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Gathering in Bio-SEMIOTICS:

Autor : Paolo Manzelli


Full address : c/o Dept. Chemistry , Scientific Pole , Florence University

via Lastruccia 3 - 50019 Sesto - FIRENZE- Italy.

* e-mail address : LRE@UNIFI.IT


-Keywords : sign , information,  catalysis , genetic-codex,  life


                One of the central character of living systems is the highly dynamic co-organization of bio-chemical processes of metabolic transformation , developed by integrating the advancements of chemical sciences, in the bio-semiotic cognitive context aiming to search for a  better understanding the meaning of life. For this reason looking  at the catalysis as an emergent evolution of the catalytic process, we propose in this paper a new  interpretation of “catalysis” as a interface working   in terms of a “signalling”  transmitter, in any chemical and the biochemical realm. This approach  it is attempting to understand living systems communication of information as the basis of system evolution. For this goal the author  would like to re-interpret the scientific bases of information, seen as well as a dynamic flux of signs actions and signals interactions, starting from the chemistry of self organization of oscillating reactions , and approaching to an open  discussion for a new paradigmatic foundation of trans-disciplinary integration of  science .

            It is well known that living organisms are characterised  by their ability to survive and to reproduce itself through the transmission of informational signs codified by the DNA molecule. At this proposal it is important to remember that DNA is not an auto-reproductive molecule, and need of an interactive exchange with the RNA catalyst as a transduction interface of the stored genetic information , because this interaction is required to communicate, in a protected way, informational codex with proteins. In fact the catalyst activity of RNAs ( i.e. the  catalytic properties of various RNA’ s , named RNA-WORD ) is an effective  generator of replicate order of  living systems, till from the origin of life.  The catalyst activity of various types of  RNA’s is very complex, anyway it is working  as well as to all the catalysts actions in biochemistry, to order the successive sequences of the metabolic pathway of biochemical reactivity, each assisted step by step through an enzyme. Therefore, as we will to demonstrate in this paper , it will be possible to admit that the active site of a catalytic substance is functioning as well as a communication medium of information, through sign’s transcription and signal’s  transmission .

            As a matter of facts the  above general definition, regarding the relationship between information and “sign/signal” communication and life organization , need to be extended to the interpretation of any auto-catalytic systems , that works by means exchanging chemical signals during the cyclic transformation, on the basis of many organizational levels of the transduction//transfer of sign // signals of information.

For an example of signalling role: the Nitric Oxide (NO) is a free radical and intercellular messenger endogenously produced , that it is working as catalytic intracellular signalling substance, within a rich spectrum of biological chemistry. In fact Nitric Oxide works giving a catalytic role in signalling and controlling the  regulation in normal physiology in various animals and plants metabolisms . Therefore NO activity need to be considered as well as an indicator of the best catalytic pathway for the successive biochemical transformations, where the chemical information is stored in the new bonding structures.  Also for another example , it is well known that ethylene signal transduction provides interesting case of how information processing system have evolved in plants . The ethylene signal works to improve a catalytic control of energy driven reactions, by means generating a recepto’s associated enzymatic structure involved in activation and regulation of reaction’s pathways, as those interacting with proteins to ripen the fruits.         Looking at the above and other examples of signalling catalytic properties , it is possible to understand that the difference among autocatalytic chemical self reproductive systems, and biological living systems concerns only the grade of  complexity developed in the evolution of catalytic signals . For that evolutionist reason the catalytic organization of information exchange in RNA’s assumes the highest efficiency , regarding the  protection of communication and the control of genetic codex .

            This premise is useful for understanding that the concept of “ information”, (word that means “tacking a new form”)  need to be revised for better understanding how, “Bio-semiotics”, can make an integrating attempt, into a coherent theoretical structure of biochemical catalytic transformations.

This goal can be reached aiming to develop a better understanding of the general question: “WHAT MEANS THE LIFE “ , explained on the basis of better interpretation of the "catalytic sign operations”  into the  self –organized co-evolution of bio-systems. The paper would like to move towards to a open debate about the question of how self – organized catalysed reactions, working out of equilibrium , can develop,  in their evolution and complexity of exchanging information,  some efficient biosynthetic (metabolic and catabolic) pathways. Ultimately we denote that  the following bio-semiotics  challenge  is proposed for improving the scientific meaning of life , beyond to the mechanist and reductionist approach of traditional science understanding.


- What means Life?


The main purpose of this paper is to give a contribute to understand "meaning of life" in trans-disciplinary Bio-semiotic  science ( Bios = Life &  Semion = Sign) and to discuss :  "Why should we overcome the difficulties to define life as an evolutionary trends,  growing in complexity of the self –reproducing catalytic systems, based on “Energy and Matter” interactivity working out of the thermodynamics condition of equilibrium ? “. Hence in this approach, Bio-semiotics, is seen as well as the study of communication and signification of information in living systems

The Austrian Nobel Physicist Erwin Schroedinger ( 1887-1961) proposed the idea that every open system working in creating order from disorder as well as living organisms , feed upon “negative entropy” production . Therefore the existence of living organisms for Shroedinger depends of an increasing of “Neg-entropy” to create efficient levels of co-organisation from disorder to ordering dynamics. Moving towards the Schroedinger  ideas and  because Entropy can be considered as well as  an “information-noise”, it becomes easy to consider that Neg-entropy need to be related to the grow of  information. Indeed  information is a measure of the decrease of uncertainty, during the pathway of every change, coming from disordering  to ordering dynamics.  

            Furthermore the Nobel Prise in Chemistry Ilya Prigogine (1917-2003) , shows a relationship between living organisms and “Dissipative Structures” that forms patterns in the self-organization of  the open flow dynamics  of “Energy and Matter”  in the chemical oscillating reactions.  Really life is based on bio-chemical irreversible transformations , maintains itself ,far from equilibrium conditions, in a self organized catalytic fluctuations, replacing constantly new materials ( food, air, water) , and energy, the last primarily  coming from sun and from other sources. In this sense it is possible to mention that ; “equilibrium is synonymous of death and non-equilibrium is alike to life”.

Aiming now to get a more sufficient attention of understanding life, it is necessary to underline that a general  principle of life evolution,  need to be founded  on the basis of an increase of communication of information in relation to the rise of the complexity of the catalytic interactions of the systems, going from not-living state ( i.e . Physics and Chemical Systems),  forward Living states of Biological species.

            Besides we can observe that the evolution of the system , from no living dissipative states, to living states,  is no linear.  Subsequently, on the basis of the contemporary scientific knowledge, it is very difficult to understand the exact condition of the  key-changes of life evolution. In fact we don’t know the specific reason of the advent of the DNA coding of genetic information. Nevertheless we know that living and not living states,  work together in a living body; this means that   metabolic functions work through catalytic information for improving  cyclic transformations of “Energy and Matter”. Furthermore we know that the metabolic functioning are not entirely dependent by the genetic information;  for instance the folding of proteins are independent from the DNA codification and some other functions of a living cells like the same “Apoptosis” of the cells , are self-governed by the communication of information coming from the surrounding cells and environmental signals.

From those  previous scientific acquaintance about what we actually know about living systems , seems that the "essence of life" need to be linked with the growing role of Information in the evolution of complexity. Therefore a flux of signs and signals need to be embodied in the scientific explanation of all dynamics systems of transformation working out of equilibrium .

In conclusion we can acknowledge that at the basis of evolution of life, need to be accepted and generalised a function of “Information” , that is characteristic of every system  working  without distinction between living and not living states. This function concerns the signalling activity of catalytic actions ,  exactly because the catalysis permits the growing of the  auto-organization of each  system  dynamics working in a progressive complexity through  producing  and transmitting and regulating the flux of information.



- The Principle of Fertile Evolution.


From the epistemology of the construction  of science Thomas S. Kuhn (1962) wrote that to overcome the limits of  knowledge,  each scientific structure evolves, by means adding  some new axioms in a manner that science grows as a Chinese boxes pile, where the last paradigm  is the container of the previous one. Therefore aiming to discover this general working function related to the flux of Information” we propose the following hypothesis  in a way that can become useful to give a meaning of the gradual evolution of life in the natural world. In this hypothesis we look to consider information (I) as well as a fluctuation-variation (d.) of signalling communication of catalytic-agents, generating active signs and  interactive signals. The signalling communication of information, works as indicators of the catalytic relationships between Energy (E) , and Matter (M) transformations.

Thus accepting that, in origin, every event  can be thought  as well as  a form of Energy , we define three forms fundamental forms of Energy , in place of the simple duality of Energy and Matter that are :

 1) - Free Energy codified by vibration (E ) , 2) - codified Energy in form of Matter (M) and 3) - Information –energy ( I ), that it is related to the information-communication  activities.  

Therefore as a consequence of the fundamental postulate of science, “ Energy cannot created or destroyed” , we can write that the fluctuant variation ( d. ) of the sum of the different codification giving the  Total Energy,   need to be equal to zero : i.e.   < d. (E) + d. (M) + d. ( I ) = 0 >.   

Following this way of reasoning, it is possible to pull out  a significant solution of  the above  equation is:


< + d. ( I ) = - d. (E ) -d. (M) >.

Note: (E), can be substituted by< E= h f> with, f = frequency)  , and( M) can be extracted from: < E= Mc2>.



The above formula give a fundamental  meaning to the gradually evolution of complex systems because shows,  how ever increasing of  Information ( + d. (I) ) is balanced by the decrease of  flows of  Energy ( - d. (E) ) and/or of Matter (- d. (M) ) . This Equation is named <Principle of Fertile Evolution> “PFE” , and can be applied to any dynamics of trasformation, because can be considered a general pathway for any evolutionary changes from not living , to living complexity  in nature. In fact this principle address the direction of the energy flow transformation, in every interaction among dissipative structures, working in terms of  Matter and Energy trasformation , oriented by the catalityc information activities. It is clear that the “PFE” follow the same criteria of minimum energy performance that occurs in the traditional physics , but in this new triadic approach of the <E,M,I> paradigm , if the “minimum of energy” is reached,  at the same time is achieved the “maximum of Information activity”.

This result is clear, if we remember that the classical physics is based on the “invariance of forms” during the motion  activities of transferring matter,  while in the context of transformation, based on the triadic relationships among <E,M,I> paradigm ,  the information activity need to be introduced as an axiom, that is “a priori”,  for understanding the “changes of the forms of matter” during every  bio-chemical transformations .Following the initial hypothesis  about the need to discover  a new foundation of science, now we can utilise the “PFE” equation  to  explore the possibility to overcome the reductionisms of  mechanical science starting with an open bio-semiotic debate,  about the evolutionary aspects of the interactive co-organization in nature of Energy , Matter and Information .

Approaching this  problem for debating about and developing  new triadic paradigm of science,  we underline that the information based on “sign//signal” communication  need to be considered a characteristic of every system   without distinction between living and not living states. This because the evolution of complexity utilizes always some catalytic activities for developing an irreversible open-cyclic transformation in presence of appropriated raw materials and energy . In synthesis the observation about the  continuous emergence of information in parallel to the growing of the system complexity , allow us to formulate  the following trend of evolution by means the following sentence : <Biochemical transformations , working far from equilibrium conditions, always utilises “information-energy”, for generating an increasing complexity of catalytic system evolution>  


- The origin of  “information- energy”.


The process of establishing a relationship between information and energy went gradually in science.

As a matter of facts the essence of information, at the physical level, can be related to the quantum mechanical studies of the micro-world interaction. In particular a preliminary  significance of information can be derived by the assumption of the Nobel Prise Louis De Broglie (1892- 1987) when in 1923 proposed that electrons like photons do not existed only as well as particles , but also conduct the themselves  motions by means quantum-coupled waves . The “Pilot wave” is an section of energy associated to the  three- dimensional  particles of energy ( photons , phonons …) and also of  matter ( electrons , atoms, molecules.. ). That is the “Pilot wave”  is not a virtual wave ; in fact  generates a real activity as it is experimentally demonstrate .The “Pilot wave “ is capable of physical effects giving a quantum information probability , based on instantaneous signals that induces coherence in the diffraction pathways of particle’s  motion.   After  De Broglie, the studies on Quantum Mechanics developed by David Bohm (1917-1992), permits to think to an conceptual  extension of the “Bohm-de Broglie - Pilot wave”. Thus  those additional studies on quantum mechanics  allows  a more appropriated description of double physical reality of matter and energy at microscopic quantum level. As a matter of facts  the experiment of single particle diffraction (photons, electrons , neutrons ..) on a  double slits interferometer , lets  to demonstrate that all the single micro-particles  are able to show interference with itself , passing in a synchronic interfering across the two slits. Those experiments  unambiguously demonstrate the quantum  inseparability  of the “Pilot wave” from the  “Particle”.  This complementary action, was foreseen by  Niels Bohr (1885 - 1962 ) when he proposed his  theory of "complementarity". Therefore  a “quantum particle”, can be regarded in two complementary ways, i.e.  both as a particle and as a wave phenomenon. Hence the two entangled realities are equally true because their validity is well demonstrated on the basis of  reproducible experimental circumstances.   

            At this proposal Albert Einstein (1879- 1955) said : “God does not play dice with quantum reality “ , this because the entangled particle’s performances  are “not a-priori” determined. In fact the “double slit’s experiment”, demonstrates that the twice properties of micro-particles are “self determined” into a not an isolated system. That means , they are not owing to  an dual inner reality of the particles,  but are depending from an external relations , based on a synchronic connective information reply of the particle with the relative time-space configuration of surrounding environment. Thus the entire world seems to be  linked by force of a complete communication of information.

            Therefore through these theoretical studied , based on  the  fact of “waves-particles duality ”, the “Pilot wavecan be   considered an effective wave of  information  , functional to the self- organization of the dynamic properties of the particles motion. . As a consequence we can assume that the “Pilot wave” it is not only a “probability wave-function”, but  need to be considered as well as an “information-energy” able to synchronizing particle’s motion with environment by means a signalling  oscillatory flux of signals.

            The above conclusion is a consequence of  the experimental diffractions of single particles, where  we can consider the “Pilot- wave”  function, as an effective guiding signalling of entangled states of matter and energy interactivity , in a way that the particles can show simultaneously two types of motion appropriated to the particle and also to the waves. The last can be interpreted  as an effective  self –organizational  interference result; this because the “Pilot wave” as well as a wave  of signal of information , can pass through both the two splits, while the particle can surpass indifferently one or the other fissure.

            In this way of thinking about the twin motion opportunities of particles belonging to a micro-states , we can also comprehend how, in the macroscopic realm , the various “Pilot waves” associated to the single particles,  disappear,  as a consequence of the  destructive wave interferences inside of the bulk of matter . So that the  “Pilot wave” effects remain only as an surface action of macroscopic substances , while in the case of microscopic world  interactions, among Energy and Matter , the Pilot wave supports a space-temporal information energy , that can be seen in terms of oriented flux of signals. 

            Thoughts  in this way of reasoning, it will be more easy to be aware of the catalytic activity of “information –energy” , during a chemical or bio-chemical transformation that evolving gradually in complexity by means self-organized chemical and bio-chemical catalysed transformations . Therefore it  is becoming more understandable, how the “shift from life to non life” is gradually turn out by the “PFE” Principle,  that works for both animated and unanimated realms, because  includes “a priori” the information parameter in the context of the new triadic <E,M,I> paradigm of science. In this way we follow the generalised assumption that  “information-energy” exchanges, are not confined to living and social experiences but participates to an universal co-evolution , mediated by different strategies of semiotic interactions working at different levels of complexity.


- A novel interpretation of Catalysis:  going  beyond the classical interpretation


            In the past, the focus of research in catalysis science it is focused  to optimize turnover rates of chemical equilibria . In the future, the catalysis challenge will be mostly oriented to understand the “selectivity action of catalysts”, aiming to form the desired product without the formation of byproducts.  Therefore “catalyst theory”  needed to approach a different conception to  understand the selective control  of the reaction. As a matter of facts a characterization of the catalysts under reaction conditions is essential because  the catalyst generates a multiple informational activity in restructuting the Reaction Path (R.P.) of the reactant mixture transformation, in a way  that it is no limited to the changes of the reaction rates.  In living systems the  field of studies in catalyst selectivity in particular about enzymatic, heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, is  extraordinary important to  provide new opportunities for deleloping innovative bioproducts . Consequently looking to improve a paradigmatic change toward a synthetic view of a bio-semiotic approach of science integration , “catalysis  can be seen as a “Signs//Signals” generator in the active site”, so that  the catalysis become capable to  addressing information for “in-forming” new molecules by means driving  the chemical transformation from an old to a new equilibrium . In synthesis the strengthen of “Information Energy” ( + d. (I) )  it is becoming  interrelated to the “active catalytic – centres” , because they  are able to pulsing signals. This admission can be assessed accepting that ( + d. (I) )  is coming from the transformation of the energy flow in a more qualified “Information-Energy”. This process of energy  conversion to higher quality, can be enriched in the framework of each auto-catalytic loop.

            To be concrete and to justify the above set of scientific assumption,  we declare that in our research for a “new conception of catalysis”, admitting that our motivation to develop this approach  in the context of an bio-semiotics ,  is aiming to reinterpreting a synthesis very open to the growing up of  a NON- Mechanist & Cartesian  paradigm of science. For this reason in our bio-semiotic endeavour,  forwarded to acquire a novel theory of catalysis ,  “Signs” are considered as potential action of information , while “Signals” are related to the actual interactive flux of information , and  finally “Information”  correspond to the  transformation of  a  particular section of  Energy into the high quality of “Information- Energy” . This conversion of the quality of Energy it is possible that happen during the interactive catalytic process of energy transformation. In fact we suppose that  it become possible to consider the spitting of  the  quality of chemical energy in three  diverse segments :  ( 1) - Heat-Energy  , 2) - Free –Energy , 3) -Information-Energy. This way of thinking about the possible energy conversion by means a qualitative intensification , permits to subdivide the total chemical energy flow, in the different activities, directly related to the contemporary actions of breaking reactants and reorganizing products. In this conceptual context “Free-energy”, corresponds to a vector- energy which can be utilized in work  , while “Heat-Energy” is the section that  in thermodynamics is considered as the quantity of  energy  lost, because diffuses in all directions, while “Information-energy” represents the conversion of a fraction of the energy fluctuation , able, for instance ,to  enrich  the state of the active site of the catalyst ,  in a way that the catalysis becomes capable  to favour and control the selective process of transformation from entropy to neg-entropy by means the emission of “Signalling activities”. In this way it is possible to understand how  the total energy flow generates an high quality of “Information-energy”,  in a way that the Matter/Energy  transformation can become  self-organized during the dynamics of transfer of chaos to a new molecular order. Thinking in this sense “catalysis”, by means the creation of “information-energy”, alters matter/energy pathways during bio-chemical transformations; that is, during the changes that occurs from a old to a new molecular order. In fact   looking  to the evidence that the catalyst induces the proper  activity at distance , it is not so difficult to appreciate the idea that  the catalysis is a generator of “Signalling activities”. As a matter of facts it is unproblematic to think that signals can be received by some target molecules, for instance by a resonance effect or other interactive modalities; that is , all the way through a particular set of receptors can be activated over the full course of the reaction, without realising any net change in the catalytic material .Therefore thinking in this manner, the  modification of  the reactivity rates it is not only a question of accelerating and decelerating the motion of the molecules; in fact the catalytic induced at distance some specific variation of changes of molecular bond’s stimulating an selective ordering reformation. The last bonding reformation evidently it is not only a question of heat-energy  incentive to the speed of  the molecular motions, and in fact the catalyst activity can be shown  as well as a bonding changes , both in exo-thermal or endo-thermal reactions.


- Energy “transformity”  or energy quality transformation ratio.


            H.T.Odum, in 1983, introduces by his studies about “Energy & Ecology” , the concept of “Energy Transformity” to establish the hierarchical rank of “Energy Quality”. In that cognitive context, the  dispersion of heat is considered an energy at “low transformity factor”. For Odum energy quality rank is based on the amount of energy of one form required to generate a unit of another energy form. The ratio of one energy form input to a different energy form output , was what Odum and colleagues, called “Transformity”, and this definition it  is used to understand the storage of embodied energy (called “Emergy” ) in natural evolution.  Like in the Odum research, now it is becoming necessary generalise the possibility to order the various energy form conversions, according to their quality .  Therefore the hierarchical scale for ranking the quality of energy can be related with a the higher growing of “information” content. For enriching this goal ,  we can remember that  entropy  (“S”) is a thermodynamic concepts strictly in connection with the dispersion thermal energy , and also recalling the “Information theory” of Claude E. Shannon ( 1916- 2001), we can keep in mind that  entropy is also joined  in “information-science”, to the loss of information  in a transmitted messages. So that we know that, at the contrary, Neg –Entropy (“N”)  corresponds to the direction with the variation of Entropy is minimized ; therefore we can use the gradient (“N/S”) to understand the different quality of chemical energy transformation .The “Quality of Energy” is a concept that can be  related to the “vectorial – property”, as they are required  to address the energy flux forward the right transformation path .In fact we know that heat diffuse without any preference in direction, while Free –energy can be utilised to produce mechanical work, because express  a  better  directional ordering of  the  dynamic of mechanical activities. In this way of thought,  during an bio-chemical reaction path , we can understand that :  if the upper ratio “N/S “  has  superior Neg-entropy gradient ,  than the inverse ration “S/N” ; this means that the quality of the conversion in “Information- Energy”  can be interpret  as well as a process of energy qualification , namely  producing a transformation of Energy into a  better-quality rank, both as mechanical work , and also in relation to addressing the power of catalytic selectivity.

            Following this logic about the increase of qualitative ranking of energy conversions, it is possible to establish a hierarchical order of the energy-quality evolution in relation to each “energy/matter” transformation process . So that we can subdivide the energy conversions,  among the three fundamental types of energy-quality,   attributing the lowest status to the “Thermal energy”, and after the second to the “Free-energy”, and the higher grade to the “Information –Energy”. 




- Comments about the historical approach to the catalysis.


            To appreciate from an historical point of view the above approach, written to formulate a better meaning of  life ,  it is important to remember that in 1835 , the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius (1779 – 1848) , intuitively presented a new notion to chemistry named “Catalysis” as a combination of two  Greek terms ( Kata = down and Lysis = break ) . Berzelius starts to think at the idea of catalysis , from the observation that the nucleation of some crystal precipitates, initiates through the introduction of heterogeneous solid bodies that facilitate the crystallisation. Therefore observing from  various experiments how different small quantities of matter , which apparently do not react stoichiometrically with the reactants , seems to modify the reaction path,  Berzelius considered the existence of a new  “driving -force” different from ordinary mechanical forces,  namely , the “Catalytic  force”, as it is necessary to address the irreversible reaction path forward the better result. After Bezelius the biochemical catalytic power in biology was attributed to an self-catalytic systems driven by  “enzymes, hormones, and vitamins” as fundamental means to co-organize  the life metabolism. The original intuition of Berzelius,  clearly tray to introduce an  particular “vector – force”, before unknown,  this because the catalytic effect  it is very different  from the mechanical contacting forces, that are not bright to mean the new chemical catalyst activity. Also Berzelius underlines that catalysis is a diverse force from the other forces resulting from action at distance, like the gravity and the magnetic forces.

 Therefore Berzelius introduces the “Catalitic power” as a solution  to interpret an entirely new force, acting at distance during the chemical transformation . This powerful idea vanish quite completely after the utilization of  an extension of  “Thermodynamics” to chemical equilibria , developed by the mathematician Josiah Willard Gibbs (1839-1903), and also during the successive interpretation  of  chemical equilibria , as proposed by Svante August Arrhenius (1859 -1927) , Jacobus  Henricus van’t Hoff  ( 1852-1911) and Wilhelm Ostwald (1853- 1932). In fact after Bezelius, chemical studies separates kinetics from chemical equilibria,  taking in consideration only the reversible reactions; so that the “catalysis” was merely embodied  in some “activity multiplication coefficients” , but , in practice, also they can be neglected in the case of dilute solutions.

            Only in more recent years the “catalysis” is taken in serious scientific consideration in relation to the evolution of biosynthetic pathways. First of all  the physicist “David Bohm” argued that the distinction between organic life and non-organic matter is arbitrary . As a consequence  the “catalysis” is a driving force for coding/ decoding  molecules by chemical bonds. In similar way the RNA’s catalyses the genetic information by means to codify and de-codify in complex  nucleic acids .  In this mode of thought, molecular  catalysis  can be seen as a driving force to develop a wide range of very powerful procedures to storage in  a variety of chemical bonds, codified information. From the above remark it is possible to emphasize that in the evolution catalytic pathways from chemical to biochemical catalysis , there is only a difference in complexity, but there is not any diversity in principle.  Therefore  between the genetic codification of DNA and the other  bonding procedures as well as the various  covalent and not covalent bonding  connectivity , there are no fundamental difference in storing codified “information energy” . The catalytic method to address the storage  in bonds of the “information energy “,  in principle is no so different from DNA double helix construction and /or from other sequences of molecular conformation of bio-chemical and bonds.

 In ending all  the bonding  procedures can be seen as well as an “Information Energy” conservation ,  in force to the molecules as an information preservation via specific types of  intra molecular or supra molecular bonds. This is an important reflection to explore in bio-semiotic trans-disciplinary science a new open cognitive process, that enabling the improved knowledge of “catalysis” to interpret  energy transformation into a more accessible scientific meaning of living  systems evolution. Hence looking to enrich this goal, the DNA architectural codification dynamics , need to be correlated to an fundamental evolution of “information energy quality maintenance ” in more and more complex strategy of storage  of “Information Energy” in chemical bonds . Remembering in this context that for definition Energy means the “power to change”, from now on, we can consider  “Information –energy” as the section of very high qualitative energy, that it is necessary to favor and stabilize the increasing complexity all  bio-chemical  processes, based on a catalytic transforming  of the codifying information procedures , through a dynamical re-bonding of all the forms of interactions between Energy and Matter.







Starting from the previous considerations, in order to compare dyadic or Cartesian  mechanics science based on the quantitative Energy & Matter interactions , with the triadic interactivity among three forms of Energy of the <E,M,I> paradigm ,  I am going to precise and resume  a number of interpretations of terms and processes  used in this paper .

For this motive we can specify that Total energy organization in nature can operates in three different states of developmental quality : “Thermal –Energy” , in relation to the dissipation of heat , “Free Energy”, capable to doing  mechanical work’s potentiality , and “Information-Energy”  , that is available energy used to increase an information bond’s storage, in relation to the evolutionary potentiality of “Energy/Mass” codification in the evolution of self- organizational dynamics .The  “catalysis” activity is based on an type of at distance  work , based on  signaling modulation, as it is  necessary to straight the best composition of  the bond information storage and to address the most favorable selective rules of “Information Energy” communication of “sign/signal” codification and reproduction.

       Consequently an sign/signal  producing is enclosed in the bond vibration , generating the potential construction of signalling communication , as it is necessary to  implement the evolution of bond codification/de-codification dynamics  of “Information Energy”. In this conceptual context the “PFE” can be seen as well as an “Universal Principle” regulating the information of flux of “signs/ signals” ; this fluctuation –variation,  is the operative  function of information energy obtained in a way to set up the hierarchical relationships among the development of energy quality grades . In fact the “PFE” indicated how grows the quality of information increase ( + d. I ),  while the total energy decrease (= - d. (E ) - d. (M) . Hereafter this formula can be seen as the basis to understand the transformative evolution of the catalytic  co-organization of  life.

       At the present it is  possible to better understand the “Principle of Fertile Evolution( “PFE”) as a solution of the equation that include the “information energy” in the scientific postulate that admit : “ the total energy remain constant while  the quality of the forms of energy can change in the rank of  quality” Henceforth by means the above simple intuitive definitions, based on Bio-semiotic integration with the fundamental concepts  of sciences, it is becoming  promising to obtain a better  meaning of life as it is necessary to explore, through successive studies of bio-semiotic and through a trans-disciplinary integration of sciences , how various agents works as an signalling emission for obtaining any catalytic information transfer and transduction.


            Ultimately the “PFE” Principle  move towards to open a new approach to the old  question that splits the “vitalist” construction of science against the “mechanical reductionist science”. This contradictory duality of science,  need to be surpassed  in a way that a more  significant  unity of science can be researched , for understand better the possibility of co-organization of a variety of  performing programs of  biological processing, especially in the case of  building blocks of biochemical nano-materials.  Mechanical laws are, for the actual science endeavour, too much reductive , because they remain based on a binary relationships between energy and matter.  So that the fixed dyadic approach  prohibits  alternative diversification of new forms of energy . In fact this  paper would like to affirm the new conceptual need to overcome the dyadic approach of science, as was been expressed by Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), one of the fathers of semiosis (sign-generation) and semiotics (sign-relation) . In fact Pierce  works on  the optimization of the  impact of the explicit meaning of signs generation and sign-relations against of scientific prejudices and wrote : “ The machine, by itself, as a dyadic architecture of separate bits , has no capacity to evolve because all its properties and relations operate within closures”. In spite of this Pierce’s sentence the common language of molecular biology converge till today, in a machine metaphor, based on the dyadic properties of energy and matter interactions. Therefore the mechanist  approach exclude a more advanced ideas bio-semiotic evolutionary creative generation about the meaning of life. As a matter of facts in the context of the dyadic scientific approach , traditionally the world “information” is seen as having an “immediate -meaning".  This is not right now true , because  the meaning of information is coming from a cerebral working function of neurons , that transform “information-energy”, in an conventional language of   historical  knowledge.

Differently in the triadic loom among the <E,M,I> paradigm , the meaning of life is becoming an evolution- function of the qualitative -grows of “Information Energy” .

            In the end I believe that the “PFE” Principle, founded on the reasonable characterization of the “Information Energy” ,  will get a valid opportunity to prevail over the old reductive approach of mechanist science understanding “for developing a fruitful new kind of reasoning about the scientific meaning of life”.  






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