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"Rethinking of Tele-education on a net-Learning web-based innovative strategy”

Abstract of the speaking of Paolo Manzelli at the Congress :

The goal of OGM Leonardo Project  is to prepare future “food tracebility” professional education to realize team-skills able to collaborate in on line  for developing new and improved food products traceability systems in the scenario of the European Knowledge Society priority Development"

The LRE/EGO-CreaNET of the University of Florence within the OGM Leonardo project has  improved an innovative "WEB-BASED Educational Products Edition and Learning methodology”, for the development of new contents of food professional education  for Agri-food industry in the changing competitive world wide scenery and for practise human knowledge management resources to be successful in the contemporary  challenges in the field of world wide food processing and global market competition.  see:


The fundamental innovation of the OGM educational project is focused .on establishing a fundamental relationship between centres of research on food chains  traceability , Agro-Food industry and agricultural colleges in Europe for sharing on line innovative contents.

This methodology of interactive sharing knowledge on line is useful and necessary for growing up  professional and permanent “multi-tasks team-education” oriented to  ensure food quality and safety, and to provide  an adequate protection against frauds for consumers health and finally to facilitate nutritional security on food commerce.


Due to the complexity of these objectives the traditional system of education based on the “transfer of knowledge from the research centres to the Agricultural School” need deeply to change because the innovation of contents is to fast and the transfer into schools  of new scientific and technological new contents is becoming too low  so that the “skill - gap” between Education and advanced knowledge is becoming so big and the schooling system seems more and more obsolete structure for intellectual working skills generation on  food safety and quality control procedures.


In front of this problem of rethinking of  “tele-education” to achieve the objectives of finding new knowledge resources for the OGM Leonardo Project, need to be seen as well as an important precondition for the development and for strengthening  a great number of  international partnership, among the Agricultural schooling system and the University and Industrial centres of Research, aiming to develop all together a WEB-Based methodology of sharing innovative contents and best practices on food production and processing, as well as it is necessary for the need of developing knowledge management skills for monitoring quality assurance measures on food security traceability along the entire food chains at an extended trans-national level.


The LRE-EGO-CreaNET ( scientific co-ordinator of OGM Project )starting from this experience is becoming very conscious  in the contemporary “transition between the industrial society and the future knowledge society”, that the professional education innovation need to find a deep change not only in the methods of education but also in the contents , this because it is very easy to see how in the  food science in relation to GMO multi-disciplinary knowledge ( including law and regulations)  is developing so fast , that the old educational professional  system cannot be based on traditional learning books .


Therefore a new ITC method of education need to be progressively  implemented  into an efficient  interactive permanent methodology of “learning by doing and learning on demand” , both based on sharing of advanced science and on the diffusion of good practices in crops and animal quality production and processing, in a way that can be possible to learn about those scientific  and technological innovation and bring them together into an KNOWLEDGE INTEGRATION with social and economic developmental change of knowledge economy , and within an efficient educational on line purpose of renewing workable intellectual skills.


To recover this goal and to organize a trans-national group  aiming to develop in the next future an sustainable Educational Research Training Agency on food Quality and Safety issues, the LRE/EGO-CreaNET works during this year to  organize a new  FP6- IP European project , on the issue “Typical Food Quality Traceability” , (see: TFQT project in  < >


Therefore looking to the training activities and to the composition of the partnership of this “TFQT” European FP6-IP program and including also in new trans-national educational actions, the partnership of the Leonardo OGM, it will be possible to implement  in the World WIDE WEB  the fundamental aims and objectives of the OGM Leonardo project ( that now is closing), for  participating in  a new European FP6 call on Specific Support Action of international co-operation, aiming again to develop a strategy  of organize on line “key content and innovation resources for education programs, on food  quality & safety issues”, and giving in this way  a future sustainability of educational NET-LEARNING , by means the organization of a Research and Innovation Centre based on the creation of an “European Virtual International Agency”.


The new Educational Research Telematic Centre mission will be focused on  assist professional knowledge management innovation and to protect human health and the environment by decrease the proliferation of insecure food production  and also by promoting typical ( regional)  food production  and other forms of sustainable advanced agriculture by means an on line editing educational system for improving advanced scientific knowledge dissemination and diffusion of best practices and finally to implement a new system of professional net-learning  based on the knowledge management studies that will be open to a collaboration with similar Educational Tools organization and Food Authorities  around the World.




1)      Ensuring food quality and safety:

2)      Brain & telematics Education:

3)     FP6-SSA:

4)       Virtual International Agency :

5)       EGO-CreaNET-“VIA”

      6)  Food Education Info-Center :

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