the virtual reality is becoming an effective expression of the global knowledge society.

Minds are formed in the historical habitat of evolution of neuronal- plasticity of brain , so that the new idea of perception is working as an evolutional construction of the brain, to begin a great debate about the evolutionary nature of mind-brain processes about the meaning of what we are seeing as a living creation of what we are bearing in the brain.

For that motive it is possible to add something news through the research proposed by the EGOCREANET- Open Network for New Science about the theme: “The Science of Quality of Life” . This innovative investigation that can be identified as an entangled interaction between bio-quantum particles with the macro world, where it is becoming central the driving power of the “SCIENCE and ART of BEAUTY”.

Until now contemporary science research remain mostly related to “quantitative” strategies of experimental measurement of results, and the line of investigation of beauty is quite only a fruit of art creativity.

In fact looking to the past, only in some period when art and science are not divorced, as well as in the early renaissance in Italy, it is becoming possible to put in evidence an antique chronological link with the new interdisciplinary integration without theoretical borders of “Science and Art of Beauty” .

For instance Piero della Francesca (2) Between 1474 and 1482 he wrote a treatise, “De Prospectiva Pingendi” , (“On Perspective in Painting”),where the aesthetic of two-dimensional pictures was related with the static viewpoint of the artist expression , developed in a linear perspective (3) , and where the beauty comes out of the relative dimensions, between the apparent three-dimensional distance of the painting and the size of the frame of the picture, corresponding to the “Sectio Aurea ” (Golden Section).

After the Italian renaissance science and art will be substantially broken up one from the other, and only some distant relations can be taken in consideration between the art studies :the ones about the relationships among symmetry / un-symmetry of the beauty of forms, and at the same time such examination on symmetry and beauty. Those studies can find some conceptual links to the other thermodynamic research about order an disorder about the efficiency of an engine in mechanical science.

More recently, only few scientists, tray to discover the rules of attraction between chemical substances in terms of self-organization of collective response to changing auto-catalytic conditions to find the minimum of energy. For instance we can remember the studies of the Nobel Prize Ilia Prigogine on “Dissipative Structures” (4) that can be taken in relation to different modelling and folding techniques of molecules . Those modern science of non linear interactivity, make the first move to re- establish a relationship between molecular dynamics simulation and fractals fractal’s algorithms in a way to meet again in contemporary era science and art .(6) . In the end curiosity , I would remember that from 1970 the research of quantum mechanics of nucleus of the atoms employ, as an similarity, terms as beauty , charm, and strangeness , only to signify the various properties of the quarks.

However the interdisciplinary integration “SCIENCE and ART of BEAUTY” attempts to reveal an entirely new idea , coming from the endeavour of bio-quantum physics in living organisms. This innovative approach would stimulate an wonderful dialog on understanding the biological mind/brain evolution in constructing imaging of beautiful attractiveness , that can be envisaged as an creative strategy of strengthening power of the information energy in order to make a great impact on the development of the contemporary Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE).(7)

Finally EGOCREANET /ONNS would like to add something new to science of life and art of living integration .

For this goal will be programmed an international Seminar on SCIENCE OF QUALITY & KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY , that will be held in Florence (the NOV.20/ 2007) , c/o Vieusseux Foundation, Piazza Strozzi 1 , Firenze (It) .This event would become a satellite event of Science and Art for a better life of the European open forum Platform . (8)

(* ) Note:

( Bio-Qu.Phys. is a new interdisciplinary field of science driven by the integration between life sciences and quantum physics)



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(8) ESOF-2008 -|


Pathways of mental change

Visual Instant Messenger


Through the inherent property of IN-FORM-ACTION, can be formed a new definition Science of Quality”

by : Paolo Manzelli – ;

The Bio-quantum-computer research (1), introduced here, it is considered to be a breakthrough technology with high expectations for a new generation of computer that works on a completely new principle, and that holds many possibilities inconceivable with existing computers (2) First of all it is necessary to start with some definition and general knowledge about Quantum Computers innovation.

“Q.bit”, (3), indicated by ( /0> and /1> ) probabilistic state , defines the unit of information of quantum computers. Unlike the binary “bit” of current computers has only two possible states ( 0 ) or ( 1 ). The unit of measurement of quantic-computers the “qbit” uses a much more complex logic involving multiple states entanglement, enabling a new efficient processing of information. The Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger coined the term ‘entanglement’, to describe the peculiar connection between quantum systems, e.g. when Q. particles show a sharing interchange of information states. Quantum Entanglement correspond to a non local properties of entangled particles forming an hybrid reticular network , that permits to calculate in parallel multiple states of information simultaneously , unlike classical bits have only one value at time. (4)

Entangled photons

Therefore Q. Entanglement it is the necessary ingredient of Quantum Computation (5) and can be referred as a parallelism of states surposition of a set of symultaneous quantum state information. Transfer of this entangled quantum state to an arbitrary distant location is known as “tele-transportation entanglement assisted”.

Teletransport (6) do not exchange energy or matter but only pure information. Therefore tele-transportation in quantum computing to not allow communication of information at superluminal level because the transfer of information state happens simultaneously.

The problem that need an answer is to reply to the question : how can be possible a simultaneous transfer of information when quantum particles becomes entangled ? This question may require quantization of space time dimensions to bond Quantum Mechanics with Special Relativity.

New Thinking on Space-Time Configurations.

Before to reply to the previous question it is important to remember that major breakthroughs in physics are based on a change in the meanings of space time configuration. (7) . In fact Einstein theory of special relativity , proposes a Space-Time distortion of the traditional Cartesian orthogonal codification of three Dimensional Space (3D) and the only one time coodinates. The relativistic space and time are not more split in two absolute entities because belong together to a single continuous construct called the four dimension space-time (4D) . It is important to remember that in an Euclidean space solid bodied do not alter their size or shape when moved in it , while a fluid can alter both size and shape but not volume when it is moved about. Differently in a curved relativistic space we can observe, as in a curved mirror, that the reflected picture represent a distorted figures in which forms and size and volume are dependent upon the variation of the position of the observer in a continuum four dimension (4D) of the quadri-vector described by Albert Einstein. The observer cannot see the four dimensions ; therefore Einstein said the relativistic curve of space-time can be conceived as a field where the curvature is caused by means of time. In conclusion special relativity view, it is maintaining the fundamental Euclidean perception of space shifted by time. Einstein's conception of unified space-time in complementary and interconnected 4D, nowadays need to be modify to understand how entangled Q. Particles may take on a superposition states, that combines parallel information energy as a simultaneous process. I fact we know that , under experimental conditions, two entangled particles appear to influence one to the other instantaneously by means of a shared delocalized interchange” of information . Hence Entangled Particles are interconnected informationally. Therefore those experiment of Q.Computing make an impact of contemporary science to go beyond the model of over-simplified reality, based exclusively on interaction of free- Energy (E) and Matter (M) , with a very limited capacity to interpret information interactions, especially in relation to the systems able to carry information at distance . As a consequence seems without a solution the possibility to understand tele-transportation associated with entanglement as an instantaneous non-local, exchange of information. In teletransport there is anything involvement of energy (E) or matter (M) transfer , this because interconnectedness of entangled particles belong only to a transfer through at distance resonance of pure information. For that reason a solution can be find introducing a new concept of “ information energy (I), as it is necessary to understand how (I) can interact with (E) and (M) to create all forms in the Universe . In this sense, this paper belong to a talk-series which goal it is to open a debate about the “Science of Quality”. An analogy can be useful to introduce the “In-Form-Action” concept to understand tele-transportation as an exchange of pure information Energy . In fact we know that the superficial films of matter (M) has different cohesive properties of the bulk in order to define the boundaries of the form to every substance. In similar way it will be possible to admit a complementary existence of a Superficial Information Energy (I), as a surface section of free-Energy (E), that contains the informational codex of the wave-particle states. Information Energy (I) can be transformed in Free Energy through quantum - tunnelling effect .

Tunnelling effect characterize the transcription zone of the various space –time forms between (I) and (E)

Informational and Physical Quantum levels of Space-Time

The above idea can be supported by means of considering that in Quantum Mechanics the space-time need to correspond to a discontinuous reality. So that we be able to rethink about the “ Information Energy” from an entirely new viable scientific perspective of Space-Time configuration. In fact in Q. Mechanics there is the possibility to obtain two discontinuous “quantic-regions” of space time, in order to understand how the forces of nature are mediated not only by means of the exchange of Q.particles , but also through instantaneous pure information (I), e.g. without travelling effects of free-Energy dispersion. For this goal it is necessary to split Space Time in levels of “Quantum Discontinuity”, where at the basic level, take the proper state the fundamental field of Information Energy (I) based with non Euclidean geometry , while at the higher level exists the Energy / Matter interactions dimension, working on the classical Space-Time architecture. The first level can be generated in a way that an “entangled particle” be able to collapse in a composition of space and time structured as a planar morphology composed by (2D of Space + 2D of Time) , e.g composed by one Bit of Space dimension (s1,s2), plus one bit of time dimension. (t1,t2). This basic Quantic-level of space-time structure, it is an expression of pure information Energy (I) , that belong to an special paradigm of pure “information energy” .

The second Q. level of the differentiated structure of Space-time, is generated by the E/M interactions and it is living in a second order of space-time of Euclidean architecture based on 3D of space dimensions + 1D dimension of time. At last the complete interaction of those different codification of Quantum Energy levels of space/time e.g among (I)+(E)+(M), gives all the possible composition to create the forms acting in the four dimension of Universe (4D) where the past, present, and future all exist in a simultaneously composition, as Einstein suggested in his later researchers on the general relativity. Those quantised levels of the 4D space-time permits to separate the “information energy” (I), as a virtual or potential energy, that can be transmitted in a flat 2D-space as a wave where the 2D of time permits that the field of information can be exchanged simultaneously. This because the exchange of information do not respond to a linear dimension of time flow in a causal succession of what happen before and past. The Euclidean dimension of space time can be find again by the “info.waves”, through a reversible transformation of tunnelling or similar effects.This operation is capable to transform the Pure Information waves in photonic free Energy. The last are belonging through a folding operation from the fundamental Q.Bits. by means of a space coordinate transposition in a time coordinate in a way to jump up from the Virtual Space-time of (I) to the Euclidean domain of Space-Time of (E)/(M) interaction. . Hence the folding operation acts as a “space < time transposition” that can be seen through an imag, visualizing when a delocalized wave component of the virtual wave informational field collapse into a localised vibration in a way that a component of time of information energy , become visible as a third component of space.

In conclusion the quantization of the 4D of space-time in differentiated levels permit to acquiring the possibility to refer science of communication at two complemented discontinuous “quantic-regions” of space time, with different paradigmatic properties. In the first level we assume the existence of pure information energy (I) able to communicate by means of tele-transpotation , in the second level, can interact two form of Energy e.g. free-Energy (E) and condensed Energy (M), in a coherent dimension of the ordinary Euclidean Space- Time .

It is important to underline that as a consequence of the spitting of Informational from Physical Quantum levels of Space-Time, the traditional Q. physics and the Especial relativity , did not disappear, because the breaking of the old paradigm of science no more based on an unitary generalized dimension of the space time, regards only the fundamental level of pure Informational energy, and do not change the higher level of space time of E/M interactions . Therefore this theoretical innovative approach of quantized space-time permits to obtain in a mature science, multiple view of understanding science ; then allow to go beyond the classical limits of scientific disciplines, in order to realize solution to the emergent properties of the quantum level of “Information Energy” in terms of an theoretical integration remaining in agreement to the state of the former science perception. In fact in classical physics, information is considered a discrete entity living in time and space; so that matter and energy also information is considered all localized entities having particular values of space coordinates in relation to the only one coordinate of time. Rather, in the quantum informational substrate of (I) , for the reason that it is working without E/M collisions , it is becoming possible to transfer information with zero consumption of energy e.g by means of Q. teletransport . As a pratical consequence in the Informational level Information Energy cannot be copied ; this because the non locality of Information permits the advent of four superposition of parallel states working simultaneously, where a change in one state modify the complete assembly of shared informational states . This statement it is important for instance to send encrypted messages of pure information as money transfer. In ending the above way to think about the quantized Space-Time, gains a coherent scientific thought because would include not only the observer, but the observer's world creative view, in a way that physical laws correspond effectively also in a logic of qualitative dominion ( e.g. rather than only in a physical quantitative field ), to include the emergent observation experimental phenomena when they not fit more in he old paradigm of science. Using the quantized paradigm shift ,can be possible understand for instance , how not observable energy can be generated from vacuum and other experimental data that are not explainable by conventional hypothesis of traditional science. Finally the quantization in different levels of the 4D space-time is opening up a new realms of experience in a way that till now is no more possible to interpreted by means of the unified conception of space-time .

Although creating a new Quantum Physical conception of space-time levels significantly changed the way computer technology is used and perceived. Despite the immense practical achievements in creating faster Q. Computers, able to work in parallel simultaneous delocalisation of information, we need to understand that in the state of instable entanglement , the multi-states clouds the information energy can be processed only through a probabilistic domain. Viceversa after the slow down from the instable entanglement to the Energy of Information level , (I) in the fundamental informational state, calculations can be made in terms of pure (or virtual) Information Energy and hence can be transmitted through tele-transportation, this because may not need to be converted back to a photonic or matter based Space-Time format of E/M interaction. In the entangled mixed state of wave-particles the transmission of information cannot be transfer instantaneously at distance , because of the limits of the speed of light in the Euclidean Universe, while the simultaneous information-processing, at the “Q.bit Level” of space -time, can be made by means of parallel states in a not probabilistic manner. Computing in this .Q.Bit.Level permits to understand the nature of Information Energy. In fact while the result of the operation (0 + 1) , handled by a normal information processing of a conventional computers gives a 50% probability to obtain as a result (0) or (1); the Entangled State ( /0> + /1> ) when slow down to the fundamental informational Q.Bit Level , generates four parallel combination of Q. Bits. The result of computation, thus is to obtain the following parallel multiple state named as ( 11,01,10,00 ). Two of them are symmetric ( 11and 00 ) and the other two are anti-symmetric ( 01,10 ) . This is an important difference because the boundary condition of symmetric configuration of pure information do not permit any folding activity through tunnelling interaction, this because the symmetry forbid any polarization of the symmetric states (i1,i2,i3,i4) of pure information . Nevertheless the anti-symmetric field (01,10) can be folded passing through to a transition zone where can skipped up the second level of the Euclidean space-time, and can be possible interaction between energy and matter belonging to the same level of Euclidean space-time. This consideration implies that the quantum computation can be useful to speed pure virtual information processing , to transfer simultaneously pure information energy , that are only partially transformed in physical phenomena effectively working in the Euclidean space-time. To understand in simple words , the previous considerations , you can think to test with a switching knob and a light bulb; so that in order to ignite the light you will have to push ON ( e.g. (01)-state transition ) and to close the light you need to push OFF (e.g (10) -state transition ). Nevertheless in the case that you push twice ON-ON (e.g. (11)-state transition) or OFF-OFF (e.g. (00)-state transition), you will not obtain no interaction between Energy and Matter, that allows to ignite the light bulb. Anyway both 00 and 11 states are effective information through which you can learn about light phenomena.


The spitting in Informational and Physical Quantum levels of Space-Time can be imagine as a gateway opening a whole innovative challenges of Bio-Computing , dropping down to the fundamental quantum existence of virtual information. One of this challenge will be to utilize the above concepts and rules of bio-quantum physics to develop Bio-Quantum Computers (8) . In fact DNA gene-communication can use both: 1) the localised copy of genes and also can have 2) a symultaneous delocalized role in communicate gene information. In fact DNA, as a nano-biotechnology, can utilize two functions to communicate: 1) through transfer a quantitative localized information by near contact with RNAs, to generate proteins, and also 2) to diffuse qualitative information by means of working as an ANTENNA able to transmit at distence gene signals , using a systemlike of quantum-teletransportation . This second method of gene information by means of simultaneous transmission it is necessary to activate the co-ordination of various living functions in the cell to as well as for developing the complex cellular dynamical reproduction of forms , e.g to controll the functional complex folding of DNA and proteins , and to co-organize the metabolic funtionality till the programmed apopthosis of the cell. (9) Henceforth following the above quantized space-time theory it is becoming evident that Bio-Computers could be made from organic materials using DNA .

The historical background to understand the possibility to develop Bio-Computers using the structure of DNA , has its roots in the late 1950s with the hypothesis of Nobel laureate Richard Feynman that firstly introduced the concept of computing at a biological molecular level. Feynman's creative idea, was later realised in 1994 when Leonard Adleman performed the first molecular-level computation using DNA. In contrast conventional computers, that operate though linear sequencing taking on one task at a time, the Alderman's preliminary experiment reveals the distinct advantage of the DNA approach is “parallel processing”, allowing to DNA based computers, to solve quickly very complex problems. Hence DNA can be considered as a nanotechnology material that will result in faster computing by enabling massively parallel computations. A recent version of a bio-molecular computer, (developed at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology) - is mostly composed of DNA molecules and enzymes, as it is described in the March 2005 issue of the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Computations are carried out by processing the input (double-stranded DNA molecules) with the help of enzymes that cut and reassemble the DNA in a series of steps. The output is a new form of a slightly altered DNA molecule. Nowadays a better examining how organisms solve problems of “bio-communication” can lead to new methods of bio- computation. For this scope it will be necessary to deeply understand how can interact, cells and environment ,by means of a dialogue at distance and in real time among the various component of living systems. Anyway the complexity and viability of DNA driven computations it will be not only depending by the difficulty to set up those experiments on “bio-computers” , since it will be of extreme importance to develop an open scientific-creative culture that will provide useful experimental guidance in the future “Science of Quality”. Hence for implementing this contemporary challenge to develop an appropriated raising of level of common thinking is not only necessary rational set of theory because a trans-disciplinary modern culture including science, art and humanities, need to design new ways of visualizing a contemporary system reasoning just more able to construct new insight of the qualitative relationship between physical realm and virtual reality .

Artists often look at the same object of changing concepts of quantitative-mechanical science , from different perspectives and using different media to represent the same historical need to operate a mental change to enhance the knowledge based bio-economy.

In any case there are many similarities between artists and scientists creative imagination , so that it is possible favouring to share conceptual innovation between the modern art and the science of quality, as for instance it can be seen through the common appreciation of “entangled beauty” (11) that works as a contemporaneous idea in science and art of natural systems evolution (12).



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3D- Hologram : The Science of Beauty

Firenze 25/giugno/2007

< BIO-Quantum HOLOGRAPHY in Brain Bio-Imagining construction >



Bio-Quantum Physics is the best theory to predict fundamental nature of life “

by : Paolo Manzelli , President of EGOCREANET/ONNS < > -

- Legenda : Retinking Quantum- neurobiology of vision

O = Object ; P1= Photon ; SP2 = scattered Photon ; B = ocular Bulb ; E = entangled Photons ;

R= retina ; IA = Anti- symmetric Information-Signals ; IS = Symmetric Information-Signals ;

LB = Left Brain Hemisphere; 2D = Two Dimension Anti-symmetric Information ;

4D = Fourth Dimension Coherent Quantum Information ; 2D’ = Two Dimension Symmetric Information ;

RB = Right Brain Hemisphere ; OB = Occipital Brain - Quantum Holography turning into images light stimuli;

V= Vision result in 3 D +Time (t) ; MM = Memory Matrix controlling Saccades (Scc) of ocular Bulb.

Abstract : The role of entanglement in Quantum Bio-Physics of Vision permits to establish a theory of brain bio-images formation by means of Q. Holography reconstruction. (1)

Goal : It is obvious that le light is travelling as quantum particles , so that vision construction of the brain need to be conceived as an crucial expression of Bio- quantum –physics .

Oscillating Quantum Photon

- Preliminary questions.

  • To clarify the previous goal it is important to known: what means “Quantum Entanglement” ? Two quantum Photons , becomes an entangled or gives an hybrid structure with new properties of information exchange. The entanglement of Q. Particles is one of the many “non-intuitive” features of quantum physics. In fact if two photons of light are allowed to properly interact at distance in a with one another, when they become entangled. Those two entangled photons can then be separated, but as soon as one of them interacts with a third particle transforming the quantum state information, the other photon of the pair will change its quantum state instantaneously. This happens according to the random outcome of the interaction, although this photon never did interact with a third particle .

  • In this article of the “Science of Quality” we propose a simple speculative model to make use of quantum entanglement for extracting holographic information in the occipital brain (OB) about a remote 3-D perception, starting to take in consideration the Q. State information associated with two photons entanglement (E) interacting in a confined space of the multi-layers sensible structure of the Retina ( R ) .(2)

- Light (P1- photon ) interacting at distance with an object (O) enters in the Ocular Bulb (B) from which light cannot escape. A second photon of light (SP2) follows a scattered path from the not sensible sector of ocular bulb, and successively will be entangled with the previous photon giving a photochemical process in the Retina (R) . The products of interaction are the four Q. Informational States. They can be subdivided in (IA) anti-symmetric and (IS) Symmetric signals both directed forward two Hemispheres of the Brain , by means of the selection made by the Bipolar Cells. Since the Informational Signals will be analysed in (2D) Dimension within the Left Brain (LB) and in simultaneous parallel confrontation of the (2D’) Dimensions of the Right Brain (RB). So that the information is travelling in the brain in (4D) of the fourth -vector relativistic space-time, without the benefit of spatial and time resolution. Quantum-Holography construction of the vision (V) in three Dimensional (3D) space and in mono-dimensional perceptual -time (t) of dynamic events, can be made as a Bio-Quantum Holography result , running as a pre-vision of probable interaction with the environment operated in real time .

- Article-

This paper would demonstrate that this is the natural ability of the Brain to construct the perception and this can be understood by means of Bio-Quantum Physics because the brain’s perception is a consequence of the preliminary asset of the fourth-order quantum coherence that is inherent to the entangled photon reactivity. In fact we acquire the perception of distant objects and of their dynamic events as a result of the non-local connections of information energy embodied in the Entangled Photons. Biological brainpower will be able to make up a 3D vision in a linear time dynamics , for bearing in mind our probability of future interaction within the environment.

-Rationale of reasoning : The above Retinking of Quantum- neurobiology of vision is based on a reflection about Bio-Quantum Science about the concept of space-time “Simultaneity”. In fact the last is the emergent property of information very consistent with the Quantum Wave /Particle Structure of Energy and Matter following the studies of David Bohm (3) on the issue “Wholeness and Implicate Order. Starting from those Bohm’s studies, the Bio-Q. Physics approach can be able to reinterpret the Brain’s Vision construction taking in consideration the concept of Erwin Schroedinger of “Entanglement”. It is well known in fact that a pair of quantum particles, in an entangled state, can be used as a quantum information channel (4). Conclusively it will be possible to understand how fundamental level reality is not made of discrete and separate particles, because we can admit that “Information Energy” represent the fundamental quantum level of Energy , permitting the co-existence of one interconnected whole thought “Non Local Quantum Correlation”. (5)

Now remembering that Q. Physics has its limit in Classical Physics it is obvious that Entangled states have a low probability of existence into a confined condition for a long time. As a matter of facts this is as an ultimate consequence of the not penetrability of two bodies in classical physics . Hence considering that two Q. Particles cannot remain in the same place at the same time, can be quite obvious that the Entangled State need to be transformed to a lower level of Energy , through the spitting in four overlapping vector states of the fundamental “Information Energy”.

The ocular Bulb (B) is the best biological chamber to close photons in a protected neighbouring within highly reflecting walls which doesn't destroy photons, in a way to allow for much longer periods of extracting quantum information by entangled photons. The ocular Bulb (B) serves as an integrating sphere where the sensitive retina is working as a trap locking the entangled photons into a small confined space. In this way the retina is becoming a source of entangled photon where biochemical reactions of the rhodopsin protein converts any photo-event in informational signals based on the superposition of four vector states of Information Energy. (i1,i2,i3,i4).

The interacting multilayer cavity of the retina favour the reaction of entangled photons this because single photons are more stable and less photo-reactive; in addition the long wavelength fluctuations of photon pairs can became more efficient by means of the saccades (Scc) induced by the memory matrix (MM); so that saccades have a function as a perceptual trigger.

The eye bulb is bucket where the photon-event loose the space time resolution of the external world , therefore the outside information need to be reconstructed by the brain in a probability result of an Holography- Vision (V) .

Then after the coherent decay of entangled photons the Informational biochemical energy , can be codified in four bi-dimensional signals. In this way the neurological system works “simultaneously” as a quantum network able to inform the activation of the neuronal metabolism of the various specific areas of the brain, by virtue of the fourth order coherence based on the superposition of the Q. States ( 1.1.) ,(1.0.), (0.1), (0.0).

This coherent process of Information Energy, can be subdivided, from beginning to end, by means three fundamental contemporaneous phases of Brain ‘s global organization of Quantum informational signals.

First Phase : Split out of the two anti-symmetric information vector states ( i2 ) and ( i3) forward the Left Hemisphere and to address the two symmetric ones (i1) and (i4), versus the Right Hemisphere , through the polar cell activity and via the optical chiasm.

Second Phase : Parallel working of two Brain’s Hemispheres , via bio-nervous interactive travelling of Anti-symmetric ( IA = i2 x i3 ) and Symmetric ( IS = i1 x i4 ) of information energy. The signals analysis will be controlled by an simultaneously interaction facilitated by the easyer interchanges through the “Corpum Callosum” channels. In this phase it is important to emphasize the changing of the nature of “local information to delocalized information” in Q. Biology . In fact information energy signals due to the superposition of Q. States , are travelling between left and right brains in parallel by means a non local interactivity into a global (4D) Dimension of a continuous relativistic fourth -vector of space-time.

Third Phase: The “Quantum Holography” construction , made by the Occipital Brain (OB), is a kind of focusing process giving as a Visual probabilistic result. In fact the Holography-outcome represent an predictive simulation in real time of the future of the probable interactions with an at distance environment. The brain’s perception is generated by means the quantum imaging construction of probability realized by the brain-power in three dimension (3D) of space spitted by the perception of an linearity of local- time . This result differ to a great extent from the classical idea of a descriptive Vision of an objective reality, realised by the optical reconstruction of the light wave-fronts transmission. As a matter of facts , if the cerebral bases of the perception would work according to the classic physics system of reconstruction of the imagining , we perennially would be unnaturally affected to only see the past. Differently following this simple formulation the final 3D-Holography-space , separated by a linear succession of time, is effectively a virtual artefact of the brainpower that it is able to determine the product of the probability amplitudes of the Information signals, generated by means of multi entangled phonons in a construction of visual imaging forecasting our future interactivity with the natural world.

In fact Occipital Brain utilize a “Natural Mathematics”, in similar way that the product of two symmetric vectors like (i1 x i4 = i4 x i1 ), gives as result a scalar as a representation of time ,i.e. a linear succession of numbers (from left to right) , that is independent from the choice of the position of the space coordinates. Contemporarily the product of the other two anti- symmetric vectors ( i2 x i3 # i3 x i2 ) gives two results describing the space dimensions of the visual imaging and the Up or Down direction of the movement . Therefore brain’s power is able to foresee an 3D Hologram of perceptual vision as a probable scenario of our possible interactions with the environment inclusive of a separated time chronology. Thinking in this manner, Bio-Quantum Physics play a not trivial role in advanced Bio-Quantum Physics this because the classical descriptive conception of vision is becoming a final result of a more complete paradigm of “general science understanding”.

Some final consideration can be used to sustain the above rethinking of brain’s visual process in Bio-quantum-Physics . In fact during the sleep brain can dream with very clear perceptions of virtual surroundings. In the case of dreaming photons, before embodied in the ocular bulb, can be forced to be entangled through the Rapid Eye Movement , so that it would become possible to begin the Brain’s Holography construction in 3D also during the sleep. This interpretation of dreams can be a proof of the importance of entangled photons in the brain’s construction of quantum anticipation of the perspective of probable interaction with the environment in our life.

Ultimately I think that advanced Bio-Quantum Physics is an expression of neurological power to express the best theory to predict fundamental nature of life and also I think that modern art can be integrated in a more complete creative mental - change to give an evolutional aesthetical response to beauty, in a way that this trans-disciplinary amalgamation, can favour the contemporary development of the “Science of Quality”. As a matter of facts modern art understand before knowing, that our perception has a probabilistic character. So that the fashion of modern art it is very close to the revision of visual process as an brain’s holography construction described in simple form in this brief article.


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Added Jun. 26, 2007: Bio-Quantum Computing [PDF]
Added Jun. 14, 2007:
Science of Beauty: Mind Changing in Modern Life Science and Living Art [PDF]
Added Jun. 5, 2007:
Science of Quality: Series No-1 [PDF]
Added May 27, 2007:
Bio-Quantum Physics: DNA/RNA As an Information Energy Catalyst in Life Systems [PDF]

(6) Natural Mathematics :

NOTE : To develop as an international project on The Science of Quality , on the basis of those preliminary approaches , I am interested to find an “HOSTING INSTITUTION” to propose an IDEE European Project on the Title: <“Bio-Quantum Physics a link between advanced science and modern art “> , aiming to ask for a trans-disciplinary research grant .

The SCIENCE of QUALITY - paper N° 5 : “evolving digital surfaces

- Evolution Principle in "Bio–Quantum Physics"

by: Paolo Manzelli , ,


-Evolution is traditionally a question of biology and "evolution of the species via natural selection” is the approach conceived by Charles Darwin.(1809-1882). (1)

-After, C. S. Peirce (1839-1914) proposed a triadic definition of evolution that can be written as follow (2) :

"Evolution is synonymous with Property ( A ) emerging from Precursor ( B ) through an theoretical Apparatus C” Statement (1)

- Now I try to generalize the concept of EVOLUTION in Bio-Quantum Physics, by means of the Science of Quality innovative research , in which EGOCREANET research team would like to entangle Quantum Physics and Advanced Biology starting from some general considerations.

Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus -Living in Rome about 98-55 A.C)) speaking about the creative evolution of Epicurean seeds of atoms in the poem “DE RERUM NATURAE”: said that the colours the sounds the odour and the flavour are not included in the things but only in the senses of the observer. Removing the such senses all the quality vanish in the null one. This materialistic conception is living in the classical Physics, through accepting the arbitrary division between subject and the object of the observation.

Another way of thinking about Evolution process emerge from Bio-Quantum Physics, this because in this trans-disciplinary field of science , the observation need to be interpreted as a relativistic perception coming from the biological nature of senses. “Senses” in fact are co-evolutionary devices connecting Free- Energy and Matter to transmit information between external world and brain functioning (or similar central processing units) by means of the exchange of “Information energy” (I) . The last (I) energy can be interpreted as the Quantum Basic Level from which initial evolutionary process generates both Free energy, (E) and matter, (M) or condensed energy. (4)

Thus accepting that in any developmental origin, every event can be thought as a form of codified energy as well, EGOCREANET Research in “Bio.Q.Phys.” re- defineS three fundamental forms of energy, in place of the simple duality of energy and matter.

Within the following rationale the principal forms of Energy are :

  1. - Free Energy codified by vibration (E ) , 2) - codified Energy in form of Matter (M) and

3) - Information –energy ( I ), that it is related to the fundamental Information/transformation activities of sensory procedures.

Therefore as a consequence of the fundamental postulate of science, “Energy cannot created or destroyed”, we can write that the fluctuant variation (v.) of the sum of the different Energy-codifications of the total energy, needs to be equal to zero: i.e. < v. (E) + v. (M) + v. ( I ) = 0 >.

Following this way of reasoning, it is possible to derive a significant solution of the above

equation, named the “Fertile Evolution Principle”: < + v. ( I ) = - v. (E ) -v. (M) >.

Note: (E), can be substituted by< E= h f> with, f = frequency) , and( M) can be take out from: < E= Mc2>.

The above formula give a generalised meaning to the evolution in complex systems because it shows how ever-increasing Information (+ v. (I)) is balanced by the decrease in flows of energy (-v. (E)) and/or of matter (-v. (M)). This Principle of Fertile Evolution “PFE”, can be applied to any dynamics of transformation, because it can be considered a general pathway for any evolutionary changes from not living, to living complexity in nature. In fact this principle addresses the direction or the quantum organization of the energy quantum levels interactions in every transformation among Energy-Matter .

It is clear that the “PFE” evolutionary generalized Principle, follows the same criteria of minimum energy performance that occurs in the traditional physics, but in this new triadic approach of the <E,M,I> paradigm, if the “minimum of energy” is reached also the “maximum of Information activity” is achieved at the same time. Therefore the Principle of Fertile Evolution says that Evolutionary Development is becoming possible at all the times when it corresponds to an increase of Information Energy (I) in respect to the decrease of Free-Energy (E) dissipation and/or Matter Condensed Energy consumption (M). In that cases, the evolutionary natural processes go on.

Following the above reasoning, Statement (1) derived by the relating .Bio.Q. Physics and Semantic of Science , permits to EGOCREANET to represented the statement 1 in a new way as shown as follows:

| <A> = Precursor/Origin = Information Energy (I)

| EVOLUTION = the integration between

| <B > = Properties – Derived by Bio-Q. Phys and

| <C> = Theory-Apparatus = “Principle of Fertile Evolution

<ABC> – can be considered as a triadic definition of bio-semiotics of evolution.

As a matter of facts here (A) is related to Firstness, (B) to Secondness, and (C) to Thirdness in the triadic Semantics correlation initiated by C. S. Peirce.

This paper is particularly referred to in the other paper of mine , titled : “What Means Life”. ( 5)

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By : Paolo Manzelli ;

Photon &Pnonon’s Transduction

Sensory receptors are the interface between the environment and the nervous system, and the present approach in “Bio-Quantum Physics” is producing a re-examination of “transduction apparatus” of sensory receptors.

In fact sensory information, such as that carried by light, sound, are stimulated by quantum particles, such as photons of light in the retina and phonons of sound wave /particles in the cochlea . The senses receptors operate a transduction of sensory stimuli in codified signals to transmit information to the brain in order to revealing the nature of the outside world.

To understand the detecting such “transduction” through specialized receptors, it is important to strengthening in importance of Bio-Quantum Physics. (BQP)

As a matter of facts BQP support the macro- and micro-cosmos correlations, in a more complete view as it is effectively embodied in the nature of senses receptors, able to capture stimulus from Quantum particles with high specificity and sensitivity.

In BQP are no an exception, the mechanics receptor of cell’s membranes, able to detect , odour, touch and movement ; in fact the foundation of any receptor’s system is based on the "transduction" of some quantized forms of energy, generating through the stimuli excitation, codified signalling of information in conformity with the working functions of some centralized elaboration of information signals, having some complex operational functions like the brain.

Hence the BQP is focused on the change of Quantum Properties outstanding the confinement of quantum particles, when they are trapped into specialized sensing receptors , e.g. through particular conditions of space time restrictions , where are increasing the emergence of “entangled quantum states”.

Erwin Schroedinger , coined the expression “entanglement” to describe the non-local interdependency between the wave-particles in a quantum system. (E. Schrödinger, 1935, "Discussion of probability relations between separated systems", Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 31, p. 555.).

The BQP find in the “entanglement coherence”, a theoretical solution to understand the general principles of transposition of an energy input on sensory receptors in codified signalling pathways of communication between senses and brain . (1)


To understand how “entanglement” works to codify sensory information it is necessary to remember that the Photon and Phonons can be entangled in coupled pairs of Q. particles . In fact they do not obey to the “Exclusion Principle” of Wolfgang Pauli (1925), that forbid at two electrons, in an atom, to belong to the same quantum state configuration at in the same space and at the same time. (2)

Thus the entangled pairs, co-existing in the same four-vector of space-time, will be coupled by means of a closed system of the sensory receptors , because they works as a restricted space-time system of wave particles. The coding of sensory information happen when the entangled Q. pairs will be “dis-entangled”, this because they cannot be confined and squeezed together in a short space for along time. So that the four-vector of the Q. Pair break down in four sub-units , through a “parametric down conversion of space-time coordinates” into fundamental “information signals” carrying fundamental “ information energy” (I). The last can be included as an expression of the lowest quantized energy level or “Zero point Energy ground state energy of an empty space . (3) Each vector sub-units in fact represents a signal corresponding to a ''propagating mode of the ground state field of information energy .'' The inference that bring into being the “parametric down conversion” in signals of Information Energy can be simply described as follows :

The stimulus to sensing receptors is carried by two Q. particles ( Ph1 and Ph2 ) ; their status can be written by the following Cartesian Coordinates (Ph1)= < x1,y1,z1 + t1> ; (Ph2) = <x2, y2, z2 + t2>

When the two wave Q. particles are confined in a reactive networking of as a sensor , it is becoming equal zero the vector component ( z1-z2 = 0 ).Therefore the Entangled pairs (E 1.2) is becoming flat in space and works in a two- dimensional time duration. Therefore the four dimensional space vector of the Entangled - pair can be expressed as follow : (E1-2 )= x1-x2, y1-y2, x1-y2, y2-x1. These coordinates, owing to the instability of the Entangled state can be decomposed in the four sub-units , working as super correlated parallel vector functions, during the (t1+t2) timing duration. Those sub –units of quantized space-time, can be characterized as an “super dense codification of synchronised signalling-packet of information energy” .

Schema – Parametric down conversion in parallel "information energy signals"

<x1-x2> vector unit correspond to the first symmetric signal ( 1.1.)

<y1-y2> vector unit correspond to the second symmetric signal ( 0.0.)

<x1-y2> vector unit correspond to the third asymmetric signal ( 1.0.)

<y2-x1> vector unit correspond to the fourth asymmetric signal ( 0.1.)

This model of transduction of space-time vectors in codified signals as carriers of “information energy”, is generated by means of the dynamics of “entanglement/dis-entanglement” of Q. Pairs of wave particles, in order to allow the transfer at distance of information energy signals, to some centre of elaboration or reiteration of the information collected through sense receptors.

The above theoretical explanation can be developed in a more complex approach during the Research trans-disciplinary project that EGOCREANET would like to develop on the SCIENCE of QUALITY, at an international level, in the next future. Certainly this approach would be useful to involve to a scientific rationalization some experimental sciences, as for instance the “Needle-Puncture Surgery” that till now belongs to the practical medicine without having a basic theoretical structure of interpretation outside of the old conception of “Vital Energy” .

Entangled Colours : by Frantisek Kupka, 1912

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by Paolo Manzelli -;


Science of Quality” writings, represent an conceptual science innovation premise for improving a collaborative international research project enhanced by the Open Network for New Science

(Image courtesy of Greg Engel, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Physical Biociences Division)

Almost all of energy used for living functions is ultimately derived from photosynthesis.(1)

Transfer of solar energy takes places quite instantaneously in a way that only little energy is wasted as heat. Photosynthesis is characterized by light reactions during the day to get the splitting of H2O molecules through the excitation to higher electron quantum states of chlorophyll followed by the release of Oxigen. Besides the stimulation of light of enymes, permits the actvation of the comlemented splitting of CO2 so that occurs a series of biochemical reactions to form C-C covalent bonds of carbohydrates . Therefore the photosynthesis is responsible both for renewing the Oxygen in the atmosphere and for much the earth's growth of biomass. The above is well known ,(2) but in spite of this , we are do not able to completely undestand the very high efficiency of coherent conversion of the sunlight in chemical energy. (3) As a matter of facts, if science fully understand the ability of natural phothosintesis to transfer simultaneouly different kinds of energy withouth producing not useful waste as heath , we might be able to create artificial versions of photosynthesis that would help us to effectively utilise sun energy as a clean, sustainable, fundamental source of energy. Therefore to know better the the efficient coherence of photosynthesis would be useful the bio-quantum physics theory, based on “Photons Enanglement”; this because the transfomation of quantum entangled photons pairs in signals, permits that the light transfer in biochemical energy can be much more efficient than the quantum mechanical view is able to explain. (4) ,(5)

To gain qualitative understanding of the role of “bio-quantum physics” plays in the excitation transfer in light-harvesting complexes, it is necessary to understand the role “photons entanglement” in causing a coherent at distance transfer of simultaneously Information Energy states. Bio-quantum energetics, thinks differently from the classical description of the photosynthetic energy transfer process. In fact the traditional science description is one in which excitation energy moves step-by-step by electron transfert process from pigment molecules to reaction centres in a way most of light must be converted in thermal energy. Differently the “photon's entanglement” permits a quantum teleportation (6) of pure information energy by means of a quantum jump to the fundamental zero-point energy level.

The circumstances of a new order of correlation of entangled photons in a cavity selective system lead a more complete understanding how the jumping of the solar energy from a localised state to a delocalised one, that permits simultaneous signal transfer. Therefore the “Entangled Quantum Optics”, changes the way of understanding how chlorophyll molecules adsorbs and emits the light energy. In fact the cenral structure of chlolrophyll works as a energy-cavity able to accelerate the entangled photon pairs coherent creation, hence the emission of fundamental Information energy signals have an effect of transferring simultaneously a delocalised superposition of symmetric and asymmetric units of information between donors and reaction centres. A great distribution of chlorophyll and other pigments permits to transmit a pure Information energy pulses of quantum communication among spatially distant nodes of the quantum network of reaction centres. Hencefoth “Entanglement Photon Pairs” production modify the way of undestanding how the light transformation happen, without that the entangled coherent effect is rapidily degenerate in heat waste . Information energy transfer permits that restricted cavity of heavesting solar energy produces a metastable entanglemen of multi-photon-pairs, each of them transmits simultaneously, by a quantum break down to the fundamental level of information energy, bidimensional Q.bits in space and time, without producing any interference effects. Hence photosyntetic production of entanglement photon pairs plays an essential role in bio-quantum energetics.

Porphyrin molecule structure

Chlorophyll and several other pigments such as beta-carotene, involved in light energy havesting of the photosynthetic appatatus, are organized in clusters in the specific thin membrane named “thylakoid”. Each of these differently-colored pigments can absorb a slightly different frequencies of light and pass its energy to the central cavity ( named porphyrin ring) of chlorphyll molecule to do photosynthesis.Porphyrin rings (7) consists of several fused rings in a microtube where each ring is composed by carbon and nitrogen with a magnesium ion in the center . This composition works as a cavity of ultra dense storage of photons in a way that the pile architecture of porphyring rings acts as a catalytic light traps of entangled transformation to Bio-quantum conversion of information energy. Porphyrin nanotubes recently are well applied in the technology of sunlight hydrogen production through the photo-catalytic splitting of water .(8) Photoactive nanotubes of porphyrins rings and of other phthalocyanine molecules , can be seen as a core complex of molecular antennae to transfer superconducting flux of Q.bits of information energy.

In conclusion it is important to underline that all forms of energy are stored in different ways of codification and it is true that energy can be changed from one form to another finding a possible path of codification changes. As a matter of facts all forms of energy are a quantity associated with the information state of a quantum system. Therefore renewable energy sources including solar energy, can be turned into various forms of free energy and /or condensed energy stored as bio-matter, changing the quantum information states. In true there is only an effective possibility to transfer the codification of free-energy in energy stored like matter, because this conversion path, pass through the decodification of solar energy in fundamental information energy ,by means of the lower order of energy correlation of entangled system and its conversion in quantum signals (Q.Bits) through changing the space-time coordination states.

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Rainbow of coloured life


Paolo Manzelli -Firenze Aug-18/ 2007

Bio-Quantum Chemical Senses.:

Science of Quality N° 8


The macro word become created from a brain sensory reconstruction of information signals transduced through the entanglement effect empowered by the micro-word receptors.

Paolo Manzelli <> , ;

Keywords: bio-quantum Entanglement, quantum information, biophysics

Illustration Shoving a Trapping Network model of register and accumulator chemoreceptor.


-Till now two different approaches are tacken in consideration by science for investigating chemoreception structures of olfactory and gustation biochemosensor. (1)

- One of them simply think that the odorant effec is related to the molecular shape in a key lock interactivity between odored molecules and receptors. The other interpretation think that the odour of a molecular mixture can be related to the molecular vibrations . Both of these theories cannot explain the perceived biochemical sensation of smell and taste. (2)

  • Certainly the problem of scientific understanding of bio-chemical senses is complex in fact different chemo-receptors use various tansduction pathways, in a primary connection with diverse areas of the brain; besides we know, by direct daily experience, that gustation and olfaction works together; as a matter of facts the role of olfaction in taste and viceversa it is powerful.

  • Today Bio-Quantum Chemical Senses theory considers that all living organisms utilise information processors, are working like trapping network systems, able to catalyse the production of entangled quantum particles, in a way to become possible to transfer simultaneously molecular state information on the basis of “q.bits”.

  • The replacement of classial information based on/off (0,1) by its quantum counterpart of “q.bits” (|0>;|1>, represents a novel opportunity of research of bio-quantum information. (3).

  • In fact the chemical receptors of smell and taste, can be considered as a selective generators of entangled q.particles, that permits to transmit at distance q.signal that are conceived as a superposition of the fundamental information energy.

Over the past decade, quantum information theory has developed into an important field of research despite the fact that quantum information, as a precise concept, remain undefined. Indeed, the new idea of viewing bio-quantum states as carriers of pure information energy signals, leads to interesting questions among the ability of living system to manage information in a way that otherwise never have been asked, and hence bio-quantum physics is corresponding to new insights about the evolution of nature by means of the use of superdense coding of information energy.(4)

Olfactory ephytelium streengthening entangling /desentangling power of information signals communication

A biological chemosensorial reaction can be produced through a process of various bonding creation between chemo-receptors and the mixture of various molecules emitted in the environment. The mixed system of chemiosensorial active substances emits, q.particles that trigger a biochemical transduction in informaton signals at a chemosensory receptor for a neuronally transmission to some specific structure of the central nervous system.

The chemical bonds between sensory molecules and chemo-sensorial receptors produces a lower state of local energy, through emitting photons or phonons o other .”q.ons -entities”into a cavity-traps of the receptors. The “q.ons “ are immediately entangled in the particular catalytic receptors environment like taste papillae or olfactory epithelium receptors cells . Successively dis-entangled process , break down the space-time from euclidean condition of existence , generating a delocalised information energy, that exists as fundamental quantum energy level over the Plank Constant limit.(5)

The collapse of the instable entangled energy to the sub-plank dimension, belonging to the zero point of pure information energy , permits to utilize information from a localized space-time dimension to an extendend frame of reference where space and time are bidimensional entities of pure information energy. Hence quantum-signals of pure information energy are the bases of responding to a chemical stimuly in order to activate the brain's recreation of a mediate reality of odours and gustation sensation, coming from the signals received from the nose and mouth. Therefore the signals units of quantum information produced in the chemioreceptors gives the odour and gustation perceptions, by means the ability of recostruction of q.bits, into brain's generation of sensory distinction of the various smelling and tasting sensations.

In conclusion the chemical reeptors can be considered as a catalyst interface cavity apparatus for confining chemio- molecular stimulus in a trapped entangling transduction in q.signals of information energy, transmitted through two state superposition of quantum system carrying non -local information energy by means of q.bits units.


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ENTANGLEMENT THEORY” : from q.Particles to q.Bits and from q.Bits to q.Particles

Conceptual contradictions of Quantum mechanics and

some revision and new cognitive proposals of Bio-Q.Physics.

Science of Quality Series n° 9 . -Previous articles in

By Paolo Manzelli <>; <>,<>

There is some good reason to suppose that the quantum mechanic theory need to be revised to restoring an integrated reality between subatomic world of Q.Particles and a reasonable interpretation of the macro-world of our daily perception.

The above is the fundamental endeavour of Bio-Quantum Physics that aims to open a conceptual restoring of Bio.Quantum Reality. This approach can be started from the knowledge of various internal problems of contemporary physics . For instance we know that the standard formulation of quantum mechanics is logically incompatible with special relativity. As a matter of fact, a wave of energy is not localized in space and time, so that two different waves can be occupied the same time with an identical position in the space, while a classical particle status it is described exactly by means of three local coordinates at each moment of time, and no other particle can be superposed in the same space time dimensions. Thinking to this classical topology of space and time various contradictions comes out and so that we impact in various paradoxes of contemporary physics. Those conceptual problems primarily are a consequence of the fact that any instantaneous action at a distance is prohibited because nothing can travel faster than the speed of light to connect two different localised dimensions of the space-time.

Furthermore according to the usual interpretation of quantum mechanics, the fundamental building blocks of energy and matter are neither wave nor particle, but some complemented combination of wave and particle in a way that whenever can be measured the position of a particle in a precise time, it appears as a material object with a precise position of space. But outside of the moment of the particular measurement, the evolution of the particle is described by the laws of wave mechanics. Therefore Quantum Mechanics seems to contradict the idea of an uniform reality of Euclidean space time; in fact, prior to the measurement, a particle is a probabilistic wave with an unknown position because the particle assumes the form of an un-localised wave, spread over space and time. In spite of this traditional conception of Quantum Mechanics, the “dual slits experiment” demonstrates that a single wave-particle can recombine wave and particle after passing through two slits. (2). So that it is necessary to assume that both wave and particle are complentary reality, i.e. the wave it is not only a probabilistic function existing out of the effective energy domain, as was accepted by the previous affirmed theory of Q.Mechanics.

To resolve this problem it is a good reasoning to consider that the energy conservation principle is not completely described by means of the complex interactions between free-energy (E) and condensed energy the last in forms of matter (M), this because the existence of “vacuum energy” (1), e.g. the energy obtained through the collaps to the ground state of the system, that do not contain previous physical forms of energy and matter. Therefore a new kind of energy exists near to the “zero point energy” with experimental evidence. As a consequence, this new form of energy (I = Information Energy), need to be tacken in consideration as an additional quantity to get the real total energy conservation. Hence generalizing the “Energy Conservation Principle” the sum of all transformations (w.w.w) of energy components must equal zero. So that if we add all the different codifications of energy in relation to all possible combinations of space-time co-ordinates in syntheses, we obtain :

< w.w.w. [ (E) + (M) + (I) ] = 0 >

From this equation we get three equations as follow representing the total energy broken in three complementary strategy of evolution of a “complemental inhomogeneous universe” :

A) <+w.(I) = - w.(E) – w.(M)> ; B) <+w.(E) = - w.(I) – w.(M)> ; C) <+w.(M) = - w.(I) – w.(E)>

- A) -The growth of Information Energy enriches the maximum in correspondence with minimum of the other components of energy. This result is designated the "PRINCIPLE of FERTILE EVOLUTION", because is a valid strategy of evolution for the living environments in the Universe.

iving EARTH

B) – The amazing growth of Free energy spectrum is produced by the stellar structures, as the sun , in spite of the decrease of the Energy codified as Matter and Information energy.

new look to the sun :

C) – The growth of matter are prepeared by super massive black holes (9) in their inner regions with super intense gravity in relation to the evaporation of other forms of Energy.

Illustraction of a Black Hole:

One solution to signify this apparently misterious new form of Information Energy (I) can be found understanding the space time paradigm shift generated by the Quantum Entanglement.

As noted earlier in the previous articles of the series “The Science of Quality” , “Q.Entanglement” is a concept iniciated to be considered in the context of quantum information (3). More in general “Q.Entanglement” plays a key role in many of the most interesting at distance applications, including quantum teleportation. Besides in recent years there has been an extraordinarious effort to better understand the properties of “Q.Entanglement” as a fundamental conceptual resource of contemporary physics and hence a renewed emphasis is re-evaluated by Bio-Q. Physics in order to develop a more complete theory of “Q.Entanglement”, not only limited to quantum computation .

“Q.Entanglement” will also be interesting from the standpoint of evolving space-time dynamics in a way that , the classical paradigm that combines space and time into a single construct called the “space-time continuum”, can be deply modified. In fact in the case of quantum mechanics and relativity, both those theories do not give concrete ideas to affirm that the space-time relationships cannot be uniform all over the Universe, both in macro and micro dimensions at different levels of energy.

In particular tacking in consideration the additional new form of Information Energy (I) into the Generalised Conservation Energy Principle , it is now possible to argue that the temporal events of dynamic transformation cannot only to be associated to a four vertor of space-time, where only one component is dimensioned a timing sequences of istants. Space-time in the classical physics is interpreted with space being three-dimensional and time it is playing the role of the fourth dimension. In relativistic contexts, however, time cannot be separated from the three dimensions of space, in fact time depends on an object's velocity relative to the constant speed of light. In his way special relativity, by combining space and time into a single four vectors diagram, get significantly simplified a large amount of theory in physics , as well as described in a more uniform way the workings of the universe at both the supergalactic and subatomic levels .In any case in the contemporary physics, timing dimension remains in a single coordinate where the duration is the difference of an linear sequency of intervals. This traditional timing scale represent only one of the possibility of the space time permutations of the matrix-structure of the relativistic four-vector. The other compositions of the four-vector, need to be considered, because some different temporal order of events are compatible with the different environment that are working as complemented evolutionary strategies of the universe as described by the formulas : A),B),C.

The cognitive frame of Permutations among space -time coordinates.

Traditionally space-time as system of reference of energy-mater interactions, is referred to a local system. In fact the system of local reference, according with the Euclidean perception of the world , it is composed from three coordinates of space and one of time , where the space coordinates are orthogonal in classic mechanics, while they are relative to one considered curved space in the special relativity. Surely such conformation of the space-time do not be imaginable as a structure of universal reference. As an example in “black holes” a direction of movement of the energy and matter in the implosion of a star, turns out as to be monodimensional in the space. Besides the dimension space seems to become one dimensional in various cases that can be described by a worm-hole structure (5 ) as well as in the quantistic hypothesis of the tunnelling effect. (6). Therefore remembering that space and time appearing as separate entities in classical physics are not more separate in the the relativity context , the dimensional changes of space need to effect an extraordinary modifications in the time and viceversa. (7) On this basis we can propose that the effect permutation of space in time and vicecersa, can be quantized, giving place to three fundamental different geometries of space-time, each of them in correspondence with the before seen complementary strategy of evolution of the “generalized principle of energy conservation”.

The permutation of the matrix of the four vector, happens in all cases of we need to assume a monodimensional space where are travelling of energy and matter, in those cases the other vectors become changed in three time-affine dimensions. This for instance is the case of black holes (8) in the cosmological macro-systems, where the loop of three time lines (past, present and future) converges expanding and accelerating the entral orbit, by means of twisting the curvature of space till a critical point of the horizon, where space-time exchange their characteristics, inside any extremely collapsed star that become a “black hole” (9). Viceversa the “black hole timing vortex” permits to evaporate the other forms of energy as well as forecasted in equation C), and the “black hole” trasforms its self collapsing into a “white hole”, as a prelude of new stars generation, in order to restore as the effect of an internal mirror the normal structure o the space.time.

At first this anti-symmetric space-time composition, where the three space coordinates are substituted by three time coordinate in a “black hole”, seems to be very strange for the hystorical construction of our common sense, that it is traditionally accustomed to believe to an classical scenario where space and time are two abolute indipendent and different quantities. Today this antique mental scenario of an uniform space temporal dimension of events, seems incompatible with the effective possibility to understand sperimentable phenomena of the coordinate diagram-transformation, in order to understand also the effective (i.e. not only probabilistic event) of “quantum tunnelling effect” in the micro cosmos. In fact q. particles ( photons, phonons and also atoms ... ) that can penetrate, jumping at distance a forbidden region by means off an hill of energy , passing in a tunnel from two separate local position of space, without any interference with any intermediate point.

Nowadays “Entanglement theory”, based on the transformation of entangled q.particles in q.bits near to the zero point at the ground level of Q.Energy , permits to transfom “q.particles in q.bits” and viceversa. So that “Q.Entanglement” can works as an universal intremediate exchange of space time dimensions, in order to connect the two previously anti-symmetric geometries of the space-time through a base of two-dimension bot in space and time.

At this proposal it is important to remember that from the studies of Quantum entanglement and quantum Teleportation, the basic unit of quantum information is a “q.bit”; the last it is a so-called “super dense coding of q.states”, because they exist as a linear combination of four virtual states. However, a “q.bit”, folloing the traditional Q.Mechanics, maintain such a superposition state only, as long as no measurements of the state are taken; once a measurement is taken, the state of the “q.bit” goes back to being either 0 or 1 (On-Off positions). This Q.Mechanics approach simply do not put into account that the coupling of two entangled “q.particles”, need to lower the energy of the q.particle pairs, near to the ground energy fluctuation, where the dimension of the space-time assumes a new configuration in relation to the virtual particles of “Information Energy” (I). The last ,as written in the pevious articles,(10) , it is dimensioned by eans of two space coordinates and two time coodinates. So that the matrix of the four-vector coordinates through entanglement action , can assume a flat geometry of space and also two dimensional definition of time. This is the space-time context of the “Virtual Particles of Information Energy” , through became possible to communicate simultaneously at distance between two line of time coodinates in both macro and micro tunnelling regions. This scientific approach give an explanation to the possibility that entangled particles can be separated far apart from each other, and yet still maintain the characteristics of the state of the group, in a way that a better definition of entanglement methods can be useful as a resource for solving information-processing problems in new ways, based on “Quantum Teleportation” ; the last till nowadays has been verified in a number of experiments including one involving a fiber optic cable over a 10 kilometer distance between the two entangled particles.

In conclusion , starting from those consideration and results, the above mentioned original research proposal on the “Science of Quality”, giving a new view to a large ammount of self-organised multiple critical phenomenon in an “inhomogeneous space-time dimensions”, can get a great impact on understanding and giving predictions about the competitive universal distribution of living and not-living zones , that on the basis of Information Energy, are always in simultanean communication. As a matter of facts “life” is a strategy validated by the section A) of the total energy evolution, while living existence is forbidden in the natural complemental evolutionary strategies of B) and C). Besides the dynamics of changes in space-time matrix, can gives new insight to fundamental questions about the nature of space-time into an Universal cooperative network, based on three fundamental forms of energy (I),(E),(M) related to permutation of referring coordinates of their interactive events.

In this coneptual context the “Entangled Theory” permits to understand the critical-switch ,near to the ground state of Information Energy, happening betwen two encoding and de-coding structures, e.g. from the one traditionally based three space-affine coordinates plus a mono-timensional time-line to the mirror of such structure, with three time-affine coordinates and a monodimensional space line; the last in fact it is more adequated, for example, to understand the black- white holes cosmological transformation and other physical phenomena interpreted by Bio-Quantum Physics, in order to get a strong implications in a great range of contemporary culture and art, following the aim of a better understanding of the “Evolution of Life in the Universe”.




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Paolo Manzelli <> Firenze 04/SEPT/07.

Bio. Quantun Physics of Sound and Music”


Science of Quality Series n° 10 . -Previous articles in

By : Paolo Manzelli <>;


Musical-mind : Author Apogee Series 3Pilot v1.Ou1

Sound perceived by humans are produced by the brain through the stimulus of external vibration transmitted and converted in information signals , by means of the hearing organs focused in the activities of the cochlea. The brain exercise a pre-attentive research functions, interactively searching for to be in synchronic with all frequencies that are similar to the spectrum of the human voice and their differences in tones and frequency before producing the effective sounds that we hear. Sound in fact are not a direct expression of external acoustic vibration but sensory simulation produced by the brain. Hence the brain do not recognises directly the external frequencies as physical sounds or noises, but as “Information Energy” derived by the “entangling activity” of transformation of vibration waves in information signals. In fact the last information signals are not an immediate consequence of the physical vibration of air, this because vibration, if not transduced in quantum-signals, cannot interact with the information activities of the brain neurons. (1)

So that, as well as , we do not see directly the light , because, when we get a sensation of light, this depends from a transformation of the lighting stimulus of photons , that produces the sensation of light as an effect generate by the brain, through the changes of photon's frequency in information signals, produced by means of entangling actions of the ocular bulb in the retina. In similar way “phonons” of sound-vibrations , need to be transformed in informational signals to interfere to the brain pre-selection activities; the last are preferentially focused versus recognizing the human voice.

Generally speaking the “Bio-Quantum Physics “, following the above premise, has the opportunity to re-educate people in order to understand the limits of mechanical approach of science, that have been applied to current thinking , without tray to deeply understand the role of sensory operators in transforming Free Energy of photons or phonons in “Information Energy” in order to permit the signal exchange between Brain and the External World.

Today the application of Quantum Physics to the Science of life, is becoming very important in order to break the previous limitation on perspectives of future knowledge society.

As a matter of facts sound , voices , music, rhythm , etc.. are of vast importance in every culture on earth, so that the impact of a trans-disciplinary interpretation of Bio. Quantun Physics of Sound and Music, can give an profound influence to an innovative role in human life and society, both via new scientific cognition and emotional experiences of the art.

In particular humans love music because it resonates with the innate brain structure of mental and emotional information. In fact music is an fine art of vibration emissions, consisting of sound and silence expressed through time, by means of a variation of air pressure. So that today in the context of information society , is becoming of an huge importance to interpret how the ears interactively with the brain, isolate and decode air-vibrations into distinct signals of “Information Energy”perceptible by the brain for producing embodied sensations of sound an music.

The cochlea is shaped as a snail and it is a complex apparatus of the inner ear that works to transform external vibration in information signals in coordination with the pre-attentive imput of the brain that in mammals pass through the internal “Stereocilia filaments” inside of the “Organ of Corti”. In fact the cochlea receives sound wave vibration into an hearing frequencies range, that it is diverse for different animals. The external vibration pass through the ear by means of the transmission of the ossicles of the hear bones, striking on a upper closing oval membrane. The perceived vibration of a diverse waves composition are travelling through a fluid of various densities enclosed in the inner helix of the cochlea. This permits to distinguish the different forms of sounds (pitch, loudness, timbre) of the received mechanical vibration . In the final section of cochlea the “stereocilia of hairs cells”, works as a trapping system able to “entangling phonons” in order to transform them in information signals, that can interact with the pre-attentive research functions, transmitted by the brain through the acoustic nerve. Hence the cochlea it is the basic hearing organ what converts the mechanical vibration of air into a information energy impulses understandable by the brain production of sound. (2)

The tranduction in sensory activity it is operated by Stereocilia (external) ; they are about fifty filaments of Actin-protein, living in each of the various thousand hair cells; the last are hexagonaly packed cells, posed along the helix of the cochlea, where hair cells present a systematic progressive variation in length, number and width and symmetry, predetermined by the DNA. Therefore the system of stereocilia are able to act as sensory transduction-microvilli to discriminate and to monitor through “decode/recoding” method the form of the incoming pulsing waves, in order to convert their wave forms into information signals, and to send to the brain “Information Energy” that produces the sensation of sounds. The microvilly are not only involved in peudopodical movement in order to analyse the incoming waves and to alter the polarization of the actin-filaments, to transmit an electrical signal through the auditory nerve , but also works as a source of joining “entangled phonons”, to teleport “q.bits” of information energy to the brain in a way that the communication among Energy , Matter and Information can be transduced into a trapping-cavity of the hair cells to transfer information energy in a common scale of energy codification.

Locking to reproduce “entangling information signals” today the hearing system it is already exploited in many technologies of wireless communications and certain types of antenna networks.

Entangled Waves Synchronization
Image credit: National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Image below show the interaction of "spin waves" emitted by two nano-oscillators that generate entangled microwave signals.

For instance, based on Entanglement, Teleportation takes place inside an ion trap made of gold electrodes deposited onto alumina as it is showed in the following figure:


In conclusion nature has a superior intelligence and works using communication, not limited to our icommon interpretation of an reductionistic an localied approach of mechanical science. The entangled effect represent the appropriated methodology of Energy re-codifiation in order that the brain can be able to produce sonds and music from vibration . Sound and music are an extremely subjective, aural experience, programmed by means off the DNA/Brain interactivity to transfer “Information Energy codification”, through sensory entangling-transducers; so that we make sense and empathy about our surroinding environment by brain's production of sound and musical sensations.

Music Therapy


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