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“Strategic planning on internet self-management”

-  Paolo  Manzelli  - Education Research Laboratory – LRE/EGO-CreaNET University of Florence    

 -  Maragliano Street  n° 77 – 50144-Florence –Italy

Key Words:

Personal Strategic Planning, cognitive management profile, emotional style of on line management

Introduction  : Scientific & educational fundamental research fields of LRE/EGO-CreaNET are related to the cognitive innovation regarding : advanced studies on "BRAIN & EDUCATION" oriented  to favour an Egocentric creative and interactive networking entrepreneurship .As a matter of facts  "Mental-Responsibility of socio-economic changes, in the contemporary era, is becoming a fundamental strategic planning goal for any person that would  act with a responsible contribute in solving and/or saving problems, related to the need "changing mentality" for developing the future Knowledge based Economy all over the world.


- Economical, social, political, and technological pressures have forced political and opinion managers to consider new cognitive product and strategies and new approaches to the socio-economic development in terms of Knowledge based Society.

Knowledge based Society development obviously does not simply consist in a specialised research area where a closed academic science intranet can growth, and also do not mean a simple transfer of information disseminated  by mass-media for creating a large impact on society

In spite of this is a need to consider that the “knowledge based economy” requires explicit Personal Knowledge Management of the process of innovation, for generating as a direct consequence , enterprise success, national vitality and societal advancement: hence as a matter of facts  self-management planning is becoming the basis of benefit for the future Knowledge society

 Starting from those general considerations the relevance of scientific problems in “Personal Strategic Planning” and research experimental methods encouraged by the LRE/EGOCreaNet is easily to understand.

In recent years the Laboratory of Educational Research of the University of Florence Italy is working to improve a “Strategic planning on internet self-management”,  starting from the reflection that each person “e. working” with an computer on internet is alone,  but a single person  working in internet can contribute to a very large and diffused social cohesion, by means a strategy of “knowledge sharing ”, in a way that can be possible to improve a network of individual and Institutions, able in its complexity to widen social capital intelligence for bettering the  future perspective of the knowledge based economy .

Therefore LRE-EGO-CreaNet believes that for fostering a creative innovation of world wide Knowledge Economy it is a vital strategic need to favour self-learning processes oriented to Personal Planning in cognitive management.

Some additional considerations can also facilitate the understanding of the  LRE/EGO-CreaNET strategy of Self-management

The  so called “codified” knowledge transfer today get a limit in the paradox of the “ Non- linear additional activity” of knowledge growing  in Society, this means there is not an infinite linear expansibility of knowledge embodiment  in the brain-learning processes of individual all over the world .

As a matter of facts the effective  incorporation of the understanding of  knowledge growth  in Society is depending by  an efficient integration of the knowledge in the personal  intellect of citizen, this because in a democratic system, the citizen understanding of knowledge dynamics will generate a successful involvement of each individual in a  social co-operation, based on sharing by Information Communication Tools, useful opportunities and obtaining effective contributions of people in developing the innovative knowledge based economy. Therefore the diffusion and exploitation of “integrated knowledge” need to get a fundamental attention to the personal planning cognitive strategies, that favour the changing of citizen mentality. In fact a cultural democracy approach encouraged by an integrated approach of “Science & Economy”, may be just as important as the creation of new scientific and technological knowledge in the contest of the future development of Knowledge Driven Society.

Planning requires a clear knowledge that the process of understanding is as important as the end result, but normally the strategies of planning the knowledge management are addressed looking to the conventional external environment, and not too much to the internal basic need of change of the human mentality for improving a creative personal wisdom, that can contribute to the evolution of the knowledge dynamics into a that way that permit to the citizen to “thinks strategically.”

Henceforth “Brain Based developmental Education” is an objective of extreme relevance in the  research methods developed by LRE-EGO-CreaNET, in fact advanced  neuro-psycology are  connecting with the science understanding  as well a fundamental  research method of “integrated science construction” .

For the above goal, the latest research in neuro -psychology and the opportunities produced by  “networking e.learning ” are taken both in a profound consideration by the LRE/EGOCreaNET  activities,  for developing  “Self-management planning strategies”, oriented to modify the cognitive management profile and the emotional management style of each individual that would like to improve, into a team program ,  the entrepreneurship new potentiality that are coming out from the appropriated employ of the Information Technology of Communication .

As a matter of facts the  LRE CREATIVE LABORATORY  is becoming to understand that internet management it is for some aspects more easy for persons ( like a little children) that do not attribute great importance to  “ kinesics and  prossemic ”  contacts in understanding behaviour as well as adult people that is normally recognizing facts or events in the multi-sensory contacts on a local restricted  living  environment.  

In some cases the internet networking management  need to follow a learning strategy that for some aspects is similar of the one  “FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED“, e.g. in a way  that need to trust in an environment that is not possible to see objectively in three dimensions . In that sense brain science becomes an extremely important cognitive factor, because permits to acquire an important background for the possible innovation in strategic planning in a context of internet self-management.

Certainly in internet people are not blind and not affected by sensorial disability, but in any case they need to exercise some own intuitive skills, aiming for making available an internet environment in which the person would be able to experience the joy of doing or producing something related to the networking organization, basing himself/herself on his or her own personal intuitive and instinctive ability.

Therefore going over the usual prossemic performance it is extremely necessary for improving the Personal Planning in cognitive and affective on line management; this in view of the fact that it is necessary to understand “” conditions, within the internet framework, for managing a common working project in a surrounding world of people that is out of side of the habitual seeing world.




Personal orientation profile performance and projects-management via internet tools is an exciting and new scientific endeavour that pushes the LRE-EGO-CreaNET towards the definition of a new methodology of <net-learning paradigm> for brain-based educators. This method is proposed in the MENTAL CHANGE European Project (°), in favour to develop a self-active net-learning model, founded on a cognitive and constructivist model of sharing on line knowledge that  includes a wide variety of issues and competencies of Personal Strategic Planning such as,  adaptability to the internet infrastructure of  communication, emotional  style innovation, and the reconstruction of the self-cognitive management profile In this research and application endeavour is  essential the role of integrating multidisciplinary “Science and Economy” into the processes of management selection and development and progression planning, in assessing new path for personal life stile management and emotional intelligence and other key factors in managing human and financial resources in an internet environment.





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