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Paolo Rocchi upon retirement in 2010 has been recognized as an Emeritus Docent at IBM for his achievements in basic and applied research. Rocchi is also an Adjunct Professor at Luiss University of Rome. »

Rocchi received his degree in physics from the University of Rome in 1969, and was associated to the same Institute of Physics as an assistant. Next year he joined IBM as an expert of computer assisted instruction (CAI), an innovative sector in those times, and managed a project on CAI in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Defense.
Later he implemented CIDI: a trail-blazing application. Rocchi was qualified as an "IBM inventor" for this linguistic software product, which ran for decades. Afterwards he led inquiries on the terminology used in professional environments in collaboration with Prof. Roberto Busa.

Rocchi took interest in computer security in the early seventies, as one of the pioneers in this field; and wrote a book on this topic. 

Later on, Rocchi started investigations upon the principles of computer systems. This topic crosses several disciplines and he inquired a broad variety of themes over fifteen years with the aid of a small team of ibmers and academicians. The philosophical scenario and the formal key results began to be published in the nineties. Rocchi put forward a unitary logical framework for information, control and systems, which he expressed through mathematical formalism. Besides integration purposes, this work provided original contributions in special fields such as in  information theory, software methodology, edp analysis, and neuro-sciences. In addition this work yielded a rather natural introduction to computing and IBM released a novel base-course in Italy and abroad.

During the same decades, Rocchi produced results in probability theory, notably he put forward some ideas upon the interpretation of probability, an issue debated since three centuries.

Rocchi has introduced a new form of entropy to calculate the reliability and reparability of systems.

Now and then he serves on various journals and congress organizations as reviewer, chair etc.


Rocchi's stream of research is focusing on:




  Computer Science  - Software change management
- Methodologies in software engineering
- Programming design
- Validation of relational database design
  Information Theory  - Unified calculus of redundancy
- Relativism of classical and quantum info
- Information triad
  General Systems  - Structures of levels
- The layered properties of info system
  Reliability Theory - Boltzmann-like entropy
- System aging and mortality laws
- The reparability function
  Theoretical Biology  - The calculus of cancer tissues growth
  Probability THEORY - The dualist interpretation of probability
- The structure of random events
- History of the indeterministic thought
- Probability in quantum mechanics
  Didactics  - Deductive teaching methods in informatics
  Software APPLICATIONS - Social networks


Rocchi has written over one hundred and thirty works including a dozen volumes, in particular one reads:
Technology+Culture=Software, IOS Press, Amsterdam (2000).
The Structural Theory of Probability, Kluwer/Plenum, N.Y. (2003).
Logic of Analog and Digital Machines, Nova Science Publishers, N.Y. (2013) Revised Edition.   »»

Janus-Faced Probability, Springer Verlag N.Y. (2014).
Relliability is a New Science: Gnedenko was right, Springer Verlag N.Y. (2017).


Principal courses:
at IBM: Foundations of Computer Science and Programming, Structural Analysis and Design, Objects-Oriented Analysis, ITIL
at LUISS University: Informatics
Known programming languages and environments: Assembler, Cobol, PL1, C, Apl, Prolog, Lisp, Fortran, Snobol, Java, Sql, Html/// Mvs, Dos/vse, Vm, Ms/dos, Unix


American Mathematical Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, International Federation for Information Processing, Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics, Accademia Fulginia
founded in 1759 (corresponding member) - Former membership: Artificial Intelligence Italian Association (founder member), Council of Ass. Italiana per il Calcolo Automatico (Roma), Advisory board of Intl. Center for Math. Modeling (Sweden)


- IBM Special Award (1978)
- IBM Prize for Scientific Publications (1990)
- IBM Prize for Scientific Publications (1992)

Biographical entry in Who's Who in the World (Marquis, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007)

Rocchi's scientific production has received recognition in mass media too.


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